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The Future Data Center


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The Future Data Center

Published in: Data & Analytics
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The Future Data Center

  1. 1. Does your data center have what it takes to become a next-generation data center? Software defined environment in which software dynamically orchestrates all of the necessary resources to meet workload demands in real time Innovation enabled by service optimization With the focus on services instead of hardware, funds can be redirected from IT operations to business innovation $ $ Continuous availability with 99.999 percent uptime to accommodate increasing consumer expectations and mobile and social demands Cohesive, centralized management of the physical and virtual infrastructure and facilities systems in real time via a single console Cognitive systems able to simulate the human thought process, adapt and learn to solve complex problems at extraordinary speed Integrated, end-to- end protection extending the software controlled environment to security and compliance To learn more about the next-generation data center and begin the transformation, visit © 2014 IBM Corporation RLJ12352-USEN-00