Case Study: eRetailer increases cross sell conversions by 51%


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eRetailer saved over $1 Billion to boost sales and reduced staff time with automated product recommendations.

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Case Study: eRetailer increases cross sell conversions by 51%

  1. 1. IBM Software RetailCase Study eRetailer increases cross sell conversions by 51 percent The eCommerce site for over 560 retail stores in the US with annual Overview sales of over one billion dollars boosts sales and frees-up staff time with automated product recommendations. Business challenge • Constrained resources and lack of data prevented the company from The challenge expanding its cross sell Cross sell recommendations were being generated manually by a recommendations to maximize sales leading retailer’s online copy writers, using a home-grown tool. A Solution limited number of products had associated cross sells, and they were • Coremetrics Intelligent Offer developed based on common sense groupings such as dishes from the same relevant offers, scaling the pattern, or a matching blouse and skirt that created an outfit. offer-generation process while measuring and improving performance Constrained resources and lack of data prevented the company from expanding its cross sell recommendations to maximize sales. Benefits • Cross sell conversion increases • Trusted data drives decisions The solution The eCommerce team partnered with IBM® Coremetrics® largely because of IBM Coremetrics Intelligent Offer, an automated, highly configurable cross selling application. Coremetrics Intelligent Offer develops relevant offers, scaling the offer-generation process while measuring and improving performance. The company’s eCommerce manager said, “We were able to implement Coremetrics Intelligent Offer right out of the box. We put our rules in and then just let it run. I don’t ever worry about it—it just produces sales.”
  2. 2. IBM Software RetailCase Study Cross sell conversion increases Upon implementing IBM Coremetrics, online sales increased almost “It’s easy to pick the immediately, demonstrating a rapid, positive return on investment. A low-hanging fruit with Coremetrics Intelligent Offer session converts at a rate that is IBM Coremetrics. We’re 51percent higher than the site average. The eCommerce team also experienced intangible results, such as time savings for the staff that had making decisions quicker been manually generating cross sell offers. Additional product exposure than ever before, and is also proving to pay benefits. we’re making them based Trusted data drives decisions on data we can rely on.” This eRetailer did not stop with its cross sell success. The eCommerce team had lacked confidence in its prior online analytics, but with —Manager of eCommerce for Merchandisng accurate Coremetrics data available, the team turned its focus to paid and Analytics search and site navigation. The result was a significant and immediate sales increase. The company’s paid keywords expanded by nearly 10,000 within a year and the company has new insight into which page real estate drives the most conversions. Because the eCommerce team trusts the data it receives, this eRetailer is making high impact decisions and reaping the rewards.
  3. 3. IBM Software RetailCase Study For more information Solution components To learn more about IBM Coremetrics please contact your IBM marketing representative or IBM Business Partner, or visit the Software following website: • IBM® Coremetrics® Web Analytics • IBM® Coremetrics® Intelligent Offer
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