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The Digital Experience Changes Everything


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Learn how developers and marketers are working together to provide customers exceptional digital experiences reliably, quickly and seamlessly.

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Published in: Technology
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The Digital Experience Changes Everything

  1. 1. Digital Experience Changes Everything Firms Must Align Technology and Culture to Serve Customers Methodology: In this study, Forrester conducted a global online survey of 247 customer service professionals who are key decision-makers or influencers for eCommerce customer service strategies for their company. Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SAP, May 2016. Base: 247 customer service professionals in the US, the UK, Germany, China, India, Brazil, and Mexico.Read the full study ©2016 Forrester Research, Inc. All right reserved. Forrester is a registered trademark of Forrester Research, Inc. ASK USE EXPLORE BUY Relevant personalized digital experiences 60% Increased customer engagement 52% Increasing revenue 48% KEY CHALLENGES Integrating digital experiences leads to: THE BUSINESS VISION OF INTEGRATED DIGITAL EXPERIENCE Companies struggle to get business and tech to collaborate and communicate effectively MOVING FORWARD Where companies are investing for the future ENGAGE ASK USE DISCOVER EXPLORE BUY Embrace the age of the customer Create a world class digital customer experience Develop better customer-focused content Improve business metrics and continue the cycle Only 47% of developers say they have a good relationship with other parts of the company Only 28% of companies share funding for development of customer facing apps Only 33% of companies currently manage content across channels with integrated processes Digital Experience Leaders are Moving Forward in the Next Year: Implementing personalized content consistently across channels Investing in cognitive and artificial intelligence capabilities 25% 23%