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NRF 2017: 5 Innovations of the Future


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Retail, like most industries, is rapidly changing. This slideshare showcases a few of the most current trends from NRF 2017 in NYC and how their shaping the future.

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NRF 2017: 5 Innovations of the Future

  1. 1. Watson Customer Engagement From Retail’s Big Show NRF: 5 Innovations of the Future 1/31/20171
  2. 2. Watson Customer Engagement 1/31/20172 Here are a few key innovations that we observed from this year's event: Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Predictive Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things & Wearables Engaging Mobile Experiences Robotics Innovations
  3. 3. Watson Customer Engagement Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) technology is promising, with many brands already experimenting with it. At NRF, retailers saw solid ideas and use cases for the implementation of AR/VR, helping them make the case for ROI. 1/31/2017Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality3 Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)
  4. 4. Watson Customer Engagement 1/31/2017Predictive Artificial Intelligence4 With data-driven artificial intelligence (AI), retailers have greater insights in to customer preference and behavior than ever before. Machine learning will help retailers use these insights to create personalized experiences, forecast demand and set prices in more sophisticated ways. Predictive Artificial Intelligence
  5. 5. Watson Customer Engagement 1/31/2017Engaging Mobile Experiences5 Engaging Mobile Experiences Mobile continues to be a high priority for retailers. Even now, when most retailers have brand new apps and mobile-optimized websites, sales on mobile are not on par with desktop traffic. Retailers are challenging themselves to deliver experiences on mobile that not only engage, but also convert.
  6. 6. Watson Customer Engagement 1/31/2017Internet of Things and Wearables6 Internet of Things and Wearables When you are looking for the next hot products in retail, look toward the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables. The Innovation Lab at NRF showcased products and technologies that inspire brands to innovate and customers to buy. IoT and wearables span from products that entertain us, make us productive, and maintain our health to things that simply make our lives easier.
  7. 7. Watson Customer Engagement 1/31/2017Robotics7 Robotics Of course. Although robotics has been used in manufacturing for decades, new solutions are being applied to new areas of retail to create efficiencies, save costs, and enhance experiences; including ecommerce order fulfillment, inventory assistance, store clerks (self-service machines) and more.
  8. 8. Watson Customer Engagement Transformation in Retail All of these technologies – AR/VR, AI, Mobile, Wearables and Robots – are driving a retail transformation like never seen before. Retailers who know how to leverage the customer data available to them and continuously drive innovation will push the customer experience to new heights; ultimately driving loyalty and creating a competitive advantage that can’t be beat. 1/31/20178
  9. 9. Watson Customer Engagement Learn more about the technology that is enabling the latest trends and innovations in retail. 1/31/20179 Click to find out more about Watson Marketing. Click to find out more about Watson Commerce.