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Is your ERP solution a barrier for your customers?


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B2B COMMERCE, the exchange of products, services,or information between businesses—instead of businesses and consumers—is expanding by leaps and bounds. This growth is pushing more companies to rethink their fulfillment practices, particularly in the areas of inventory management, order
velocity, and the ability to meet order commitment dates.

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Is your ERP solution a barrier for your customers?

  1. 1. Is your ERP solution a barrier for your customers? (Statistics based on IBM Research report, Key Challenges and Best Practices for B2B Fulfillment)
  2. 2. Why? Online ordering has a direct impact on shipment size, scale, and frequency of orders, requiring organizations to fulfill smaller, more frequent orders. B2B commerce is undergoing a massive shift and firms must work smarter, better, and faster.
  3. 3. When asked … How satisfied are you with the effectiveness and efficiency of your fulfillment processes? 79% of respondents indicated they were not fully satisfied Over
  4. 4. Your ERP solution is likely no longer sufficient to meet today’s fulfillment needs.
  5. 5. A majority of respondents leverage ERP for order fulfillment. yet … and… use ERP to manage customer order fulfillment 50% Over are satisfied with their fulfillment processes 20% Only rate their ERP as “poor, fair or just good” at managing orders 56% Over
  6. 6. Is your ERP system impacting customer satisfaction?
  7. 7. Top order fulfillment challenges impacting customer satisfaction: Order orchestration can significantly help overcome these hurdles. Over 60% Over 46% struggle to meet on-time delivery dates Report order accuracy & processing errors
  8. 8. What aspects of your fulfillment and distribution operations would you like to improve during the next 24 months? Over 58% Inventory Management Over 46% Order visibility and/or control
  9. 9. Improved enterprise inventory visibility Reduced finished goods inventory Increased Available to Promise accuracy Raised order complete fill rates Consolidated order points Parker Hannifin, the world's leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, had many challenges with order fulfillment. Using order management, it: Order orchestration in action: Parker Hannifin
  10. 10. Learn how your company can master order orchestration and build loyal customers. Click here to read more on our IBM Watson Commerce B2B web page.