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3 Essentials for Omni-channel Commerce (UK)


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The pace of commerce is ever accelerating. How can companies anticipate trends, stay ahead of the competition, and exceed customer expectations? Learn more about Watson Commerce -

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3 Essentials for Omni-channel Commerce (UK)

  1. 1. Watson Customer Engagement Gain Insight. Engage. Fulfill. 3 Essentials for Omni-channel Commerce 1/19/20173 Essentials for Omni-channel Commerce1
  2. 2. Watson Customer Engagement v The Goal2 The pace of commerce is ever accelerating… so how can companies 1/19/2017 Anticipate trends? Stay ahead of competitors? Exceed customer expectations?
  3. 3. Watson Customer Engagement 1/19/2017The Essentials3 The Essentials Gain Insights Engage Fulfill
  4. 4. Watson Customer Engagement 1/19/2017Momentology Study, Patrick Hong, 20144 Visibility into your customer’s behavior and preferences to deliver a personalized shopping experience. Align behavioral-based actions to your business objectives. Understand cross-channel behavior & intent to anticipate trends & behavior. Maintain an evolving, ongoing dialogue with customers over time. 70% of consumers want more personalized shopping experiences. Gain Insights
  5. 5. Watson Customer Engagement 1/19/2017 IBM IBV Study, 2014 „Greater Expectations, Consumers are asking for tomorrow, today.“5 Create and manage brand experiences optimized for each shopping channel. Engage shoppers in context with location-based services and mobile notifications. Deliver content and offers optimized for mobile devices. Deepen customer engagement with mobile-optimized stores and apps. Engage 83% of consumers are more likely to do business with brands that allow them to control where, when and how they interact.
  6. 6. Watson Customer Engagement 1/19/20176 Leverage your store network to help customers with flexible fulfillment options across all channels. 60% of shoppers say being able to see whether or not an item is in stock before going to the store is important in the selection of a retailer. Eliminate channel barriers to better utilize inventory and serve customers. Fulfill Establish best fulfillment options by linking inventory with demand to pinpoint the delivery window. Streamline Execution with a single view of all orders and inventory across the entire fulfillment network. IBM IBV Study, 2014 „Greater Expectations, Consumers are asking for tomorrow, today.“
  7. 7. Watson Customer Engagement v The Answer7 The Answer IBM’s Omni-channel Commerce Solutions enable your business to: 1/19/2017 Drive the customer experience with flexible fulfillment and order orchestration. Develop a better understanding of customer behavior and intent. Deliver mobile-optimized experience and content.
  8. 8. Watson Customer Engagement Learn more about Watson Commerce Can you seamlessly deliver the ultimate commerce experience across all channels? 1/19/2017Learn More8