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PMI ACP Certification_1794450


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PMI ACP Certification_1794450

  1. 1. HAS BEEN FORMALLY EVALUATED FOR EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS IN THE SPECIALIZED AREA OF AGILE PRINCIPLES, PRACTICES, TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES AND IS HEREBY BESTOWED THE GLOBAL CREDENTIAL THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, WE HAVE SUBSCRIBED OUR SIGNATURES UNDER THE SEAL OF THE INSTITUTE PMI Agile Certified Practitioner rr f f ACPSM Number «CertificateID» ACPSM Original Grant Date «OriginalGrantDate» ACPSM Expiration Date «EffectiveExpiryDate»27 February 2018 28 February 2015 Ashish Sharma 1794450 President and Chief Executive OfficerMark A. Langley •Chair, Board of DirectorsRicardo Triana •