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  1. 1. :Map Search .Introduction • .Definition of modern marketing • .The research problem • .Marketing Research and its fields • Marketing strategy characteristics and • .benefits Indeed, the analytical to determine the • .marketing strategy How to determine the marketing • .strategy .Conclusion • .References • In the name of God the Merciful .Introduction • Marketing is a vital area and exciting and related to reality and everyday life, it represents a contemporary challenges of business and government activities, both on a local or international. It is no longer marketing is limited to sales and advertising, but also become active integrated is complex and needs to the origins and scientific principles to develop effective strategies and making decisions based on the insight and analysis of the opportunities available marketing, andenvironmental forces that affect and the resources available, especiallyin these years where marketing has become the last governor and a key element in the growth and success of business enterprises and in light
  2. 2. of the intense competition that requires efficient and effective marketing strategy and build a competitive and withstand all Altdiat. And increased the importance of marketing on a local scale and has become an international and a factor of development and progress on the business level and the level of the national economy and .internationally .Definition of modern marketing • We can identify the basic pillars on which this modern :concept of marketing, including the following The essential point in this modern concept of .1 marketing is based on the consideration that the client is the starting point is very end of the .marketing activity The marketing is the responsibility of all elements .2 and personnel in the organization at various positions so that is all recruits in the service of the .client The marketing function of sale or distribution and advertising .3 but it is satisfying to the needs of the client in the sense that marketing people get to know the needs and requirements of customers and Iraonha in the development of the marketing .mix The subject of marketing may not be limited to the .4 products of goods and services, but rather the product the subject of marketing is anything that can satisfy the need of the buyer or recipient. Therefore, the marketing for everything from goods and services, material and even ideas, individuals and .organizations Marketing and total quality management: acquisition .5 of Total Quality Management to a wide interest by academics, administrators and staff working in particular to develop and improve the productive performance and service in various humanitarian .organizations .Research problem •The research problem manifests itself by recognizing the existenceof economic transformations global radical predicted the birth of a new economy based on the elements of the production quality is the time,
  3. 3. knowledge and information and technology, which became his salt - inan unprecedented way - re-considering the various economic strategies, .especially the strategies marketing .Marketing Research and its fields • The marketing research is necessary to know the threats and risks in the market environment surrounding the company, which can not becontrolled and the weakness and strength that can be controlled, for the proper planning, defined as: (collection, recording and analysis of marketing data related to the problem in question and the study and (.decision-making the appropriate catalog :The areas of marketing research in the following .marketing research .1 These include: a - the size and nature of the market. - Determine key .markets. C - know the market trends D - Determination of market share for the company. E - to know how .many customers the company and nature .Research competitors - 2 Include: a - the nature and size of competitors and distribution. - .Determine the strengths and weaknesses of competing products C - compared to competitive products and identify new products and .alternative .research sales - 3 Include: a - Analysis of sales. B - Assessment of sales areas. C - the .effectiveness of marketing policy .E - find alternatives in the market. And - sales quotas .Research the item - 4 Include: a - Assessment of items of competitors. B - the item .description. C - to identify the requirements and needs of consumers .D - see opportunities for the production of new commodities .Research promotion and advertising - 5 These include: a - an overview of the strategy. B - learn methods of .promotion available in the market C - evaluation of advertising media and advertising messages existing .in the market. D - Evaluation of promotion strategy .Research the distribution - 6
  4. 4. These include: a - distribution strategy. - Determine distribution .outlets. C - Evaluation of distribution outlets for the company D - assess the effectiveness of physical distribution. E - evaluation basis .for selection of distributors Marketing strategy characteristics and • .importance The strategic planning of marketing is an important tool for interaction between the organization and its marketing, and marketing environment surrounding it. And depends on the development objectives of the marketing strategy long-term in light of the analysis of the organizations mission, and its position internally and externally. And determine the marketing strategy that enables the achievement of marketing objectives in order to achieve the organizations strategy and objectives. It is clear from the foregoing that the concept of strategic planning for marketing means the following: 1 - a management tool for the interaction of the Organization and its catalog with the marketing environment. 2 - Defining the organizations mission and purposes of the basis for strategic planning. 3 - based strategic planning for marketing on the analysis of each of:- the marketing environment of Foreign Affairs to identify the opportunities and threats to them.b - the internal environment of the organization to identify the strengths and weaknesses of them. 4 - defines the objectives of long-term marketing strategy contributes to the achievement of overall objectives and strategies of the organization. The characteristics of marketing strategy is multiple, but :among them & - production under a system of marketing strategic adjusts the market demand. & - A strategic marketing policy of innovation and constant change in the institutions and their products goods and services and as a means to distinguish competitive.
  5. 5. & - Integration and interdependence with all the functions of the facility, and greater development alternatives for access to the task of the facility and its main objectives. & - Flexibility to adapt to changing conditions in general,Kaltkev with environmental conditions, especially Foreign Affairs. & - need a great deal of information, mostly outside the scope of the facility.holistic view of the variables that are dealt with, and provide feedback information such as the expected reactions of .competitors and frustration against them There are many benefits of strategic planning for marketing, we find an overview of:* Can the organization to achieve a high degree of interaction with the surrounding environment. And achieve for theorganization the ability to survive in the long term, a strategic goal sought by the various organizations. It can be strategic planning of thinking organized in the future, which depends on the study and analysis of the different variables within and outside the organization. This means management decisions rational, far from random and personal whims. * Can also be analysis of the capabilities of the organization and the exploitation of the strengths, and treatment ofweaknesses and turn them into strengths, thereby helping to achieve marketing objectives. * And ensures that strategic planning for marketing Use a market adequate to achieve best satisfy the target markets. Assures provide and develop appropriate product pricing structure and appropriate methods of distribution and promotion of the event.And leads strategic planning for marketing to the clarity and * integrity Aalrwip for different competencies and human resources system catalog. Everyone realizes the importance of his role in the achievement of strategic marketing, and increase the levels of motivation, competencies, and thus increases the levels of individual and collective performance .and marketing
  6. 6. Indeed, the analytical to determine the • .marketing strategy The plan marketing strategy must be developed through :analysis of catalog using the following tools out of the business to be a comprehensive survey of the 1 market environment, and analysis of the reality of competition, and consumer and the economic situation, .governmental, and technological ... etc .Analysis of problems and constraints within the facility -0.2to convert the data to the external market opportunities0.4 - 3 to develop the current strategy 0.5develop an integrated marketing plan 0.6integrated development plan of cooperation to complete .the work Development of an implementation plan for marketing 7 .0.8continuous monitoring andguidance How to determine the marketing • .strategy Including that of business organizations prioritize the goal of trade it does not stay in front but to look for strategies that are compatible with these circumstances are as follows: a :strategy session of the short life of the product .1 Our proposal for such a strategy requires the availability of conditions are needed to provide success , in the sense that were put forward such a suit with matching these circumstances: on the one hand, customers: the organization from the modern concept of marketing, which makes the customer is the starting point is very marketing process - must be fully aware of the meaning that the current era is the era of consumption, where the shift consumption to value in itself and has become the consumer (even in poor countries in light of openness and access to .(consumption patterns Albzkhip stunts in developed countries and have the services of particular importance in the list of consumption and the Organization must you prepare well for .those services
  7. 7. Meanwhile competition: in the presence of laws that prohibit monopoly, and with the liberalization of international trade, in addition to the diversity of elements of competition to include also the competition is price, which means ultimately drop features to .stay in this market In terms of the environment: The scientific and technological developments of contemporary reveal to us the daily damage different to many products and substances used in manufacture on the one hand, and the possibility of using other products, .environmentally superior, on the other It is technologically: the significant acceleration in the achievements of science and technology always provide better alternatives and cheaper and the most effective and most .economical in the economic resources scarce In terms of the economic transformations of local andinternational:the modern economy has become differs radically from what it was previously it has become the new economy is knowledge-based economy, and we know that the area of information and services is an area of great diversity and rapid change and development, may be the result of the foregoing that economic cycles have become less severe and shorter time than previously and this requires change and development of all strategies economic and especially the marketing strategy Bicassapha greater flexibility and the ability to respond to economic variables in a manner consistent with the structural .changes in domestic and international economies :Strategy for the internationalization of business andmarketing .2 The opening of global markets and the free movement of people, money and goods will encourage the organization to invade new markets (as possible) in order to extend the dominance of the product and occupation of a growing share of world markets, it is known that the achievement of these conditions: quality, diversification, and the right price, is the most important conditions necessary for the success of the invasion of the product to foreign markets, and that is why the organization would benefit .from this capability are studied :shift increasingly toward electronic commerce .3The globalization of products and access to international markets can not be the image the fastest and most widespread but the shift towards e-commerce, especially with the technological developmentwhich is represented in the development of methods of communication and the severity of the need to reduce the time spent in the process of
  8. 8. marketing and shopping to a minimum led to the emergence of the most important influences exerted by the trade e-marketing process through the following changes: the .impact of electronic commerce on the organization • .impact of electronic commerce on the markets • .impact of electronic commerce to consumers • impact of electronic commerce on the costs of marketing • .activity :Attention to increasing the role of distribution .4 We must develop methods of distribution of traditional and interest at the same time and, increasingly, distribution-mail, and that in conjunction with the type and condition of the product or service ismarketed and the target market and consumer habits, and management of distribution channels Beginning focus on ways to direct distribution and exhibits seasonal and permanent exhibitions (geographic or electronic), in addition to what could be called mobile exhibitionsbetween cities and states target promotional and distributive at the same .time :Attention to increasing the role of advertising and promotion .5 The function of advertising and promotion has become under the current circumstances and the intensification of competition from positions of great importance and have allocated huge budgets; due to their effectiveness in creating a demand or increase the producerorganization, and therefore must be given to this function and intensify promotional campaigns online in addition to traditional means of .promotion .Conclusion • In another context of the search we come up with several :observations, including that the mens organizations find suffering in the accuracy of .i choosing the right strategy; due to the lack of good informationaccurately, non-return to previous research, and non-use of past .experience That many of the successful organizations and a pioneer in the .ii study the market context required by the Market Research, and the reactions of competitors, as well as the study of patterns of .consumers and their needs, and reactions about their products that the diversity of strategies came to stay and build new .iiiorganizations are filled by competition and the revival of markets in the world, as well as for organizations identify the best
  9. 9. strategy, and the development of strategic alternatives in If .circumstances change and climate in the local market or global .References • .(His research (i. Asaljp Abdul Rahman .1 :From the Internet in the interface .2strategies for marketing in the light of economic crisis and the challenges .i (.of today. (D. Ziad Zanbua (.Marketing plan. (A. Fadel important .ii Links from the Internet .3 :at .i .ii