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Pathways to Multicloud Transformation


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By 2021, 98% of organizations plan to adopt multicloud architectures, but only 41% have a multicloud management strategy and just 38% have procedures and tools to operate a multicloud environment. As an IT leader you don't want to stifle forays into multicloud as it is an engine to efficiently support growth, innovation and transformation, however, it can be one of the most challenging changes that organizations face.

Join IBM for the keynote presentation where we’ll discuss:
• Opportunities and inherent challenges for organizations as applications across categories migrate to multicloud
• Stages of multicloud transformation
• Best practices from organizations that are succeeding with a multicloud environments

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Pathways to Multicloud Transformation

  1. 1. Multi-Cloud Innovation and transformation James Gelveles Director, Global GBS DevOps CoC Leader IBM Global Business Services
  2. 2. 2 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2018 17 June 2019 IBM Services2 Cloud accelerates digital transformation Multicloud Innovation and transformation 1 Arvind Krishna, Steve Cowley, Sangita Singh and Lynn Kesterson-Townes. “Assembling your cloud orchestra: A field guide to multicloud management.” IBM Institute for Business Value, October 2018. value/report/multicloud More than 80% of companies are already operating in multicloud environments1 or use hybrid clouds.1 § Innovate with the the latest technology § Access digital ecosystems § Increase agility, flexibility, velocity Yet less than 20% of enterprise workloads have moved to date.1 Why?
  3. 3. 3 Multicloud Innovation and transformation Migrate—lift and shift applications and workloads Emphasis was on rapid value, cost reduction—easy stuff: § Migrate relatively simple apps and workloads to IaaS to lower costs. § Use public cloud to innovate with new technologies and extend existing apps. This method presents challenges: § Pure lift and shift to cloud results in unexpected costs for complex workloads, sometime five times the projection. Costs include: preparing and moving data, integration to the back office, and so on. § Developing new apps, integrated with legacy components and external services, has created new tech silos, making it difficult to manage security, compliance, resiliency, and governance across vendors and clouds. § An increase in technical debit results, as more silos and workaround, “temporary” solutions are implemented. Chapter 1: Migration lite innovation
  4. 4. 4 Multicloud Innovation and transformation Modernize—Refactor/Update workloads for cloud native Build—Create new cloud-native applications Focused on: § Mission-critical enterprise integration. § Modernization of legacy applications—Forrester study # 1 priority for enterprises digital transformation. § Cloud-native build of workloads § Increase agility, flexibility, and change velocity for business and IT. § Simplify access to data and applications with the ability to quickly create new insights. § Increase IT value from cloud to the business. § Decrease technical debit and complexity. § Leverage open, secure, hybrid clouds and services from multiple cloud sources. Chapter 2: Enterprise mission-critical workloads, cloud native
  5. 5. 5 Multicloud Innovation and transformation USD 438 billion in 2020 2018–2020 CAGR 15% A real-world look at multicloud 94% Share of enterprise customers using multiple clouds 67% Share of enterprise customers using more than one public cloud provider USD 609 billion in 2020 2018–2020 CAGR 18% Movement between clouds 73% priority concern Connectivity between clouds 82% priority concern Consistency of management 67% priority concern Today’s hybrid, multicloud reality presents new opportunities, as well as new challenges USD 640 billion in 2020 2018–2020 CAGR -9% Traditional IT Public clouds and SaaS Private clouds Dedicated clouds
  6. 6. 6 Multicloud Innovation and transformation 1. Enterprise cloud strategy § DevOps § Hybrid Data Management platform § IBM Cloud™ Private § IBM Cloud Pak for Data (formally IBM Cloud Private for Data) § IBM Cloud Garage™ environment § IBM Cloud Integration platform (APIC) § IKS § IBM UrbanCode® solution 2. Cloud architecture design § IBM Cloud Private § IBM Cloud Pak for Data § IBM Cloud Integration platform (IBM Integration Bus) § IBM Cloud PaaS (Networking) § IKS § MCM § Qradar 3. Cloud security and compliance strategy § IBM Application Security on Cloud § Compliance services § IBM on cloud § IBM Watson® for cybersecurity § IBM X-Force® Threat Intelligence Building blocks for a client’s journey to the IBM Cloud environment IBM® Services for Cloud Strategy (Advise) IBM Services for Cloud Migration (Move) IBM Services for Cloud Development (Build) IBM Services for Cloud Management (Manage) 4. Cloud migration § ALDM § Cloud toolkit § IBM Cloud IaaS § VMware on IBM Aspera® on Cloud 5. Cloud modernization § API integration § Application platform (IBM WebSphere® Application Server) DevOps § IKS 6. Cloud application development and DevOps § Application platform (WebSphere Liberty) § IBM Cloud Private § IBM Cloud Pak for Data § IBM Blockchain platform § IBM Cloud Integration platform (APIC), IBM App Connect § IBM Cloud PaaS (Watson™) § IKS § UrbanCode § Watson Internet of Things (IoT) 7. Multicloud infrastructure development § IBM Cloud Private § IBM Cloud Pak for Data § IBM Cloud IaaS § IKS § UrbanCode § VMware Solutions on IBM Cloud 8. Enterprise application integration § IBM Cloud Private § IBM Cloud Pak for Data IBM Cloud IaaS § IKS § UrbanCode 9. DevOps monitoring and management § IBM Cloud (PaaS and IaaS) § API integration § Application platform (WebSphere Liberty) § UrbanCode 10. Enterprise application management § VMware Solutions on IBM Cloud 11. Managed multicloud services platform § IBM Cloud PaaS § MCM 12. Multicloud management services § IBM Cloud (PaaS and IaaS) § IBM Cloud Private § MCM § IBM Cloud Pak for Data 13. Managed infrastructure as a service § VMware Solutions on IBM Cloud 14. Cloud security and resiliency § VMware Solutions on IBM Cloud
  7. 7. 7 Multicloud Innovation and transformation Cloud § 90,000 experts § 20-year promise to open source § 100,000 migrations § 38 global studios Data § 20,000 data scientists, developers, and consultants Security § Security built in § 60 billion security events managed every day Industry § Depth in 20 industries § USD 6 billion spent in R&D each year § Patent leader for 26 consecutive years Accelerating the digital transformation through a continuum of solutions designed to simplify and reduce risk IBM offers value at each step on the cloud journey. Move Migrate and modernize workloads and applications Build Build innovative applications and experiences Manage Manage, govern and optimize hybrid multicloud environments Advise Advise on every step of the journey to cloud
  8. 8. 8 Multicloud Innovation and transformation Prioritize Optimize Advise: Your workloads. Your journey. Public Dedicated Bare metal Private SaaS Managed Workload affinityCost and benefit Retire Keep Mig USD 3,000 Mod USD 5,000 Build USD 15,000 Migrate USD 10,000 Modernize USD 20,000 High Medium Low Priority Retire Keep
  9. 9. 9 Multicloud Innovation and transformation Modernize once … run anywhere Microservices architectural style benefits Microservices provide value benefit through: 1. Selective granular scaling provides optimization across all layers of the stack 2. Componentization isolates risks, defects and outages, resulting in greater fault tolerance 3. Designed for fast and frequent change; unleashed polyglot programming § 85% use open source software4 § Containers for portability § Kubernetes to optimize § Lightweight software code, focused on doing one function well § Minimal interdependencies with other components § “Open”—can be run on bare OS, container, foundry and so on § Functionally and operationally self-contained § Deployed, maintained, managed, scaled independently § Interoperability—REST API is typical interfacing mechanism § With thoughtful implementation of well-accepted design patterns, enables highly resilient systems Move, build: Modernize, innovate, build on and for the cloud Run on premises, in private, public, multiple cloud Fault isolation ResilienceScale Scale at size Agility Innovation Polyglot Flexibility Teams work independently Distributed
  10. 10. 10 Multicloud Innovation and transformation Containers: Portable, scalable, encapsulated Flexible, scalable, agile, resilient containers § Deploy, port and run apps on private, public, hybrid or multiple clouds. § Provide consistent management across clouds— health checks, load balance and elastic scale. § Quickly deploy new container instances and their workloads. § Support security at the end points—move messages through dumb pipes to smart endpoints (microservices). Self-contained operating environments of executives say that, within 3 years, of new applications will be developed using containers Move, build: Encapsulated operating environments that seamlessly interconnect and can accommodate traditional environments 51% 80%+ of executives say that, within 3 years
  11. 11. 11 Multicloud Innovation and transformation Choice Choose from the broadest set of cloud models or cloud vendors Open Managed and private Kubernetes options with Istio scalability Data Access more data sources, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) Integration One platform to integrate your apps and clouds Consistency Service catalog, security, DevOps and monitoring for a seamless stack on or off premises Applications Consistently develop and deploy on virtually any cloud Management Visibility and control across clouds, vendors and IT Advanced Cutting-edge services for cloud-native development, available globally A security-rich, flexible architecture maximizes agility
  12. 12. 12 Multicloud Innovation and transformation Advanced services § AI § IBM Cloud Hyper Protect § IoT § Blockchain § Analytics § Quantum § ML Open standards § containerd § Kubernetes § Istio § Knative § Cloud Foundry § OpenWhisk Cloud operating environment § Applications § Data § Integration § Management Foundational services § Catalog § Security § Containers § Orchestration § Monitoring § Automation Delivery models § Public § Dedicated § Bare metal § Private § Managed § Systems A security-rich, flexible architecture maximizes agility Journey to cloud
  13. 13. 13 Multicloud Innovation and transformation DevSecOps § Continuous integration and continuous deployment § Manage and control § Build § Test § Security vulnerability and code quality scanning § Provision environments § Deploy apps, containers, middleware § GBS AppOps App tier monitoring and management § App, container and middleware monitoring, including synthetics and logs IBM Multicloud Manager § Visibility, governance and automation across multicloud environments IBM Cloud Automation Manager § Infrastructure automation with Terraform and Git Solution operations center (Level 1.5) Single and first point of contact, incident triage § Incident management § Analytics, optimization and automation § Collaboration, dashboards and reporting Multilevel-2-provider incident and problem management § Applications § Middleware § Security § Infra Mgmt § Infrastructure § SaaS IBM Cloud Cost and Asset Mgmt § Track costs and asset utilization with prescriptive guidance Enterprise content catalog § Open source and IBM middleware, data, analytics and AI software Core operational services § Log management, monitoring, metering, security, alerting Kubernetes container platform § IBM Cloud Private, IKS, Red Hat OpenShift Manage: Monitor, govern, control multiple cloud environments IBM Multicloud Management. A fully managed top-to-bottom multicloud solution
  14. 14. 14 Multicloud Innovation and transformation >75 modernization engagements in last two years Transform application portfolio to hybrid and multicloud Rationalization aligns costs and business needs, focuses investment on a smaller number of processes and applications, and maximizes ROI from core systems and data. Modernization approach is defined using Design Thinking principles, application insights derived through advanced data science techniques. § MetLife § American Airlines § Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield ABN AMRO § Allianz IDC 2018 Everest Group 2018 HFS #1 in Top 10 Forrester 2018 A security-rich, flexible architecture maximizes agility Secure Cloud DevOps Microservices Advise on cloud adoption Modernize for cloud Migrate to cloud Rationalize for cloud Build on cloud App ops on cloud
  15. 15. 15 Multicloud Innovation and transformation 100,000 workloads migrated Focus on efficiency and speed in migration IBM Cloud Innovate toolkit assisted and accelerated execution (re-host, refactor, re-platform, redesign and so on) complemented by pre-built, configurable migration toolchains and integrated third-party tools, executed in the IBM Cloud Migration Factory § Westpac § ABN AMRO § Vodafone § AXA § WPP IDC 2018 Everest Group 2018 HFS #1 in Top 10 Forrester 2018 A security-rich, flexible architecture maximizes agility Secure Cloud DevOps Microservices Advise on cloud adoption Modernize for cloud Migrate to cloud Rationalize for cloud Build on cloud App ops on cloud
  16. 16. 16 Multicloud Innovation and transformation 70+ IT operating and organizational model engagements within the last 2 years Frame the Transformation end to end advice, design, road mapping, and architectural services to help C-suite clients navigate their Cloud journeys. § Westpac § Lloyds § Vodafone § Kohl’s § Albertsons A security-rich, flexible architecture maximizes agility Secure Cloud DevOps Microservices Advise on cloud adoption Modernize for cloud Migrate to cloud Rationalize for cloud Build on cloud App ops on cloud
  17. 17. 17 Multicloud Innovation and transformation 45+ app ops engagements within the last two years Run hybrid and multicloud DevOps and business service operations Cloud platform architecture and engineering services around hybrid cloud platforms. Integrated cloud service management and operations across IaaS, PaaS and SaaS based on site reliability engineering practices § Philips § American Airlines § Daimler § Unilever § Whirlpool A security-rich, flexible architecture maximizes agility Secure Cloud DevOps Microservices Advise on cloud adoption Modernize for cloud Migrate to cloud Rationalize for cloud Build on cloud App ops on cloud
  18. 18. 18 Multicloud Innovation and transformation ~3,300 resources engaged in build-on-cloud activities in GBS Develop rapid minimum viable product (MVP) using modern and standard tools Cloud-native development guide, including microservices specific guidance (usage scenarios and patterns). Microservices reference architecture (web and mobile apps and SOR integration) and refactoring and conversion to microservices guide. IBM Garage++-based microservices practices—with activities, roles and tooling. § AT&T § Royal Bank of Canada § Citibank § Siam Commercial Bank § Qantas Airlines Forrester 2017 Everest Group 2018 HFS #1 in Top 10 A security-rich, flexible architecture maximizes agility Secure Cloud DevOps Microservices Advise on cloud adoption Modernize for cloud Migrate to cloud Rationalize for cloud Build on cloud App ops on cloud
  19. 19. 19 Benefit from extensive expertise when you need it Multicloud Innovation and transformation Build for cloud Innovate at 38 global studios Combines industry expertise with proven methods to deliver superior user experience (UX) and product quality: § IBM Design Thinking, agile development, IBM Garage™ workshops, best practices § DevOps tools and a full API solution to accelerate delivery § Design, road mapping and architectural services § Addresses cloud security and compliance concerns Up to 50% less effort with automated microservices code generation Manage on cloud Multicloud visibility and control Streamlines management of hybrid, multicloud environments: § On and off premises § Across clouds, vendors and IT Boosts financial performance by unlocking and sustaining opportunities associated with cloud investment Procure security-rich, multicloud services alongside private cloud and traditional assets Optimize cloud spend, asset usage, operations and more using automated insights from data and AI Move to cloud Over 100,000 migrations and modernizations Advisory services help define a strategy for your unique needs: § Includes discovery, migration execution and modernization Migration factory, with multicloud platform support, enables best fit: § Public, dedicated and private cloud models § Choice of IBM other leading cloud providers Flexible migration models that scale from 50 to 50,000 workloads Up to 25% reduction in time and effort required for migration
  20. 20. 20 Thank you Multicloud Innovation and transformation James Gelveles Director, Global GBS DevOps CoC Leader IBM Global Business Services — 1-720-396-5583
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