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Harnessing The Value Of Your Data On A Smarter Planet


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Are you prepared for the data explosion?

Our Smarter Planet is generating more information than ever. With all of the energy you’re spending to manage data growth, you may not even realize the value of your data. The insights in big data can help you outperform your peers, deliver greater customer value, and gain a competitive advantage.

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Harnessing The Value Of Your Data On A Smarter Planet

  1. 1. LEARN HOW TO STORE 5X MORE DATA IN THE SAME SPACE Watch Brought to you by Watch the SlideShare to learn more.
  2. 2. HARNESSING THE VALUE OF YOUR DATA ON A SMARTER PLANET. IBM® Storwize® can help you manage data growth. Brought to you by
  3. 3. Today’s Smarter Planet® is generating an explosion of data. Organizations of all shapes and sizes are facing the huge challenge of managing rapid data growth. 90 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. — IBM Research Brought to you by 41 When combined, operational cost and rapid unstructured data growth were selected by 41% of respondents as top challenges to scalable storage. ESG Lab Report, “IBM Real-time Compression” (1)
  4. 4. By using the IBM Storwize family, business leaders are delivering higher customer value, as well as gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage. The ability to scale with a common underlying architecture has proven to deliver multiple benefits to IBM customers.” — andy Kerns, Evaluator Group, R “IBM Storwize Family: Scaling Capabilities and Value” Brought to you by
  5. 5. You can transform your current storage infrastructure into an “efficient, virtualized and flash-optimized” solution with the IBM Storwize family. 5 More data stored in the same space with Real-time Compression™. 3 Increased performance with as little as 10% flash storage. — IBM, “From Smarter Storage to Stronger Business” (2) Brought to you by
  6. 6. Today’s business leaders need not only to manage the growing amount of data within limited budgets, but also create the efficient, scalable, secure infrastructure required to gain valuable insights. Here’s how the IBM® Storwize® family can help: 47 47% less time consuming, managing IBM Storwize family system with its management interface. — Edison Group (3) Brought to you by 50 Guaranteed storage savings of at least 50%. If you can’t store 50% more data, IBM will make up the difference. 78 Reduce response time by 78%. — The Tod Point Group (4)
  7. 7. Get started managing the data explosion with the IBM Storwize family. Register Register now to receive your complimentary IDC paper. You’ll see how IBM storage can help you achieve: • 5x more data storage in the same space via Real-time Compression™ • 3x more performance with only 5% flash through automated tiering software • 47% less administration time with innovative GUI • 30% less capacity growth from virtualization and thin provisioning Brought to you by (1) ESG Lab Report, “IBM Real-time Compression” (2) IBM, “From Smarter Storage to Stronger Business” (3) Edison Group, Competitive Management Cost Study: “IBM Storwize V7000 vs. EMC VNX5500 Storage Systems” (4) The Tod Point Group, “Storage for VMware vSphere” © International Business Machines Corporation 2013.