What made subway surfers surf through


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We all are fascinated about the games that are coming on the latest iOS platform, but which ones are really making a difference.
The iOS Game developers need to understand the core concepts behind the success of any game. In this presentation, I have made it a point for the iOS Game developers to show them the steps for execution for any game. Beyond basic fundamentals and gameplay, what else is needed for not only developing a game on the iOS platform, but also understanding from the experts on their that are doing it.

I would be waiting for your views, comments, taunts etc on imran.ladiwala@gmail.com

Imran A.L.

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What made subway surfers surf through

  1. 1. What Made Subway Surfer surf through By: Imran A.L.
  2. 2. Is it only about graphics?• Graphics of the game are definitely nice & cute for the iOS audience• But is it the graphics that they want?
  3. 3. Lets take it bit by bitApp Store Gameplay Leaderboard
  4. 4. App Store Gameplay Leaderboard• You don’t get 665 ratings & 4.5 stars if your game is not appealing enough
  5. 5. App Store Gameplay Leaderboard AEO Thumbnail• The game does not get affected with the recent AEO (App Engine Optimization) that apple did.• It does not ride on keywords or searches.
  6. 6. App Store Gameplay Leaderboard AEO Thumbnail Free Vs Paid Screenshots• Beautifully made thumbnail exciting enough for any one to give it a read.• Trust me on this, ‘Making an exciting thumbnail is a skill & not every graphic designer is skilled for it’
  7. 7. App Store Gameplay Leaderboard AEO Thumbnail Free Vs Paid Screenshots• The Game is free with in-app purchases• Honestly, I love these games as it allows me to try out the game and get the premium content only if I am hooked on to it.• And somewhere Apple also love these apps* It’s the only reason why they have removedpassword restriction for free apps in iOS 6
  8. 8. App Store Gameplay Leaderboard AEO Thumbnail Free Vs Paid ScreenshotsRead the game description:• Dash as fast as you can!• Dodge the oncoming trainsThat’s it!It cant get simpler than this.• As an app store addict, I do not see any one reading more than 2 lines for an app.• Its like a typical resume, you either like the summary or you don’t like the resume itself.
  9. 9. App Store Gameplay Leaderboard AEO Thumbnail Free Vs Paid ScreenshotsOut of 5 screenshots:1 is an artwork,3 are gameplay &1 is in-game gratification
  10. 10. App Store Gameplay Leaderboard• Shelf life of a general entertainment game is not more than 5 minutes/session• You do NOT want to loose out a single second from those 5 minutes• Therefore, tap on screen to play. SIMPLY BRILLIANT!
  11. 11. App Store Gameplay LeaderboardOnce the player has downloaded yourgame, the very first question he asks is:• Why The Hell Am I Playing This Game?And one of the answers is:• Missions/AchievementsThe game has to be compelling, engaging& challenging, that the player should beunable to leave the device.*An extremely difficult task butchallenging for a developer
  12. 12. App Store Gameplay LeaderboardLimited Call to actions:• Do not throw like 10 call to actions on the players face (out of which 8 are to buy something for cash)• Gradual upgrades – let him feel the growth rather than giving him the end of the game• Remember – the higher your DAU, the more are the chances for you to get your app discovered
  13. 13. App Store Gameplay LeaderboardFriendly Leaderboard:• Genuinely, I do not wish to see how many co-players have scored millions and billions of points.• I want to see my friends score.• Beat their score
  14. 14. Imran A.L.Email me your views on:imran.ladiwala@gmail.comRead more on: www.theproductmanager.in