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Mindbox: integrated marketing platform


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Mindbox product presentation: do marketing, not integrations

Your customers deserve personal, friendly communication.

“Personal” means not only calling your customer by their name in e-mail, but also choosing the best channel and time; the right offer in terms of pricing, product recommendations, relevant promotions, bonus points or other benefits; and seamless, consistent communication across all touch-points.

To build this, marketers are using the integrated marketing cloud from Mindbox:

- our cross-channel, cross-device customer data consolidation module (CRM) unifies your customer data and makes it useful;

- our multichannel campaigns let you communicate offers to your customers via e-mail, SMS, push, Viber, in-app or custom channels;

- our loyalty and promotions engine helps you to create tailor-made offers for each specific customer in retail stores, mobile apps and e-commerce.

Mindbox is a bootstrapped Russian company that was started in 2006.

We now have 75 employees, more than 150 customers from the CIS and EU, and are moving rapidly toward our goal: helping marketers to talk with people personally, instead of just “converting traffic”.

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Mindbox: integrated marketing platform

  1. 1. Integrated marketing cloud Do marketing, not integrations
  2. 2. About Mindbox • Founded in 2006 as marketing automation platform • Bootstrapped Russian company • 70 employees • 65M customer records in databases • 500+ projects in Russia / CIS • Going global in 2017
  3. 3. Suits to any b2c Most experience with e-com and retail companies FMCG Retail OthersE-comm 150+ customers in Russia and CIS
  4. 4. John Doe “Wanna buy some T-shirt and shoes” Surfed the e-commerce shop, saw “Register and get personalized offers” pop-up, accepted Web & mobile Contact center & POS Direct channels Personalized discounts and bonus points, option to collect or redeem points. Targeted offers and promos (instructions for participation) while playing with shopping cart and order contents. Personalized purchase recommendations Same offers, discounts, promotions, other options, communicated by personnel: - by cashier at cashdesk terminal - by callcenter staff - on-screen communication in POS area - 40+ typical automated triggered campaigns - deep personalization in every message - e-mail, SMS, Viber, push, mobile... Registered in loyalty program in classic shop or mobile app Ideal customer story should look like this or Coherent communication in all touch-points
  5. 5. But it is difficult to built IT Marketing Media & AdWords Promos and loyalty CMS CRM Email SMS & push BI Triggered Pop-ups Predictive offers Call Tracking
  6. 6. Multichannel campaigns Marketing CRM Promo & loyalty management E-mail SMS Pop-ups Web & Mobile push Bonuses Promos Discounts Promo codes Gift cards Referrals E-commerce Retail stores Mobile apps Personalization Reporting Product recommendations Custom Viber Integrated marketing cloud
  7. 7. Collecting data from web, mobile, POS terminals etc Easy integration with most popular systems 1| Marketer sets up campaigns and promotion rules A/B tests of prices, bonuses, e-mails and texts, prediction algorithms, smart reporting 2| All things runs into production. Right now, without integration and programming System is collecting consumer’s realtime behavior from all connected touch-points and channels 3| How does it work? Marketing data
  8. 8. Customer data, campaign management and promotions in one solution IT Marketing Media & AdWords CallTracking Predictive offers BI CRM CMS Emailings, triggered campaigns, loyalty, promotions, push, web personalization predictive offers
  9. 9. Create your own unique triggered campaign or use our 40+ typical scenarios for e-com and retailers: 1) Select trigger event as a base for the campaign launch 2) Select customers segment to be will be affected with your campaign 3) Select marketing action steps: e-mails, SMS, push notifications or handle custom external system with web-hooks Improve every campaign with built-in or external predictive analytics, automated A/B tests measured in right way, with control groups. Spend up to 90% less time with automated template preparation scripts - message created individually for each subscriber Multi-channel campaigns what marketer see:
  10. 10. Dear John! Personalized event and welcome text Special set for event and prices Personal discount and promo-code top flowers delivery service What customer see: in e-mails
  11. 11. ...on web-site, mobile app, POS and other channels In e-mail, SMS and other direct channels At website and mobile app In classic stores (POS) and contact center Best offers for you
  12. 12. ● Create customer’s segment by combining behavioral, personal or transactional data ● Create orders and goods properities which will be included in promo ● Choose touchpoints, where promotion will take place: web-site, mobile app, or classic shops ● Select priority rules: which promotios shall prevail in conflict situations ● Set value rules and communication: amount of discount, bonus points, gifts etc ● Launch and measure immediately Promotions and loyalty: what marketer see:
  13. 13. Suitable promotions for John Doe 10% discount for care products Add any product from “Care” category Recommend to John following goods: 30% discount for second product from collection Add any product from collection “Autumn” If customer will share his purchase in social, using e-mail link = +200 points 200 bonus points for social share What customer see: on POS and in call centre
  14. 14. ...on website and checkout Products in catalogue are marked with customisable promo badges Checkout is re-calculated in realtime taking into account promotions for specific customer Personal product recommendations based on purchases, views and clicks history, cart contents, product availability and ratings
  15. 15. app and other channels
  16. 16. Control groups for each campaign and global Dashboards and drill-down reports Learn & improve at lightspeed with automated A/B tests and automated algorhythms Transparent, measurable marketing
  17. 17. 3 times decrease of IT spends for marketing needs in “Even if we take into account our developer’s salary spent on integrations, project completely paid off in three months.....” 250% income growth in due to marketing improvements via A/B tests “We thank Mindbox for their product: it does work perfectly and has allowed us to increase income by 2,5 times in only three months...”” 80+ automated campaings managed by one manager at Drives revenue Reduces costs Effective Success stories
  18. 18. Costs and terms 2 days to start first e-commerce campaign 3 months to run loyalty and promos both on web and in stores from €900 / month Like in: from €1107 / month Like in: No set-up costs, no long-term commitments, free trial period
  19. 19. Talk to people, not traffic