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A platform-integration between CUBES Software and Macromicro


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A platform-integration between CUBES Software and Macromicro

  1. 1. CUBES Software Danmark A/S Skovlytoften 14 DK-2840 Holte +45 5059 8960 Collect, organise, and visualise data quickly and easily Learn new things and make smarter decisions concerning your workforce and organisational environment. A platform-integration between CUBES Software and Macromicro makes data an empowering agent Gain deep insight into the DNA of your organisation. While CUBES Software collects and organises all critical master data, Macromicro offers visual tools enabling HR analysts to gain deep insight into their organisation via living, interactive data: Detail view and overview of relations of the organisation while still being mindful of the greater context. Make all data searchable – and thereby strategic CUBES Software makes all data of the organisation searchable – and thereby strategic. The strength of CUBES Software is the ability to handle and collate all critical master data in the organisation and making it easy to retrieve data and visualise the data in Macromicro. Due to overview and analysis data, the foundation is created for talent management, workforce planning, business strategy, and more. As a HR data warehouse, CUBES easily captures, qualifies, analyses data from a wide array of systems through integration with SAP, Merconomy, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, as well as Axapta, Navision, spreadsheets, SQL, and more. The expertise of CUBES lies in the creation of data flows and data validation, as well as enabling the creation of relations within a data set, reflecting the individual organisation – all the while ensuring high data quality and security. CUBES emphasises four basic factors in HR analytics: ■■ Quick and easy data collation from all relevant sources ■■ Classification of data ■■ Systematisation of data ■■ Analysis Macromicro offers an effective way to frame, understand, plan, and optimise big organisational data: ■■ Find and discover people in a large organisation more quickly ■■ See a precise, high-resolution view of an organisation’s proportion and distribution ■■ Filter through multiple datasets of KPIs and employee attributes today and across time ■■ Identify future leadership, see spans and layers, and more.
  2. 2. CUBES Software Danmark A/S Skovlytoften 14 DK-2840 Holte +45 5059 8960 Visualise the DNA of your organisation Macromicro visually describes structures, scale, hierarchies, and employee composition of large organisations. The views reveal relationships and patterns, and enable entirely new methods of organisational analysis on a high-resolution, multivariate platform. Macromicro provides an entirely new perspective for analysing and understanding your workforce. Senior leadership and human resources can quickly and easily study a vast array of data in a single place: View, sort, filter, isolate, and ultimately make smarter, more informed decisions. Increase institutional knowledge, and clarify the complexity associated with large, multifaceted organisations. ■■ Compare data over time and check progress on key inquiries ■■ Delve into inquiries and monitor specific reports ■■ Visually search across departments ■■ Export and share visualisations ■■ Compare workforce distribution About Macromicro. The vision of Macromicro is to bring data to life. As we reach new levels of complexity in our organisations, spreadsheets and other familiar analytic tools prove insufficient. With Macromicro at hand we can now begin studying complex relationships and unveil patterns difficult or impossible to understand as text and numbers alone. About CUBES Software CUBES Software aligns HR with overall strategy, thereby allowing the organisation to do strategic planning onward and forward, based on systematic documentation. CUBES Software is a robust talent management system, ensuring strategic HR with workforce planning and project and performance management. The strength of CUBES Software is the ability to handle and collate all critical master data in the organisation and visualise the global organisational structure, affording a total overview in an easy and flexible manner. We immediately saw great potential in partnering with CUBES and were impressed by the wide range of insight offered by the software. We look forward to supporting user inquiries with our dense, interactive visualisations. CUBES Software can easily launch people into our visual analytics, and our data graphs can feed them back into CUBES’ comprehensive system.” Alexander R. Wilcox Cheek Co-Founder, CDO, Macromicro I was stunned at how intuitively and fast data is displayed with Macromicro. Combining CUBES HR data quality with Macromicros data viewing is overwhelming to watch. It is easy, it is fast, and you gain insight in a matter of minutes. We now use the combination through webservices which is simple and easy. Macromicro beats instant reporting by a quantum leap.” Michael Ege CEO, CUBES Software Danmark A/S