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Portugal powerpoint


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Portugal powerpoint

  1. 1. PORTUGAL
  2. 2. … a country to discover…
  3. 3. - Portugal, is a country located in southwestern Europe;- Portugal is situated in the west of the Iberian Peninsula;- Has a total area of ​92,090 km ²;of Europe.
  4. 4. - Is bordered on the north and east by Spain and the south and west by the Atlantic Ocean;- Includes a mainland and two autonomous regions: the Azores and Madeira;- Portugal is the westernmost nation of Europe;
  5. 5. - Portugal was continuouslyoccupied since pre-historictimes by manynations, Romans, Barbarians, Arabs and others;
  6. 6. - Portugal was formed during the Christian reconquest;- In 1139 was established the Kingdom of Portugal, whose independence was recognized in 1143;- In 1249 the borders were stabilized, that´s why, Portugal is the oldest European nation-state;
  7. 7. - After many battles with Spain, and with muslims, we achieved our independence,- Our first King was Dom AfonsoHenriques;
  8. 8. - The Portuguese were the pioneers in shipping, establishing the first colonial empire, in Africa,During thetheand South America; Asiafifteenth and sixteenth pioneers in centuries, Portuguese were the the shipping, establishing the first colonial empire, with possessions in Africa, Asia and South America, becoming a world economic- We were a world economic power, political and military power, political and military during the 15th an 16th century;
  9. 9. - After a Republican stroke in 1910, the republic was proclaimed putting an end to monarchy.- The unstable First Republic was followed by a military dictatorship;- Oliveira Salazar gave birth to the Estado Novo, a dictatorship that lasted 40 years;
  10. 10. - Due to the discomfort in the country by the major casualties in the colonial war, a revolution occurred on April 25 1974;- The revolution, gave birth to a parliamentary democracy, that resulted in the independence of all overseas colonies, Mozambique and Angola;
  11. 11. - Portugal is a developed country with aHuman Development Index very high.- It is among the 20 countries with the best quality of life.- Portugal is a member of the the European Union since 1986;- Is a founding member of the Eurozone, the European Union and also a member state of the Schengen area;
  12. 12. This is our flag…
  13. 13. “A Portuguesa”…this is our national anthem...
  14. 14. …our capital is… PORTUGAL
  15. 15. …our capital is… LISBOA
  16. 16. Portugal is divided into 18 districts and 2autonomous regions, Azores and Madeira ...
  17. 17. Our school is situated in the district of Lisboa…
  18. 18. …the district of Lisbon is divided into16 Municipal Counties…
  19. 19. …our countie is… OEIRAS
  20. 20. …our PARISH is… CARNAXIDE
  21. 21. Our group of schools, theAgrupamento de Escolas Carnaxide-Portela, is composed of threeschools, the Kindergarten AméliaVieira Luís...
  22. 22. … the headquarters of our group ofschools, E. B. I. c/ J. I. Sophia de MelloBreuner...
  23. 23. Our school, E. B. 1 c/ J. I. AméliaVieira Luís, is one of the three schoolsthat make up our group of schools.
  24. 24. Our school have 2 classes from thekindergarten, 50 students, and 7classes, 150 students, from the 1stgrade to the 4th grade
  25. 25. We are waiting for your visit…