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Final journal


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Published in: Education
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Final journal

  1. 1. Liz Ibek Tabraj Murillo Journal entry # 8 Journals, journals and journals, this is the word that Ive hated the most during thissemester but at the same time this word means for me constancy and perseverance. Now,while Im writing this last journal entry I realize how much it has helped me to improve myenglish writing skills. Ive grew up as a writer in english in so many ways. I think that themost important is that now I think as a writer in english, I mean before I used to think inspanish and then put all those ideas in english. This sometimes worked but in otheroccasions it just didnt, and that made me feel really frustated. Then I realize that being agood writer in other language means that you MUST TO think in that language and not tryto adjust your language into the other language. Other thing that I think its important tomention is that now I know more words than I used to know, and Im pretty sure that itsthanks to all those journals entries that I hated as much as you cant imagine. Now Iunderstand that common saying that says GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME.I remember that in the first part of the semester I did really good journal entries but thenwhen Iriana gave me back the midterm paper I just CAN NOT believe what my eyes saw. Ivehave never before got grade in an essay like the one that I got that day. And the worst partwas that I did so many mistakes that even someone with a basic level of english wouldnthave made. Before english TI4 I didnt have to take so many time thinking about how to do agood writing, I just wrote whatever and I got good grades. Now its completely different.Iriana is a demanding teacher and lets be honest we hate that but also I have to recognize 1
  2. 2. that if now we have a better level in english writing is thanks to that annoying teacherhahah. I think that the major setback that I had to tackle was myself. Everytime when Irianagave me back the papers I got upset and said COME ON, SHE IS EVEN TAKING POINTS OFFFOR THESE LITTLE MISTAKES. I could say that I was blind but then I saw that it was notunfair, that it helped me in so many ways because it made me more careful everytime Iwrote.What Im most proud of is that Im gonna pass the course haha, just kidding. Well, Im notsure. I could say that Im proud of my growth as a writer in English but I think it is just a littlepart of what it really means. What Im really proud of is that I show to myself that I can workunder pressure and produce really good papers. Also that I learn that a demanding teacheris not a kind of evil person that just want you to fail the course. On the contrary, ademanding teacher helps you to see what you did wrong and how you can improve it. Imreally happy, I spent a good time in classes even though I had to fight with the attendanceevery single day hahah. Im gonna miss all of my classmates and of course Iriana, but I cantlie Im counting down the days. I just cant wait until classes are over, an snowing season iswaiting for me :D 2