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The Role Of Self Awareness In Becoming Successful


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True success can only begin to manifest when looked at holistically rather than in monetary terms alone. At the core of true success is self mastery and at the core of self mastery is self awareness, which is being consciously aware of the workings of one's own mind and exercising mastery over it to truly achieve success in all realms of life than just finances. Ancient Eastern techniques like Yoga, Meditation, QiGong are excellent in cultivating self awareness and mastery, which is at the root of true success and balance in life.

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The Role Of Self Awareness In Becoming Successful

  1. 1. Why Self-Awareness Can Help You Achieve True Success. PERSONALITY SUCCESS BLUEPRINT
  2. 2.  Everyone desires success, and today more and more people realize that money is not the only definition of success and so they extend their definition to their career, sports, health, contribution, parenting, rel ationships… …....yet even this is not true success. PERSONALITY SUCCESS BLUEPRINT
  3. 3. •To understand the term 'true success' you need to look beyond these dynamics of life to the one success, no matter who you are…… ….That one success that you need to strive for is mastery over your-self and mastery over your own mind and emotions. PERSONALITY SUCCESS BLUEPRINT
  4. 4. • Self mastery, that is being in control of one's own emotions and desires, is vital to give us great clarity as a tool to achieve harmony across the many aspects of our lives. • In essence, one is always in control of his emotions, it not about others causing you to feel an emotion as much as it is you allowing yourself to feel a certain way. • Having greater control of one's own emotions and desires is at the core of achieving harmony in life's many layers, and at the core of that self mastery is self awareness. PERSONALITY SUCCESS BLUEPRINT
  5. 5. • We have a common starting point for all our journeys of discovering true success, which is self mastery, with self- awareness at its core. • Self-awareness can be achieved through gaining insight using tools like personality analysis tests or indulging deeper spiritual practices. • Today the science of Self-Awareness and Self Mastery are just as important as they have been through the ages. When you look at the core of spiritual practices of the East, you begin to recognize how these two themes are both foundation and fundamental. PERSONALITY SUCCESS BLUEPRINT
  6. 6. • While Yoga is translated as 'union’. The ultimate goal of Yoga is Self Mastery, but to achieve self-mastery the wisdom of the ages tells us to first become self-aware. • 'Knowing thyself’ is the capacity to introspect and gain clarity about all that is you, your strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes and your patterns of behavior. • True success begins by not comparing oneself with others but with oneself while progressing in being better than you were the day before in one aspect of life at a time. PERSONALITY SUCCESS BLUEPRINT
  7. 7. • In conclusion, being self aware is essential to master the workings of your own mind. • When one is self aware and in control of one's thoughts and emotions, he becomes empowered to create success holistically in life , thus bringing to him content and happiness in the truest form. PERSONALITY SUCCESS BLUEPRINT
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