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Success means more than money for happiness


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Success is not solely defined by money alone, it has several definitions, which most importantly is self defined and changes as we go through life. Having a fulfilled financial aspect of life yet a poor fulfillment in areas of health, relationships and contentment does not make one truly happy and thus not truly successful. When success is looked at holistically, and all of life's aspects and not just finances are balanced, then one truly lives a life of success and happiness.

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Success means more than money for happiness

  1. 1. Why Success Means More Than Money For Happiness! PERSONALITY SUCCESS BLUEPRINT
  2. 2. Money is not the definition of success. You DEFINE Your success! For a student, Graduating is success! For a child, her first steps is success! PERSONALITY SUCCESS BLUEPRINT
  3. 3. Money does not equal happiness! For even a man who has all the monitory success, but little to no success or fulfillment in areas of mental and spiritual health, relationships or being content in life, may find himself far from being truly happy, and thus far from being truly successful. PERSONALITY SUCCESS BLUEPRINT
  4. 4. Looking at Success Holistically! When you shift your attention from chasing money alone to self development and a healthy balance in the other areas of life, you begin to experience true success and true happiness. PERSONALITY SUCCESS BLUEPRINT
  5. 5. Healthy Balance and development in one’s Intellect Mindset Beliefs Values Habits Attitudes Behavior And Character, should be made priority before chasing money alone. PERSONALITY SUCCESS BLUEPRINT
  6. 6. In conclusion, a man will forever be governed by his insecurities, habits, lack of clarity, negative beliefs and attitudes, making true success more unlikely, until the day he decides to shift his attention from chasing money alone, to understanding the workings of his own mind, his relationship to others, his health, behavior and attitude. When harmony is achieved in all of life's areas, one experiences contentment and true happiness, which can never be defined by money alone. PERSONALITY SUCCESS BLUEPRINT
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