Chapter 9 birthcontrol


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Chapter 9 birthcontrol

  1. 1.  Barrier Hormonal Long-Acting Nonmedical Permanent Emergency Contraception
  2. 2.  Types of barriers are:  Male and female condoms  Diaphragm  Cap  Sponge
  3. 3.  Male and female condoms are commonly found in supermarkets and are one of the most common type of birth control Diaphragm is a dome shaped rubber cup that is placed inside the vagina to immobilize sperm Cervical Cap is a silicone cap that goes over the cervix that is held in by suction Sponge is a soft disk made of polyurethane that rests against the cervix during sex
  4. 4.  Types of Hormonal Methods are:  Pills  Patch  Vaginal ring  Depo-Provero
  5. 5.  Pills are a common form of birth control they are taken orally Patch looks like a band-aid and prevents pregnancy by releasing estrogen and progestin through the skin Vaginal Ring is a thin transparent flexible ring that is inserted into the vagina it releases estrogen and progestin. Depo-Provero is an injection of the hormone progestin and prevents pregnancy for three months.
  6. 6.  Types of Long-Acting Methods are:  Implanon  Intrauterine Devices
  7. 7.  Implanon is a single soft progestin filled capsule that is inserted into a womans skin. Intrauterine Devices are small platics devices contaning progestin that are inserted into the uterus
  8. 8.  Types of Nonmedical Methods are:  Withdrawl  Fertility awareness
  9. 9.  Withdrawl is removing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation occurs Fertility awareness is monitoring when one is the most fertile in order to not get pregnant.
  10. 10.  Types of Permanent Methods are:  Tubal ligation  Essure  Adiana  Vasectomy
  11. 11.  Tubal Ligation is also known as getting your tubes tied which is surgical sterilization to close the fallopian tube. Essure is a small spring that is inserted into each fallopian tube. Adiana uses a sillicon impant about the size of a grain of rise which blocks the fallopian tubes Vasectomy is sterilization for men that cuts the tube that carries the sperm from the testes into the penis
  12. 12.  Types of Emergency Contraception are:  Pills
  13. 13.  Pills are also known as the morning after pill are available to be used in case of an accident to make sure one does not get pregnant.
  14. 14.  Permanent, Long-Acting Methods and Hormonal Methods are the most effective forms of birth control Question: If there are so many types of birth control out there why are there so many people still having unwanted pregnancies by practicing unsafe sex?