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We have redesigned our homepage to give customers improved search functions to browse our
entire inventory quickly and eas...
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IBC Japan Introduces Its New Homepage


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We have redesigned our homepage to give customers improved search functions to browse our entire inventory quickly and easily with many features.

Published in: Automotive
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IBC Japan Introduces Its New Homepage

  1. 1. We have redesigned our homepage to give customers improved search functions to browse our entire inventory quickly and easily with the following features: ● Quick links to new arrivals & discounted used vehicles! ● Easy access to your favorite makes and models! ● View by vehicle types including sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs or any vehicle type in one click! ● Special search buttons for Thailand, Singapore & original LHD units! We invite you to experience it for yourself ­ visit IBC Japan now! Address: 64 Miyanomae­cho, Nakajima, Fushimi­ku,Kyoto Japan Phone: +81 75 622 5091 (English) +81 75 622 5090 (Japanese) Fax: +81 75 622 2400 Email: