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IBC Japan | exporter of pre-owned vehicles from Japan, Singapore, UK, Thailand. Japanese and European used cars from stock and from auctions.

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  1. 1. Buy More Save More Program in IBCSaw this one on the homepage bulletin when I logged to my account in the website IBCJapan. It’s called the Buy More Save More Program and from what I understand, it’ssort of a system they devised to appoint credit points for their buyers. So when you “buymore” vehicles, you “save more” by earning credits.I made a quick browse through their table of points and basically, they’ve categorizedbuyers according to the frequency of purchase, i.e. number of vehicles bought permonth. The credit amount is pegged at USD 40 per vehicle so if say, you buy more than50 units, you should be able to enjoy up to USD 10,000 of credit or more. Not bad.According to the site, the credit amount earned can be used as cash for futurepurchases. It’s nice to know that in this reward program, they don’t differentiate betweencars from inventory and those bought from auction so I guess the Buy More Save Moreprogram applies to all of IBC’s stocks. The credit amount earned though will only lastuntil one year after the close of the month they are last earned.Plus, it’s good that they put a Buy More Save More credit report on the homepage eachand every time you log in. That way you get an updated count on how many creditsyou’ve earned and also on the Buy More main page, you can see a credit history thatlists all your credits earned and whether you’ve redeemed those credits.There are loads of other conditions but, overall, this might be really advantageous forauto dealers. The systems awards those with frequent purchases so I guess it’s gonnabe really useful for customers who either buy in bulk or buy regularly.IBC Japan (Head Office)Address: 64 Miyanomae-cho, Nakajima, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto JapanPhone: +81 75 622 5091 (English)+81 75 622 5090 (Japanese)Fax: +81 75 622 2400Email:
  2. 2. PhoneYou can reach our 24/7 Sales and Services Center from Japan at +81 75 622 5091. Our friendlyEnglish-speaking staff will take your call and answer any questions or concerns you may have.Email:For general inquiries, requests, and suggestions, you can also email us directly All emails will be attended to immediately.