Facing problem with EPSON C90, CISS Food color ink tank


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Lean to solve your problem with edible food color printing.

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Facing problem with EPSON C90, CISS Food color ink tank

  1. 1. Epson C90<br />Thursday, April 01, 2010<br />4:23 PM<br />Facing problem with EPSON C90, CISS Food color ink tank<br /> <br />While printing with food color ink and edible food paper there are many problems one could face, but learning how to overcome them is also what one needs to know if they are using the concept for a running bakery.<br /> <br />I have met with these problems many a times and this is one solution for a newly fixed printer and CISS Cartridge. Generally EPSON makes printer for paper printing of files and documents, but we as bakers are excited to use this concept with our increased and personalized creation. <br /> <br />Once the Printer is fixed and also communicates to the computer, you need to fix the CISS Cartridge. Once you have tested the printer to be operational you can use the printer effectively till you come across Low ink error status. This happens as EPSON printer does not recognize the external ink tank, and then you will have to follow these steps. <br /> <br />The Error message on your computer, Click on How to…<br /> <br /> <br />You will see this as the next window, click next<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />click next<br /> <br /> <br />click next<br /> <br /> <br />click OK, and you will see the paper which was printing while the error showed will come out and the Cartridge head will move and stand still near the Cartridge window.<br /> <br /> <br />Press the button at the above rear side of the CMYK ink tank Cartridge as shown in the picture, this helps the printer to recognize the specific color ink.<br /> <br />Click Next<br /> <br /> <br />And then OK<br /> <br /> <br />You will see this window charging the ink tank with a flow<br /> <br /> <br />Flow continues<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />And completes<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Click Finish to complete the process of ink fill into the cartridge<br /> <br /> <br />Filled ink, but remember that you had given a print command and the paper was released from the printer, but the print command will continue to ask you to print. Click on the cancel button<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Now you have completed the refill of the specific color ink, But this could happen again with the other colors too. <br /> <br />While using CISS external ink tank for edible food color printing, you will have to continue to do this action as many times as the printer will ask, do not ignore as you will not be able to use the printer. The error continues and the red light will always show.<br /> <br />Written by<br />Manish Gaur<br />Director - Training <br />Institute of Baking & Cake Art<br />www.ibcablr.com<br /> <br />