Poster Development


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Poster Development

  1. 1. Poster Development Superior influence Our main influence on the creation of our poster was the ‘role models’ poster. We were influenced by the idea of the utilisation of the four characters. We wanted to create a model of our poster which enabled us to utilise our four characters. What we found most effective about the poster was the white background which adds simplicity to the poster. The effective centre images of the four characters are utilised well as it represents their unity. This made us develop the idea of having our main image of the characters as one whole image.
  2. 2. Digital representations of Initial posters ideas First design We felt this digital representation of our initial design did not look user friendly or appealing. The background colour was too strong and didn’t really adapt to our genre as we felt simple primary colours complement the comedy genre. We wanted to utilise the ID cards in this poster design but we felt it didn’t work effectively due to a number of factors. One significant factor was the ID cards were all different sizes thus making the utilising much more inconsistent and less appealing to the audience. However, the positives from this digital representation were that we gained new ideas for fonts. An example of this is the title ‘four’s a Crowd’ font was used for our chosen design. Also the font for the characters name’s on the top of the poster was used in our main poster. Second Design
  3. 3. We thought this digital representation was much more effective and appealing. Firstly, the layout of a landscape image creates a more user friendly space which is vital in a comedy poster. The centre image of all the characters creates a more professional and conventional outlook towards the poster. Furthermore, the centre image allowed us to dictate other conventional elements such as the tag line and external ratings. Evidence of Poster Construction This section will show how we constructed the poster from scratch and what techniques we used to achieve our poster. Cutting the character images The screenshot shows how we used a cutting tool to utilise our photos and use them for our poster. This screenshot shows the level of cutting out we had to use because the image needs to be properly cut out or the final image will look jagged and unprofessional. Also we zoomed in by 400% on Macromedia Fireworks to make sure our cutting was as clear and fully completed.
  4. 4. Aligning each Character Image The positives with using Fireworks were that we were able to move the images around freely. This enabled us to find the best way to merge all the characters into a grouped central image. We dictated each image of the characters and tried to work out which formation worked effectively. As a group we spent a good deal of time trying different combinations. This was time well spent because looking at our final product we feel the combination we have chosen works effectively.
  5. 5. Background images and colours We tried a variation of colours schemes and background colours to emphasise the comedy of the centre image. The blue background we thought was reasonably successful and was playful with the eye. However, we still wasn’t convinced blue was powerful enough to be appealing. Fonts and Colour schemes
  6. 6. We felt the need to explore different colours. We really liked the white title but and the blue sub texts. We felt conventionally it adds the simplicity and comical element of the poster. However, we disliked it because we wanted our poster to stand out in the competitive media market. Audience Feedback We were given very positive and constructive feedback which we could use to better our poster. Here is some of the feedback we were given; • Organise the names in a better fashion • Align main centre image more concisely • Cut the characters more closely • Add the date of the film Final Poster Construction Below is our final poster we feel very proud about the poster. The poster is very effective The colour the red, white and black theme enhances the poster makes it more powerful. coordination works effectively and combines with the main title Utilised the theme of red and black colours to Tag line enhance the which we ratings feel is indispensa Important ble for our convention for poster. a film poster. Standard Main centre image ( all four poster characters) stands out. convention