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WeBBT 2009 Coconut & MyBBT


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WeBBT 2009 Coconut & MyBBT

  1. 1. Some assumptions
  2. 5. 17 research groups at the core <ul><li>LEUVEN </li></ul><ul><li>PSI </li></ul><ul><li>Cosic </li></ul><ul><li>Cuo </li></ul><ul><li>Distrinet </li></ul><ul><li>Icri </li></ul><ul><li>Imec nes </li></ul><ul><li>HASSELT </li></ul><ul><li>EDM </li></ul>ANTWERPEN Pats Visielab BRUSSEL ETRO Smit GENT Medisip/IP MICT MMLAB WICA IBCN
  3. 8. Some sollutions
  4. 9. ISBO Coconut project
  5. 10. ?
  6. 11. How?
  7. 12. Some results
  8. 13. this afternoon
  9. 15. To do what
  10. 16. To do what Personal. level reflect on own and others workstyle Create insight from and for coconut project and mybbt tool
  11. 17. How? Per team of 17 people moderator 4 observants 12 players
  12. 18. How? Enact during 2 hours 1 of three scenarios related to work @ IBBT projects
  13. 19. 4 personae BRAM 41 years, PhD degree in engineering, managing head at the research group InfoTech (Ghent). 15 years experience with academic research. is independent, self motivated and conscientious. speaks Dutch, French & English has a very busy agenda, lot of meetings some abroad DAAN 32 years, Ma communication science, Ph D candidate Researcher at Me IT (Ghent) 4 year as IT project coordinator /2 years experience IBBT research, Is down to earth, easily irritated speaks Dutch, Spanish & English has a very busy agenda due different projects 27 years, CLAUDIA Ma computer science, Ph D candidate. Research engineer at DMC (Hasselt). 2 years ex perience at IBBT research is intellectually curious speaks Spanish & English has a moderate busy agenda, with dedicated time for PhD 41 years, ANDREW Master in Law & Social Law. Junior legal researcher Law & ICT (Leuven). Less than 2 years ex perience at IBBT research . is precise, punctual and extravert speaks Dutch, French & English has a calm agenda
  14. 20. How?
  15. 21. How? Rules 1 Action cost TIME POINTS and has risk 2 You win points as a team on role play on result GUARDED BY MODERATOR AND OBSERVATOR
  16. 22. OUTCOME BEST TEAM PER SCENARIO AWARD Serve as enlived experience of coconut project Input for MyBBT development
  17. 23. MyBBT
  18. 25. slide 3: 'A Simpson?' (foto van Simpsons family) slide 4: 'An Obama?' (foto Obama familie) slide 5: 'A Slumdog millionaire?' (foto koppel uit Slumdog) slide 6: 'Can you imagine what the world would look like?' slide 7: (Foto power rangers met kartonnen monster) slide 8: (Foto Simpson met megadonut) slide 9: (Foto van de Obamas met massa volk voor hen) slide 10: (Foto slumdogs op de vuilnisbelt) slide 11: Or how about one of your collegues? (een groepsfoto van collega's) slide 12: How would the world then look like? (een braakliggend land met een vraagteken of zo) slide 13: let's figure it out with a social experiment slide 14: get to know these 4 characters slide 15: (voorstelling personages, etc...)