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I Minds2009 Tagger Fm


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I Minds2009 Tagger Fm

  1. 1. Tag via mobile internet
  2. 2. Tag mobile 1.Send SMS “tag stubru” to 4123Receive SMS and access codeEnhance the music experience
  3. 3. ClipChannel Overal
  4. 4. Radio 4.665.663 listen to the radio daily77,5% of the populationlisten 175 - 266 minutes *situation in Flanders 2008
  5. 5. Free content
  6. 6. Concerts 10 million visitors yearlyspend more on live music than recorded10% pays for exclusive content *situation in 2008
  7. 7. Exclusive content
  8. 8. Open - Everywhere
  9. 9. Relation with fan Media action Interactieve media actions Profiles Radio - TV - Print Fan Opinions DB Before After Enhance brand experience
  10. 10. Frederik de Wachter blog: email: twitter: demo: at stand spinningcorner