I Lab2 I Lab Vision Ws 3 Oct 06 V2


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I Lab2 I Lab Vision Ws 3 Oct 06 V2

  1. 1. IBBT: Interdisciplinary Institute for Broad Band Technology iLab Technical Test Centre Workshop Dr. M. Claire Van de Velde Director Technology Transfer & Business Development
  2. 2. Programme 14.00-14.30: Introduction on iLab 14.30-15.00: Technical overview 15.00-15.15: Break 15.15-16.15: Use cases 16.15-17.15: Demos and tour 17.15: Drink 2
  3. 3. Our Mission develop highly competent multidisciplinary human capital interdisciplinary demand-driven basic research focused on ICT and broadband in cooperation with business and government (local and international) providing solutions to complex problems better meet society’s future challenges 3
  4. 4. Social-economic context Potential of ICT: 1. Enhancing living quality 2. Enhancing Growth and competitivity of our economy: Contribution of IBBT: Improve competitivity from R&D by promoting networking large companies, SMEs, public and semi public institutions and knowledge institutions Focus on application of which the business model is anchored in the European society 4
  5. 5. Our mission: highly-competent multidisciplinary human capital content legislation user network terminal 5
  6. 6. Demand driven basic research in selected application domains eHealth new media Companies Government Non-profit eGovernment mobility 6 enabling technologies
  7. 7. Research programming: complementary projectmodels ISBO : Interdisciplinary Strategic Basic Research, with international scope and active follow-up by companies, and O&O GBO financed by IBBT GBO: Collaborative Basic Research, ISBO executed by IBBT in in close GBO O&O collaboration with companies with complementary business models, and co- O&O GBO financed in a 50-50% ratio O&O : bilateral competitive research and i-lab development, defined and financed by partner companies 7
  8. 8. Our plans for iLab iLab Technical: in Ghent, focused on technical aspects iLab Forum: in Ghent, focused on demonstrations of developed technologies (under construction) iLab CUO : in Leuven, focused on usability research 8
  9. 9. Location 9
  10. 10. IBBT “ICT- Incubation” Incubation centre Office centre Flexible office Remote office 10
  11. 11. http://www.ibbt.be
  12. 12. Introduction on iLab Strategy of iLab Technical Part Piet Demeester piet.demeester@intec.ugent.be
  13. 13. Outline Global Strategy iLab Today Mission Statements iLab Worldwide: today and tomorrow 13
  14. 14. iLab Global Strategy Focused to ensure critical mass and to be best of class in Europe and competitive worldwide Targeted towards promising research areas with strong industrial relevance Connected locally to industry and IBBT groups and globally for worldwide collaboration 14
  15. 15. iLab Global Strategy Open to industry residents Future proof by design Flexible and adaptable to support a range of research projects (GBO, ISBO, EU, bilateral, IWT, etc.) Sustainable with regard to human resources and recurrent investments 15
  16. 16. iLab Today Support of research activities within a range of projects Collaboration examples: GBO – ISBO: Coplintho, E-Paper, FIPA, IPEA, MADUF, GeoBIPS, TR@INS, Armad@, T-Case, WBA, MCDP, …, QoE, VIN O&O (IWT, bilateral): IWT-Champ (Alcatel), IWT- OSLU (Newtec), IWT-Easy-Wireless (Televic), NIKO European: MUSE, NOBEL, Citizen Media, Phosphorous, Integrail, Magnet Residents: NIKO, VRT, Porthus 16
  17. 17. iLab Today Generic infrastructure applicable in many projects (e.g. test equipment: Smartbits, NX2, Optiview, Avalanche, Opera; terminals/ networks/ servers) Ad hoc infrastructure to support specific projects (e.g. cubes GeoBIPS, DVB-H Maduf, Satellite OSLU, Home gateway NIKO) Also (partially) funded by companies 17
  18. 18. iLab Mission Statements End to End Multimedia QoS (MS1) Supporting audio, video and data In a wireless and wired access environment Considering network/content/terminal Virtual and Intelligent Networked Environments (MS2) virtual storage/computing/information resources Intelligent personalized context aware environment 18
  19. 19. iLab MS1: End to End Multimedia QoS Examples: Network based QoS support in wired (GBO- FIPA, IST-MUSE, IST-NOBEL) and wireless (GBO: WBA, GeoBIPS, Armad@, Tr@ins, ISBO: QoE, IWT-OSLU, IWT-Champ, …) home, access and backbone Content and terminal based QoS support (audio and video) (ISBO-QoE, GBO-MADUF, GBO- WBA, SCONE, …) Performance evaluation of audio, video and data (IWT-Champ, IWT-OSLU, SCONE, …) … 19
  20. 20. iLab MS2: Virtual and Intelligent Networked Environments Examples: Grid computing (IST- Phosphorous, GBO-FIPA,…) Thin Client (ISBO-QoE, IWT Fade-HOME, …) WSCAN (Wireless Sense, Compute, Actuate Networks) (GBO: WBA, MultiTr@ns, IM3, …) Context awareness (GBO-T-Case, IST-Citizen Media, …) MyNet: Virtual Private Ad Hoc Networks (VPAN) (ISBO-VIN, GBO-Coplintho, IST-Magnet, …) Virtual Communities (GBO: VACF, ASCIT, E-HIP, A4MC3, …) … 20
  21. 21. iLab : Virtual Wall Generic test environment for advanced network and service evaluation > 100 nodes (PC based, 4x1 Gb/s interfaces) interconnected via Gb/s VLAN Ethernet switches and a display wall (e.g. 20 monitors for experiment visualization) Node functionalities: terminal, server, network node, impairment node Connected to: test boxes for wireless terminals, generic test equipment, simulation nodes (for combined emulation/simulation), … FAI (Full Automatic Install) for fast context switching (e.g. 1 week experiments), remote access from all IBBT sites, … 21
  22. 22. iLab Virtual Wall Examples of experiments: - MediaGrid - Agile and personalized storage - Thin Clients - Video coding/decoding/transcoding - SOA (Service Oriented Architectures) - User controlled networks - Network security - Pan-European experiments - … 22
  23. 23. iLab : Large Scale WSCAN 250 nodes wireless meshed/ad-hoc network (low data rate, e.g. 802.15) for WSCAN support (Wireless Sense/ Compute/ Actuate Networks) Different sensor and actuator types plugged in wireless nodes, generic compute nodes Connected to iLab virtual wall, high bitrate wireless network, test equipment, … Collaboration with e.g. imec.nl (Holst) … 23
  24. 24. iLab Large Scale WSCAN Examples of experiments: - AmI, Ubiquitous computing, the Internet of Things - eHealth, logistics, building management, emergency, urban sensing, vehicular networks, … - Sensing for context awareness - Self configuration, routing, robustness, task delegation, power optimization, … - User experiments - Pan-European experiments - … 24
  25. 25. What happens in US ? www.emulab.net (Utah) www.winlab.rutgers.edu ( incl. ORBIT wireless testbed, Rutgers) whynet.ucla.edu (UCLA) 25
  26. 26. What happens in Europe ? Pan-European Laboratory for NextGeneration Networks and Services www.panlab.org (IST; Celtic) 26
  27. 27. Next Generation Internet: GENI GENI (Global Environment for Network Innovations): www.geni.net GENI is an experimental facility being planned by the NSF, in collaboration with the research community. It's goal is to enable the research community to invent and demonstrate a global communications network and related services that will be qualitatively better than today's Internet Infrastructure budget : 350 M$, 2009-2013 (includes development of infrastructure) Research on top of GENI funded by e.g. NSF program FIND (Future Internet Design) 27
  28. 28. Conclusions iLab Technical: Generic technology lab in support of current and future IBBT research programs with industry Complementary to industry labs Leading position in Europe In line with worldwide developments 28