Break out: Incubation & Venturing - Intro Frank Gielen


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Break out: Incubation & Venturing - Intro Frank Gielen

  1. 1. “For me it is important to be an entrepreneur and a researcher. I don’t want to just publish;I want to have an impact on society.”
  2. 2. IBBT Incubation and VenturingOur goal is to have an impact on the economy and society by the global valorisation and widespread acceptance of IBBT innovations.
  3. 3. Why Incubate ?• From idea to scaleable business does not (often) happen in a garage...• You need a team and money “The market should be large enough to merit the necessary investment and development time”
  4. 4. IBBT & Entrepreneurship: Today iStep • Teaching & learning iBoot • Create entrepreneurial teams around your idea • Validate the business opportunity iProof • Coaching and implementing real ventures iCubes • Provide space, logistic support & operational services iVenture • Preseed capital fundiBoot 2011 © IBBT 5
  5. 5. iVenture is part of an incubation eco-system R&D iStep iProof iBoot iCubes iVenture8secondsGeosparcKPIwareSirunaStreamovationsTagger.fmTinkertouchUserplusVodtecWishboneCandit-Media
  6. 6. IBBT Incubator & Venture Accelerator Create a vibrant environment with an international vision that links entrepreneurs with IBBT know how, provides access to financing and leverages our industry network Entrepreneurs Financing Industry Partner Network
  7. 7. VILOC
  8. 8. OBMEC: Camera Pills
  9. 9. dInk: Publishing on tablets
  10. 10. What can you do ? “ Work on what’s important, not just what’s interesting-there’s an infinite supply of both” F. Guarniei