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Apollon - 22/5/12 - 11:30 - Local SME's - Innovating Across borders


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Roberto Santoro

Published in: Technology, Business
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Apollon - 22/5/12 - 11:30 - Local SME's - Innovating Across borders

  1. 1. Contributions to the LLAB Community• 2005 Roberto Santoro, Collaborative Engineering Managing Director and ESoCE Net president, elected Chair of the AMI Communities, constituting Living Lab task force as flagship initiative• 2006 key player in the management team supporting the launch of ENoLL by Finnish European Presidency, and subsequent new members waves, conceptual framework for Concurrent Innovation• 2007 Governance Task Force Chair, building the organizational foundation of ENoLL• 2008 addressing the ICT 2008 gala event organized by th French Presidency of the European Union• 2009 elected acting Chair of ENoLL, constituting the ENoLL AISBL legal entity• 2010 Launching the First Living Lab Summer School, within ICE, AMI and LLAB community and Launching First Living Lab Prize• 2011 Setting the foundations for Business Oriented Innovation Platforms at ICE 2011 (Living Lab Design Innovation, Mixed Reality Transversal Thematic Networks)• 2012 Launching the First User-Centred Design Innovation Living Lab Prize
  2. 2. APOLLON:Advanced Pilots of Living Labs Operating in Networks SMEs can use Living Lab networks to test and enter What is needed for cross-border new markets! Living Lab Networks? Common Energy Efficiency Homecare & ILS methodology Common ecosystem approach Common research benchmark eManufacturing eParticipation Common platform guidelines Common integration framework The APOLLON objectives:Demonstrate the value for SMEs of a European network of local open innovation platforms  Set up thematic networks of Living Labs across Europe  Develop a common approach for cross-border Living Lab experiments
  3. 3. Impact Creation Strategy followed ePartici pation Energy SMEs Health access other eManu markets facturi ng Domain Networks and ServicesAPOLLON by ENoLL LLABsMethodology, Scale-up cross-borderTools and projectsGuidelines healthCross-borderthematic domain energy mediaNetworks manufacturing
  4. 4. Results – Establishment of Domain LL networks• D6.6 Establishment of Domain Living Lab Networks – Collection of inputs, expectation, experience and interests in thematic Domains • Direct emails • Conferences and Events (ICE Conference 2011) • Dedicated APOLLON Survey ( – Design of Domain Networks (based on APOLLON pilot experiences) – Charters • Identification of Organizational and Business Model • Animation mechanisms (Living Lab Prize) – Launch of Domain Networks (ESoCE-Net Industry Forum) – Domain Network Dissemination – Network enlargement and publication of Services • Final Conference and parallel sessions
  5. 5. Domain LL Networks - Model