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2008 brokerage distributed software-service management [compatibility mode]


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2008 brokerage distributed software-service management [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. Distributed Software / Service Management Wouter Joossen IBBT-Distrinet-KU Leuven
  2. 2. Distributed Software Increasing Importance of Distributed Software Companies, Individuals & Organisations Collaborate by Using Network Connections Need For Appropriate Software Systems Beyond Underpinning Network Infrastructures Collection of Collaborating Software Entities Allocated on Different Locations in The World Research & Know-how on Software Architectures Software Development Software Management Technologies
  3. 3. Architectures for Distributed Software Multi-tier Architectures Typically Exposed in Enterpise Applications Service Oriented Architectures Enable Aggregation & Orchestration of Collaborating Services Sensorware Software Architectures for Sensor Networks P2P Architectures Multi-agent Systems Increase Autonomy of Individual Nodes, Due to Decentralized Nature Aspect-oriented Middleware Increase Modularity & Modifiability of Distributed Software or Instance in Context of Software Product Lines GRID Computing & Resource Virtualization Bundle Computational Power and/or Storage Capabilities Data Driven Architectures Data Storage, Archiving and/or Information Dissemination
  4. 4. Service Oriented Architectures Enable Aggregation & Orchestration of Collaborating Services
  5. 5. Support for Distributed Applications Support for Video & 3D Graphics Platforms for Telecommunication Services Support for Context Awareness Software for Mobile Terminals
  6. 6. Technologies for Distributed Software Components Platform for Enterprise Applications (.Net, J2ee, …) Middleware for Web Services Middleware for Embedded Systems Middleware for Consumer Devices
  7. 7. Development Methods Limit the Cost of Software Creation Research on Improved Software Development Process Methods & Tools for Optimization of Code & Run Time Systems Parallellization tools
  8. 8. Increasing worries about Cost of ownership… And hence increased research in the domain of… Deployment & Management Manage Total Cost of Ownership of Complex Software Systems Techniques for Provisioning Service Management Platforms Policy Definition & Enforcement Mapping, Allocation, Load Balancing
  9. 9. Multi-agent Systems: autonomic computing Increase Autonomy of Individual Nodes, due to Decentralized Nature, Towards Autonomic Computing
  10. 10. Example Next-Generation Telecom Platform PC Network Phone End Users Service Platform TV User Mgmt Security … Telecom Service Mgmt Billing … Admin Tourist Information Service Service Provider
  11. 11. Policy-Driven Middleware Applications Policy Management Middleware Services Service-Oriented Business Process Middleware Management Policy Enforcement Policy Enforcement Component-Oriented Middleware Operating System
  12. 12. Challenges Policy-driven middleware for the advanced configuration of services requires: An expressive policy language that can be used in different areas and domains The enforcement of the policies at the underlying middleware layers The capability to reason about large sets of policies
  13. 13. Achievements Our policy-driven middleware Uses policies for the advanced configuration of services in different areas and domains Not only by programmers but also by non-experts and end users Simplifies adoption by integrating policy enforcement into the middleware infrastructure Supports validation and consistency checking over large policy sets Typically generated by multiple actors and stakeholders
  14. 14. Personal Content Management Large scale service deployments based on P2P overlays Live broadcast Gepauzeerde broadcast Elektronische - P2P uitwisselen van EPG programmagids - Opslag video content - Communicatie tussen (EPG) proxies Live broadcast
  15. 15. Backend platforms for electronic healthcare To help protect y our priv acy , PowerPoint prev ented this external picture from being automatically downloaded. To download and display this picture, click Options in the Message Bar, and then click Enable external content.
  16. 16. PecMan Application Binding Application Binding Application Binding Information & Enforcement Interfaces Security Service Bus Management & Security Interfaces Audit Authorization Service Service
  17. 17. MultiTr@ns Sensor Networks Configurable Middleware Service Plugins Temperature Sensor Middleware Localization Power Control Sensor OS Calibration Overlay Network Overlay Routing Overlay Middleware Time Synchronization Embedded Linux, IOS Authentication Server Network Distance Monitoring Server Middleware Temperature Processing Service Cargo Airco XP, MacOSX Management Control Control
  18. 18. eHip: e-Health Information Platform GP GP Software Web access Document Repository Security Security Healthcare Authorities Infrastructure Portal Homecare Security Disease Security Homecare Management Sensor Program Security Homecare Document Sensor Registry MPI Document Homecare Sensor Repository Hospital Hospital Hospital Clusters Gateway Security Document Document Repository Repositoryc Document HIS/CIS Security HIS/CIS Security Repository HIS/CIS HIS/CIS HIS/CIS
  19. 19. Demo e-Health Information Platform Agfa Repository Orbis Portal (Clinical docs) VUB Cronos Repository JPIP Registry (Patient summaries) Image server Document DistriNet/COSIC Metadata Security Security
  20. 20. Demo – Security (1) usr/pwd User Portal Identity provider Administrator
  21. 21. Demo – Security (2) view doc view doc User Portal Repository yes allow? Administrator Security service