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2008 Brokerage 02 Test Beds And Living Labs [Compatibility Mode]


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2008 Brokerage 02 Test Beds And Living Labs [Compatibility Mode]

  1. 1. Test Beds & Living Labs Jo Pierson IBBT-SMIT-VUB
  2. 2. What is happening in the ICT world…? 2005 2006 Disruptive technologies - Doom Users as innovators - Boom
  3. 3. Answers 1. Test and Experimentation Platforms 2. IBBT iLabs 3. Projects
  4. 4. Test and Experimentation Platforms (TEP) TEP = All facilities and environments for (joint) innovation including testing, prototyping and confronting technology with usage situations (Ballon, Pierson & Delaere, 2007) IBBT aims at sharing it’s knowledge and expertise on stimulating valorisation and innovation through testbeds and living labs
  5. 5. iLab.o: Mission IBBT iLab.o – Open innovation in ICT Contact: prof. Jo Pierson & Pieter Ballon ( Mission: Lab and competence center for multi-stakeholder innovation, policy and experimentation of services and technologies Essential policy and strategy issues Stimulating open innovation Building strong partnerships and networks Reaping rewards from Web 2.0 innovations Closing the digital divide Safeguarding privacy and trust Methods Experimental, multi-stakeholder analysis and co-design with users, policy and business partners Use of various simulation tools and Living Lab settings Co-operation Interdisciplinary involvement of various IBBT research groups i-City Living Lab; ITS Belgium; VKOA
  6. 6. iLab.o: Outdoor setting Wireless internet access on campus App. 11,000 users (students - personnel) with 500 dedicated Full mesh WiFi network with WiMAX backbone set up by Brussels Region 0.5 km2 outdoors and indoors coverage (end 2006 - end 2008) Mobile VOIP tests on-going Multi-stakeholder tools and application development for mobile Web 2.0 Currently up-scaling CampusLab in co-operation with Brussels Regional authorities
  7. 7. iLab.u: Mission IBBT iLab.u – User experience design and evaluation Contact: prof. Dirk De Grooff ( Goal: Observation of user experiences To observe reactions and experiences of users of new ICT applications To identify problem areas so that usability experts can suggest improvements in user experience Usability Accessibility Functionality Emotional experiences (likeability)
  8. 8. iLab.u: Equipment Stationary lab Reproduces a living room or an office environment Evaluation of ICT applications on a wide array of carriers, including (interactive)TV, games, computer hard- and software, etc. Portable lab Evaluation of ICT applications in real-life environment Mobile lab Evaluation of mobile devices Eye tracking Records precisely what users are looking at Psychophysiological measurement Measuring emotional reactions of users Galvanic skin reader, heart rate monitors, …
  9. 9. iLab.t: Mission IBBT iLab.t – Technology center Contact: prof. Piet Demeester ( Mission: Support of research projects by providing lab infrastructure to evaluate technical feasibility, performance and service quality of ICT innovation iLab.t has a wide range of advanced equipment, including: Wired and wireless measuring equipment to evaluate networks, audio and video quality, wireless applications, … A general testing environment with more than 100 nodes (terminals, servers, routers) to imitate and evaluate networks, services and applications (virtual wall) A wireless testing environment with 200 nodes (wireless sensor lab) A wide diversity of terminals and appliances such as PDAs, mobile phones, smart phones, … Efficient internet connectivity through Belnet with a capacity of 1Gbit/s to facilitate experiments requiring high band-width
  10. 10. iLab.t : Overview 500 m2 Approx. 100 racks (~ 4000 units) 10
  11. 11. iLab.t : Virtual Wall Servers (100x) Dual CPU, dual core 4GB RAM 4x 80GB harddisk 60x 6 and 40x 4 network interfaces Central switch: Force 10 networks 576x Gb/s port 8x 10 Gb/s port 1.6Tb/s backplane Displays+VGA Full Automatic Install and Remote Access
  12. 12. iLab.t : Wireless Sensor Lab 200 nodes in office environment Every node is generic and is equipped with 1 or 2 Sensor node IEEE802.15.4 (+ embedded sensors: Temp, Light, Humidity) 2 WiFi IEEE 802.11 radios (a/b/g) Extendable: Bluetooth, Software Defined Radio, … Environment emulator Battery power Sensor signals Class Room FAI and Remote Access Corridor Sensor Sensor + i-node
  13. 13. Project snapshots: Interactive television Consortium Telenet Interkabel VRT VMMa VT4 CUO EDM MICT SMIT Development of interactive television in Flanders 300 households 1 year trial 2003-2004 Introduced by Cable Operator
  14. 14. Project snapshots: e-Paper Consortium Belgacom De Tijd Hypervision I-Merge Philips CUO DistriNet INTEC-IBCN IMEC World’s First development of a digital MICT newspaper on a specific e-Reader SMIT device Business Models and User Research 200 users Trial of 2 months March - May 2006 Entire value chain involved: OEM, Media Conglomerate, Digital Advertiser
  15. 15. Project snapshots: LLECOS Consortium MS Research i-City SMIT Living Lab Exploration of Community Services (LLECOS) New multiplatform communication and broadcast tool Virtual co-presence i-City living lab environment Ongoing project Start July 2007 Contractor: Microsoft Research Cambridge
  16. 16. Ideas on potential e-health living lab Rationale Potential of ICT in health and health care sector for efficiency and effectiveness Emerging new industry – Atypical business model E-health living lab Natural user centric test environment Brings stakeholders together in common horizontal platform Industry potential Transmural communication and data sharing Home care Medical imaging Hospitals, social profit and other organisations
  17. 17. IBBT iLab conclusion and opportunities Diverse test and experimentation facilities supporting research as well as innovation process on technological and socio- economical level Tools for strengthening ICT research and development in each stage (concept – experimentation – evaluation) iLab infrastructure open to scientific, public and private stakeholders IBBT aims at sharing it’s knowledge and expertise on stimulating valorisation and innovation through testbeds and living labs
  18. 18. Q&A Thank you Any questions?