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What to Gift when your Valentine Lands in Jail


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Once again it's the time to celebrate valentine day' It is one of the colourful season in The year where love buds express their love an feelings to each other. But what about if your love in is in prison? Send them few unique gifts.

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What to Gift when your Valentine Lands in Jail

  1. 1. Valentine 2016 What to Gift When Your Love Lands in Prison By Luis Mier
  2. 2. Valentine’s Day is not only about fun rather it’s the time to show devotion to your partner. It’s a day to celebrate your relationship. Misfortune can always happen and you may get succumb to situations without fault. Being in jail can truly ruin the spirit of your special day.
  3. 3. Check out these gifts that you can send your loved one in prison, and make the other one feel that you reside in their heart no matter wherever they physically are:
  4. 4. Books ♥ “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” ― Ernest Hemingway. ♥ A good book can really help to pass the hard time in prison. ♥ You can choose these books from the New York Times or USA Today bestseller’s list or you can also simply ask your love about the type of books he/she enjoys.
  5. 5. Personal Correspondence ♥ Being cut off from friends and family is really a pain to deal with. ♥ You can send a letters, notes, cards and photos to help your imprisoned loved ones keep in touch with the world outside prison.
  6. 6. Magazines & Newspapers ♥ Magazines are also a great option for your imprisoned dear ones, because they provide images too which help them to move their minds out of the confines from prison. ♥ A subscription of daily newspaper is a terrific gift that keeps on giving. ♥ It provides a tangible connection to the outside world and also helps them to take a break from toxic prison environment & focus on latest happenings.
  7. 7. Call a Bail Bond Agent What could be better than to see your loved one smiling after release from prison? A bail bonds agent may help you. Call us on (714) 240-2245 or visit to get all your legal issues and queries solved.