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Bail Bonds- What All About You Need To Know


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Are you looking for a bail bond service to release your loved ones from jail? Signature Bail Bonds is a savior in these hard times. Download the PDF to know more about facts on Bail Bonds.

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Bail Bonds- What All About You Need To Know

  1. 1. SIGNATURE BAIL BONDS Bail Bonds: What All You Need To Know A Brief Description of All Aspects of Bail Bonds By Luis Mier 10/13/2014
  2. 2. Call Us: (714) 240-2245 1042 W. Santa Ana Blvd Santa Ana, CA 92703 1 | P a g e S i g n a t u r e B a i l B o n d s L u i s M i e r Index S. No. Page No. 1. Bail Bonds: History at a Glance 2 2. Bail Bonds Terms You Need to Know 3 3. How Bail Bonds Are Helpful for the Innocently Accused 4 4. How to Find the Best Bail Bonds in Santa Ana 5 5. What Distinguishes the Best Bail Bonds? 6 6. Bail Bondsman: What They Do 7
  3. 3. Call Us: (714) 240-2245 1042 W. Santa Ana Blvd Santa Ana, CA 92703 2 | P a g e S i g n a t u r e B a i l B o n d s L u i s M i e r 1. Bail Bonds: History at a Glance he bail bonds system was first developed in 13th century England. The practice of exchanging money or property for release from custody was started to generate a better balance among the rich and the poor when people were accused of committing a crime. How the System Works Bondsmen will provide the money for someone who is awaiting trial in exchange for a percentage of the bail amount. When the system was first developed people who had money and properties were lucky enough to be able to post bail themselves; however, poorer people had to remain in custody. Entrepreneurs realized that they would be able to take advantage of this issue by providing the money and taking a percentage. Bondsmen have been around in the United States ever since the country was founded; however, the laws surrounding the procedures have changed, such as setting different bail bond amounts according to the individual’s circumstances. Although some aspects of the business vary from state to state, the main principles remain the same. The business itself provides a much needed service to people who are subject to criminal charges and unable to finance the entire bail amount. Finding a Trustworthy Bondsmen If you ever find yourself requiring a bondsman, it’s important that you use a service that has the necessary experience and licenses to conduct business. This could speed up the process and limit your risk of running into problems. T
  4. 4. Call Us: (714) 240-2245 1042 W. Santa Ana Blvd Santa Ana, CA 92703 3 | P a g e S i g n a t u r e B a i l B o n d s L u i s M i e r 2. Bail Bonds Terms You Need to Know hether it is you or a friend/family member, sometimes trouble can come your way. In some cases, that trouble is a jail cell. You don’t want to sit in a cell waiting for your court date, and there is a process where you can be released: bail. This may be your first time in this type of predicament and there are some terms you need to know and understand before going through the bail process and getting bail bonds to help get you to the outside world (AKA freedom). Arrest: This is an act of police or law enforcement to take a person into custody. Bail: Some form of pledge to the court made in the way of property or money to gain the release of an individual. Usually this will be released back to the person as long as the defendant shows up to all court hearings. Bail Bondsman: This is a person or persons that will pledge surety for the defendant and will pledge the money. Basically they’re the people who help post bail bonds to get you out of jail. Bounty Hunter: When a defendant “skips” bail, this is the person who will track them down for an immediate arrest. Cash Bond: This is when the court sets bail to a cash only standard. Collateral: This is property such as cars, homes, etc. that the defendant would sign over as surety against the bond debt. Fugitive: This is a person who is fleeing custody. Indemnitor: The person responsible for initiating the bond request and who signs the contract gaining release for their loved one. Sentence: This is the punishment handed down by the court if a defendant is found guilty. All of these terms are used in the bail bonds process. Be sure you know what these terms mean in case trouble ever comes knocking at your door. W
  5. 5. Call Us: (714) 240-2245 1042 W. Santa Ana Blvd Santa Ana, CA 92703 4 | P a g e S i g n a t u r e B a i l B o n d s L u i s M i e r 3. How Bail Bonds Are Helpful for the Innocently Accused ail bonds are absolutely essential for the innocently accused. For those who know that there are no grounds for their arrest and who cannot afford their bail, a bail bondsman is required. Most people don’t have experience with court procedures and don’t know how the whole process works. The complicated bail process is well known to our agents. When you’re looking for bail bonds in Orange County, make sure that you find a company that is patient, can answer all your questions and will take the time to walk you through each step of the bail process. You don’t want to get caught up in the details and be proven guilty simply because you were unfamiliar with the process. Basically the process needs to be quick and easy with minimal complications. This is how it should be, especially when you are innocent. Even if you have the money available for bail, your will probably have to use collateral in order to sink such a large amount. Bail bonds in Orange County are useful so that you don’t have to unnecessarily block large amounts. It’s also advantageous to have someone on your side who knows how the entire process works. Easy payment options are also available. We know that you cannot afford to pay large sums at a time – if you could, you wouldn’t need a bail bondsman. Depending on your financial situation, we have flexible options which cater to your needs. In this manner you can sort out your court case with peace of mind before you think about things like payment. B
  6. 6. Call Us: (714) 240-2245 1042 W. Santa Ana Blvd Santa Ana, CA 92703 5 | P a g e S i g n a t u r e B a i l B o n d s L u i s M i e r 4. How to Find the Best Bail Bonds in Santa Ana Bail bond, also known as a ‘surety bond’, is one of the best tools to keep you out of jail during your trial. If you cannot afford the bail amount that is required to be posted, you’re going to need a bail bondsman or bail bond agent to help you post the bail bond. Because the Orange County Jail is located in Santa Ana, you should look for bail bonds in Santa Ana and neighboring cities, like Huntington Beach. When someone calls you to help them post bail and you contact the bail bond agent, their primary responsibility is to post the bail amount at the jail. They will take a percentage of the total bail amount for their services – usually 10% in California – and the person who is being held in jail must return for their court date or the bail agent is responsible to pay the full bail amount. In case the person jumps bail and does not show up in court, the agent is legally allowed to find them, detain them and bring them to court themselves. (This is where bounty hunters come into play.) Bounty Hunter is a person who puts up the money for your bail and guarantees that you will turn up for your next court date. In exchange you pay him a percentage of the bail. In case you jump bail, the bondsman is legally allowed to find you and make you come to court. When looking for the best bail bonds in Orange County, there are a few keys to look for. Licensing Every bail agent or company needs to be licensed by the State of California. Ensure that the company that you are dealing with is properly licensed to ensure their legitimacy. Experience Once you’ve checked their license, the next thing to consider is their experience. Like in any industry, experience is crucial. The agent should be familiar with the court with which you are dealing with. They should have a good rapport with former clients and both the OC Jail and OC Sherriff’s Office so that you know that they know what they’re doing. Flexibility It’s very important that they’re flexible. The best agents in Santa Ana will provide you with payment options and flexible plans. Along with financial flexibility, you should be able to contact them easily at almost any point of time. Communication Because many people have never gone through the process before, and many don’t even know what to ask, it’s vital that the agent is easy to talk with and walks you through the bail process step by step. If they don’t, you will be left in the dark and are more likely to be burdened with unnecessary stress. A
  7. 7. Call Us: (714) 240-2245 1042 W. Santa Ana Blvd Santa Ana, CA 92703 6 | P a g e S i g n a t u r e B a i l B o n d s L u i s M i e r 5. What Distinguishes the Best Bail Bonds? Choosing the right company to help you with your bail bonds can be difficult, especially when you are in a state of emotional stress. But it’s at this time that it’s most important to be able to ask all the right questions in order to choose the perfect company to help you with your bail bonds in CA. You need to be able to distinguish between the best bail bonds and the ordinary ones. In order to this you need to be clear about every aspect of bail bonds. Let us look at some questions that are commonly asked while looking for the right bail bonds company. The first thing that you will ask is if the process of getting bail bond is legal. The answer is yes. Not only is it legal, it also licenses companies to provide this service. When you’re looking for bail bonds in CA make sure you check their licensing. Is getting a bail bond difficult? If you are a good risk, then getting a bail bond can be easy. Being a good risk means – being employed, having lived in the same place for a reasonable amount of time and no previous criminal record. What are the advantages and disadvantages of getting a bail bond? The advantages are obvious – you don’t have to stay in a lock up for the period of your court hearings. There are no disadvantages as such. If you can afford to sink a large amount of money, then you don’t need a bail bond – you can pay your bail yourself. However, if you can’t afford it, it makes sense to get a bail bond and acquire your freedom.
  8. 8. Call Us: (714) 240-2245 1042 W. Santa Ana Blvd Santa Ana, CA 92703 7 | P a g e S i g n a t u r e B a i l B o n d s L u i s M i e r 6. Bail Bondsman: What They Do Whether or not you, a friend or a family member has ever needed a bail bondsman, sorting out what they do and how to get one can be confusing.  Bail Bondsman – A Bail Bondsman, or someone who provide bail bonds, is called after someone is arrested and a judge has set bail so the person can be released.  Secures the Bail – The bondsman will secure the bail, essentially promising that the defendant will show up to court.  Costs – The bail bondsman, also called a bail agent, charges a fee, usually a percentage of the bond, for their services. This fee is not refundable. While the bond fee is most often cash, sometimes a property deed or car title can be used as well. Some agents have a pre-arranged line of credit so they can offer a blanket bond to the courts during non-business hours.  Failure to Show – If a defendant fails to show up for their court date, the bondsman can hire a bounty hunter to find the person and turn them over to the police. The judge can then revoke the bail, making the bondsman no longer responsible for the full amount of the bail. If the defendant skips the court date and is never found, the agent must pay the entire bond plus any additional court costs.  Hours of Operation – Most bail agents offer their services all day, every day, For example, our bail bonds in Orange County are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Most have pre-arranged contractual agreements with the local legal system, so moving through the court system can be done quickly and easily. Becoming a bail bondsman varies from state to state; however, it usually requires taking a course and passing a written exam. In addition, bail agents must have bonding and insurance to be licensed.