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Negotiation Skills Brochure

  1. 1. “90% of all negotiations takes place before the involved parties even get to the bargaining table.” “Negotiating with Will and Skill” 14th September 2012, Hotel Metropolitan, CP, New Delhi
  2. 2. "Negotiation is a key work and life skill. Negotiation takes place with outside companies and customers, as well as internally within departments or project teams. Getting better results in terms of timelines, price or quality, all contribute to bottom line profitability. Most people think of negotiations as competitive contests where one persons gain is anothers loss - a more cooperative, creative agreement is rarely achieved. How can we develop more collaborative outcomes in the wide variety of negotiations that we participate in every business day? " IDEA BELL’s one day workshop will provide an opportunity to understand and enhance your negotiation skills while benefiting from direct feedback. During the session, participants have the opportunity to understand the negotiation process itself – how you can get the best results using a collaborative negotiation style. Our discussion will focus on how different strategic choices and interpersonal skills drive success at the bargaining table. Negotiation Skills to Win These skills will help  Learn the structure underlying all negotiations you drive better  Identify appropriate skills and when to use them for negotiations deals – especially where long-term  Practice these skills in a constructive learning environment relationships matter.  Achieve a measurable improvement in performance A must Attend for  Business Owners  Contracts and Purchasing Professionals  Purchasing Managers  Materials Managers  Business Development Professionals  HR Professionals2
  3. 3. p Learn about negotiating Learning Outcomes  Learn the structure underlying all negotiations  Identify appropriate skills and when to use them for negotiations  Achieve a measurable improvement in performance  Negotiate your way out of conflict  Use active listening techniques to pick up signals Before too long,  Make, pitch and respond to proposals you’ll find  Assess concessions and analyze priorities yourself making  Handle agreement and implementation stages better deals- in Our Speaker less time  Defuse aggression and confrontation  Handle deadlocks  Respond to common negotiating tactics  Build partnership relationships with clients or suppliers  Learn the secrets of win/win decision Learn from the Best in the Business Tarun Jain An MBA in Strategic Human Resource Management from University of Wales, England and a certified OD Practitioner, Tarun has close to a decade of experience in the field of learning and organization development. He has lead and managed L&OD functions for Public Sector and Education Consulting in London and in India with various business verticals like Customer Services, Collections, Travel, Telecom, Health Care, & IT for companies such as GE Auto financial services, DELL, WNS, Hutchison and Vodafone. An ardent people manager and a dependable leader, his core competence lies in Capability-building i.e. diagnosing learning needs, designing bespoke interventions, delivering for high impact and coaching for action. A keen observer, an assertive communicator, empathetic listener, and a go-getter with a positive outlook, he loves to engage in outdoor sports, reading ET & HBR and having meaningful conversations. Learn about Negotiating to Win from Experts Good negotiators benefit from understanding what makes them good – and why the things they do instinctively work. At IDEA BELL, we’ll provide you with the core skills you need. What’s more, you’ll learn to negotiate in a professional, ethical, and competent manner from experienced, seasoned negotiators. Even if you’re already quite a good negotiator, our training will make you even better. They are an opportunity to sharpen your skills, and perhaps revisit ones you haven’t used in a while. It’s Your Move Register now.  Participants shall be taken through a series of experiential role plays Better negotiating could transform your business.  References will be used from 2 of globally renowned Steven Covey’s Effective Habits 3 - Seeking first to understand, then to be understood
  4. 4. “Negotiating with Will and Skill” 14th September, 2012, The Metropolitan, CP, New Delhi Registration Form I would like to register for the conference. I am enclosing INR___________________________________ vide cheque/demand draft no. ___________________________ drawn on __________________________ dated___________________ in favour of M/S Idea Bell payable at New Delhi, India. Mailed to: Rahul Verma, Director, IDEA BELL, J-9/ 57, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027 RTGS Instructions Account Holder Idea Bell Account No 00751100068813 Name of Bank Punjab and Sind Bank, New Delhi PAN No. AADFI6407L IFSC/NEFT Code PSIB0000075 MICR Code 110023013 Booking Details Name(s) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Designation ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Company ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Address --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- City & Postal Code-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Telephone ----------------------- Mobile --------------------------- Email------------------------------------- Fax --------------------------- Delegate Fees The fees includes a designer Delegate Kit, all the Networking opportunities, Lunch, Coffee and Snacks and full access to the conference For 1-2 Delegates INR 8,000 + Service Tax For 3-4 Delegates 15% discount For 5 or more 20% discount (Per Person) + 12.36% Service Tax To register contact: Rahul Verma / Pooja Ghai, Idea Bell Registered Office: J10/27, Rajouri Garden, Lower Ground Floor, New Delhi - 110027, Corporate Office: J 9/57, Rajouri Garden, Ground Floor, New Delhi - 110027 Tel: +91 11 25451556, Mobile: 9711139554, 9818929747 Email:
  5. 5. Some of our clients 5