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iAspire: Appointment for Alarm Companies


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This brief introduction defines the value proposition our company offers you.
For more information, contact us at or at 1-954-607-2196.

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iAspire: Appointment for Alarm Companies

  1. 1. How to double your salesin two weeks without risking a penny
  2. 2. Ready-to-convertappointmentsImmediateincrease insalesIncreaseproductivity ofyour salesforce
  3. 3. Performance Based• only pay when you close a saleNo $$$ lost on ineffectiveadvertisementPredictable cost toacquire new customers
  4. 4. 40 years experience in theAlarm Industry•Business Owner and Consultant•Marketing and Sales Executive•Well respected in the industryBusiness Orientation•Targeting the needs of alarmdealerships.•Understanding your fundingprocess
  5. 5. GoodReputationSeekingLong termRelationshipWin-WinMentalityAmbitious
  6. 6. Highly reliableinfrastructureClear sound qualityCustomizedcampaignmanagementScalable to satisfyyour future needs
  7. 7. Only pay if youclose a deal fromour appointmentWe do all theheavy liftingWe hot-transferthe prospect toyour sales agentReal-timeappointmentdata and tracking
  8. 8. Customized campaign developmentPurchase and upload targeted records.Orientation of agents for your campaignExecuted using our dialer system and Voice over IP
  9. 9. Hamid Kaber• 40 years ofexperience in theAlarm Industry• Marketing guruMark Molina• MBA andEngineer• Operations andSales ExperienceCesar Reyes• Extensive CallCenterManagementexperienceQasim Habid• MBA andEngineer• Call CenterSystems Expert
  10. 10. info@iaspiretelemarketing.comiAspire Telemarketing, Inc.Tel 1-954-607-2196