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IAS Interviews compilation - 2012

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Upsc interview compilation

  1. 1. UPSC Civil Services - Last year Interviews - 2012 [Type the document subtitle] Prakash Chaudhary 12/14/2012Source :
  2. 2. 2ContentsINTERVIEW BOARD ROOM......................................................................................................................... 4DIAGRAMMATIC REPRESENTATION OF UPSC INTERVIEW HALL ............................................................... 5Interview-Ten Golden Tips To Top In The Interviews: ............................................................................... 6From the point of view of an Interview Board Member............................................................................ 8Union Public Service Commission Interview By Ajay Kumar (Sh. IMG Khan Board) .................................. 9Union Public Service Commission Interview By Kapil Jindal (Purshottam Aggarwal Board) ................... 12Union Public Service Commission Interview By Prabhasa Bhoi AIR-902 ( K. K. Paul Board) ................... 14Union Public Service Commission Interview By Ghanshyam Thori (Dr. K. K. Paul Board) ....................... 19Union Public Service Commission Interview By Shailesh Bansal : AIR 597 (Rajni Rajdan Board), IndianAdministrative Service 2010 .................................................................................................................... 25Union Public Service Commission Interview By Mamta Gupta : AIR 413 (K. S. Chalam Board) IndianAdministrative Service 2010 .................................................................................................................... 29Union Public Service Commission Interview By Rajesh Kankipati : AIR 103 (Purushotam AggarwalBoard), Indian Administrative Service 2010 ............................................................................................ 33Union Public Service Commission Interview By Rajeshwari B ................................................................. 39Union Public Service Commission Interview By Nidhi Choudhari (Purushotam Agrawal Board) ............ 44Union Public Service Commission Interview By Ajay Pal AIR-160 (Dr. K.K. Paul Board) IndianAdministrative Service 2010 .................................................................................................................... 46Union Public Service Commission Interview By Amit Goyal (Dr. K.K. Paul Board) .................................. 58Union Public Service Commission Interview By Prince Garg (Prof. K.S. Chalam Board) .......................... 61Union Public Service Commission Interview By Abhiram G. Sankar (Mrs. Rajni Razdan) [AIR:04].......... 66Union Public Service Commission Interview By Gokul G R (Shri I. M. G. Khan) [AIR:19] ......................... 71Union Public Service Commission Interview By Bhuvnesh Pratap Singh (Dr KK Paul Board) .................. 78Union Public Service Commission Interview By M. Rohit (Purushottam Agarwal Board) ....................... 82Rajshree Jassie (AIR 334)..Strategy and Interview (CSE 2010)................................................................. 87This is one Mr.Vinays interview.. refer here: .......................................................................................... 94Re: A compilation of interview experiences ............................................................................................ 99Interview was on 24th march, chairman was Prof. E. Balagurusamy. ................................................... 103from Mrunals earlier thread: ................................................................................................................ 104Re: A compilation of interview experiences .......................................................................................... 106Civils Interview of Dr.Bharat Gupta, AP topper and 17th rank ( All India) ............................................ 108Experience with smt.S. U. Tripathi ......................................................................................................... 117Experience with Nirbhay Sharma board ................................................................................................ 124My interview, as it happened on 24th march evening .......................................................................... 128
  3. 3. 3My interview in Chalam Sir Board ......................................................................................................... 134My interview in detail ............................................................................................................................ 141My Experience with Shashi UBen Tripathis Board ................................................................................ 146My civils interview : Prashant Agrawal .................................................................................................. 150First Day ,First Show !!! : Abhishek Mishra ............................................................................................ 162First day, frst show !!! : Sadayappan ..................................................................................................... 166My First Civils Interview : smarak .......................................................................................................... 168My Lifes First Interview(Civil Services Interview) : Abhijeet Agrawal .................................................. 174My Civil Services Interview) : Gangadhar .............................................................................................. 177The second Union Public Service Commission interview ...................................................................... 181My UPSC Interview « Kashish Mittal ...................................................................................................... 185An IAS Officers Blog: My Interview ....................................................................................................... 188UPSC Interview By Aravind Menon : AIR -201 (Smt Alka Sirohis Board), CSE-2011 ............................. 195UPSC Interview By Rajesh Meena : AIR 316 (Mr. K.K. Paul), IAS 2011 .................................................. 198UPSC Interview By Kumar Ashish : AIR -363 (Dr. K. K. Paul Sir’s Board), CSE-2011 ............................... 203UPSC Interview By Gautam Singh Chaudhary : AIR 297 (Alka Sirohi Board), IAS 2011 ......................... 209UPSC Interview By Vishal Gupta ............................................................................................................ 212UPSC Interview By Dr. Lalit Kumar (Dr. K.K. Paul Board) ....................................................................... 218UPSC Interview By Dr. Satyavenkath ..................................................................................................... 223UPSC Interview By Pawan Kadyan (Sh. I.M.G. Khan Board) .................................................................. 229Some probable questions that are asked generally in the UPSC Interview: ......................................... 237Do’s for the IAS Interview ...................................................................................................................... 239Don’ts for the IAS Interview ................................................................................................................... 240Objective of UPSC Interview .................................................................................................................. 241Other Advice .......................................................................................................................................... 242
  6. 6. 6Interview-Ten Golden Tips To Top In The Interviews:Appreciate the wisdom of being clean, neat and tidy when you present yourself before the interviewpanelInterview Board: See that you have good haircut and that your nails are clean. Comb your hair well.Remove sweat, oil, dirt, etc., from your face and forehead. Make sure that no bad odor or smellemanates from your face. But you can certainly do a lot to improve it. Your appearance should showthat you are an orderly person. Therefore, do take care of your grooming.Mind your clothes: You should dress well suited to the occasion. Your clothes should not be gaudy orshowy. You must present yourself in a suit, preferably of dark or somber colors. Your collar must beclean, well pressed and starched. Similarly, your shirt handcuffs should also be clean. They should notbe frayed in the ends. You must wear socks and shoes. See that the socks are pulled up. Shoes must bewell polished. You make the first impression with your clothes and the way you dress yourself up. Ifyour clothes create an initial unfavorable impression you will be hard put to neutralise it during theinterview. Similarly, with some care for your clothes you can begin the interview with your right footforward. It is therefore very essential that you turn up for the interview, smartly dressed.Etiquette, manners and courtesy can help you a great deal in tilting the interview in your favor: Beforeentering the room, gently knock at the door and announce yourself. You can politely inquire whether.You could go in. You must enter only when you are bid to do so. Enter calmly with confidence. Afterentering, greet those present according to the time of the day, e.g. Good morning, Sir, Goodafternoon, Sir, and so on. It would be ideal if you could stand to attention while greeting them. Whilepaying compliments and later while addressing the Chairmen, or the Members. Generally addressyourself to the Chairmen as he represents the entire Board. Wait till you are offered a seat. Thenthank the person who asks you to sit down before you are offered a seat. Then thank the person whoasks you to sit down before you take your seat. If you are not offered a seat, continue to stand andanswer the questions from that position.Avoid mannerisms: Sit straight and look up. Do not keep shaking your knees, tapping on the floor andso on. Stop coughing or adjusting your throat every now and then. Atop playing with your tie, collarsor coat buttons. Do not lean on the table and rest your elbows there. In fact, you should cur out allunnecessary movements. You can and must be relaxed.Smile and be cheerful: While entering the room, while greeting the Chairman and Members, whilethanking them and while listening to them keep your smile on. See that you do not start yawningduring the interview. You should look keen, interested, pleasant and enthusiastic. A smile helps you inall these.Speak distinctly and audibly: Do not either shout or mumble. Pronounce your words full and giveemphasis to the syllable where required. Speak in such a way that all those present could hear youwithout straining themselves. Speak with interest and enthusiasm. Your voice must sparkle andvibrate with spirit. Do not drag or sound monotonous. Speak to the Chairman or to the Members andnot to the floor, roof, table or wall. In other words, look into their eyes while you speak.
  7. 7. 7Be attentive and look attentive when the Chairman or the Members speaks to you: Listen carefully towhat they say and do not ask them to repeat themselves often. Do not close your eyes while you wantto concentrate. Also do not interrupt while they talk. Allow them to complete the question or remarksbefore you give your reply or comments.You must avoid arguments: Do not challenge the opinion of the Board Members or the correctness oftheir statements. Express your views with tact and consideration. Avoid criticising others. Do not findfault with others. If you are in the wrong, admit it and apologise immediately. Never give excuses.While giving your conclusions, proceed in a logical manner and adduce valid reasons. Do not be self-opinionated.Do not bluff, boast vainly and shoot lions: State the fact accurately and be modest while describingyour achievements. When you do not know the answer, be frank and tell them so. Never generalise ormake vague guesses. See that you do not waffle. While you speak, you must be able to hold theattention of your listeners with interest. You should never become a bore.Act with confidence, hop and assurance: Be positive and optimistic in your outlook. Remember, it isnot so much what you say, but how you say, that mostly determines your success in the interview.
  8. 8. 8From the point of view of an Interview Board MemberFrom the point of view of an Interview Board MemberMrunals suggestion and my earlier post on my interview have set me thinking: Why not share myexperience with you all as a member of an interview board for a state civil service examination.Many years down the line in the Indian Administrative Service, a state government in its wisdomdecided to have me as a government nominee on an interview board for PCS examinees (theChairman was a retired Chief Secretary and the others were academicians), and here is what I felt Iexpected from the aspirants:1. Be neat and formal in appearance; even dandruff and dirty nails can be noticed from the other sideof the table.2. If you are nervous, the Board will try to calm you. If you continue to be nervous, youll fumble withthe answers and God help you.3. Dont you forget to read that particular days newspaper, whatever be the excuse.4. Know your subjects, hobbies and be able to explain why you want to be a civil servant.5. You are not expected to know everything. If you dont know something say so. It saves a lot of grief.6. Dont lie. Board Members are not fools.7. If you are asked an argumentative question, dont fall in the trap and argue; be calm and answerreasonably.8. If you dont know what is happening in the world around you (current affairs), its best you preparefor another attempt at the exam.9. If you answer a question, you might be required to follow it up with a discussion for or against.10. After each candidate leaves the interview room, the Board discusses him or her, and awards marksusually by consensus.11. Board Members have their bad days too (after all they are human!) and a series of bad candidatesdoes make them irritable.12. And finally for Gods sake, dont give the impression of being casual or over-smart!
  9. 9. 9Union Public Service Commission Interview By Ajay Kumar (Sh. IMG Khan Board)Interview Writeup : Legends: Chairman-CH; Member 1-M1; Member 2-M2; Member 3-M3; Member 4(Lady Member)-M4; Ajay Kumar-AK.AK: ...enters the room and wishes the chairman...CH: Please have your seat.AK: Thank you, Sir.CH: So, you are Ajay KumarAK: Yes Sir.CH: Ajay, (seeing the bio data) you were getting Rs. 25 Lacs per annum in UAE so why do you want tojoin Civil Service? I think you are more useful for Engineering.AK: Sir, I agree that I am useful for Engineering; but I believe I would be even more useful for CivilService. This is my childhood dream to join civil services and to work to improve lives of laces ofcommon people.CH: What was your profile in your last job?AK: Pipeline EngineerCH: If a pipeline has to pass through various countries, what technical difficulties you foresee.AK: Crossing hilly areas, rivers, deserts and valleys poses a great challenge.M1: Have you seen todays newspaper?AK: Yes, SirM1: What is the good news today?AK: India own over Australia and it will meet Pakistan in Semi-finals: This is the good newsM1: What is the bad news?AK: Sorry Sir, I am not able to recollectM1: What is humorous news?AK: Sorry Sir, I am not able to recollectM1: Any news about Orissa?AK: Yes Sir, the name has been changed to Odisha by an act of parliament.M1: Can you recall the Constitutional Amendment numberAK: Yes Sir, It is 113 th Amendment actM2: There are two cases (1) IC-814 hijack case (2) Vineel Krishna Abduction case; In both cases Govthad to bend. Do you justify govt. stand?
  10. 10. 10AK: Yes Sir. Since ours is a democracy and if we allow our people to die in such circumstances, thenthere will be huge public uproar which is not desirable.M2: What other countries follow in these circumstances.AK: I am not fully aware, Sorry Sir.M3: Do you have any civil servant as your role model?AK: No Sir.M3: Tell 3 most important qualities of a civil servant.AK: Honesty, Integrity & CompassionM4: If a pipeline has to be laid in flood-prone area, in earth-quake prone area, in terrorist afflictedarea and in tsunami-prone area, How you will design them?AK: In flood prone area & tsunami prone area: The pipeline will be buried with concrete coating andwill have higher wall thickness; In earth-quake prone area: Based on seismic analysis flexibility ofpipeline by sand-filling is to be ensured; and in terrorist afflicted area: apart from burrying the pipelineand higher wall thickness, there should be provision of Security buildings at every 30-40 kms.M4: Why you opted Hindi Literature as one of the optional?AK: It was my strong area and based on thorough analysis I concluded it to be a scoring subject for me.CH: What is the government system in Abudhabi?AK: Monarchy, Sir.CH: How people feel there? Are they happy?AK: Yes sir. People are very happy there. Good quality of life is being enjoyed by majority.CH: Can the same system be applied for India?AK: No Sir.CH: Then you are contradicting your previous statement.AK: Sir, It may seem that I am contradicting, but in fact I am not. As I said, People are happy there andit is proved by Human Development Report-2010. UAE got 32nd position. However, I believedemocracy is best suited for India. As India is very diverse country and has lot of inequalities. Toaddress these issues democracy is the best model. Moreover, what is happening in Lybia and Egyptthese days, the same may be repeated to UAE also, sooner or later. Thats why India must continuewith its democratic model.CH: Thanks God ! You have an open mind on this issue.AK: Thank you, Sir.CH: Your interview is over. You may leave now.AK: Thank you, Sir ! ....Wishes the chairman and other members....and leaves the interview room.
  11. 11. 11Exam Interview Details : Union Public Service Commission-Civil Services Exam 2010Subjects Taken : Public Administration, Literature of Hindi LanguageInterview DATE : 25-Mar-2011Interview Board : Sh. IMG KhanCity : New DelhiRead more:
  12. 12. 12Union Public Service Commission Interview By Kapil Jindal (Purshottam Aggarwal Board)Name : Kapil JindalInterview Write-up : You have law and philosophy. is there any connection between the two?Me: yes sir both are related. both regulate the conduct of our life, though in different ways. lawregulates our conduct externally by providing for the punishment for wrong conduct whereasphilosophy regulates internally by providing moral grounds for good behavior.Interviewer: is providing punishment the philosophy of the entire law?Me: No sir, it is basically the philosophy of criminal law.Interviewer: tell something about international criminal law.Me: sir, as such there is no codified international criminal law.Interviewer: Have you heard about the international criminal court? What is the recent controversyregarding its jurisdiction?Me: Sir, i have heard about ICC but i do not have any idea about the controversy regarding itsjurisdiction.Interviewer: you are from sirsa. it was earlier a part of hisar. do you have any idea about the kinds ofcrops present there?Me: Yes sir, cotton, barley, wheat, sarso are the main crops of our area.Interviewer: do you know what is BT cotton?Me: yes sir it is biotechnologically modified version of cotton and it helps in increasing the production.Interviewer: BT stands for?Me: it stands for biotechnologyInterviewer: no, it is the name of the gene.Me: sorry sir and thanks for correcting me.Interviewer: tell me the chronology of police administration starting from the hawaldar.Me: sir, i dont exactly know the chronology but i know that after constable there is head constable-SHO-SDM-DSP-SP-SSP-DIG-IG.
  13. 13. 13Interviewer: Have u ever been to DC office.Me: NO, SIRInterviewer: you have philosophy. is it necessary to believe in god. is there any effect on our moralvalues if dont believe in god?Me: Sir, it is not necessary to believe in god but still it is good to be a believer of god. a belier in god isgenerally good at moral values.Interviewer: you mean to say that all the people who dont believe in god are not moral?Me: sorry sir, but i did not mean that. we believe in god only for the purpose of giving some objectivityto our morality otherwise it will become difficult to define morality.Interviewer: there is no need to believe in god as the locus of moral values. who holds the view?Me: sir, Charvaka hold this view .Interviewer: ok kapil u can leave now.Me: thank u sir, good evening.Exam Interview Details : Indian Administrative Service Mains 2007 InterviewSubjects Taken : Law and PhilosophyInterview Date : 31-Mar-2008Interview Board : Purshottam AggarwalResult of Interview : Not Qualified
  14. 14. 14Union Public Service Commission Interview By Prabhasa Bhoi AIR-902 ( K. K. Paul Board)Name: Prabhasa BhoiState: OrissaWork: NTPC as Sr. EngineerSports: Played cricket during school and college daysHobby: Collecting Indian Coins, swimmingI was on Mr. K K Pauls board. I was the fist candidate to be interviewed on that day. I was bit nervousto be interviewed first. Anyway I managed to keep my cool. By 10.30, my interview was started and itlasted for 40 minutes. I could not impress the Chairman but somehow tackled the questions fromother Board Members. I am not sure how much will I be getting in the interview.First of all Mr Paul asked me about my Name, Roll No. and Date of birth. Then, as on the previous dayWorld cup semi-final was played he inquired whether I had watched the match. I replied Yes but notfully.Chairman: What was the turning point of the match?Me: Tendulkar was dropped 4 times and almost all Indian bowlers picked up wickets.(He was not convinced)Chairman: Who was the captain of Indian on the first ever match played between India and Pakistan?Me: No idea sir.Chairman: Who was the captain of Pakistan on the first ever match played between India andPakistan?Me: No idea sir.(Then the Chairman gave the answer and asked whether I know them. I nodded negatively.)Chairman: Why the rainbow is always curved?Me: Rainbows are formed by refraction of light from rain drops. Rain drops are spherical in shape anddifferent colours have different wavelengths which are refracted differently and gave rise to curvedshape.(He was not convinced)Chairman: Have u heard of Irom Sharmila?Me: Yes sir. She is a social activist fighting for repeal of AFSPA (Armed forces special power act) fromNE areas of our country.Chairman: What is the specialty about her?Me: She is on a continuous fast since last one decade to fight for this great cause.
  15. 15. 15Chairman: What is AFSPA?Me: This act empowers armed forces with special powers such as to detain anybody without trial forindefinite period in certain disturbed areas to maintain peace and security of the region.Chairman: What is the specific clause, she wants to repeal?Me: Sorry sir, I don’t remember.Chairman: You are working in NTPC since last 5 years. Then why are you planning to change ur job?Me: Truly speaking NTPC is the inspirational source of mine for preparing for Civil Services. I a workingin a generalised Dept., where I have to work with in sync with different Departments such asEngineering, Finance etc.Gradually I felt that if I can contribute in a efficient manner here, why cant I use my talent in a biggerfield for the service of the society.Chairman: But, you are also now contributing to the society?Me: Here Sir my scope is limited to only one filed. In civil service I will get a chance to serve in broaderspectrum.(He was not convinced. After that he asked a few more questions and then asked other members toask questions)Member1: You have mentioned that your hobby is collecting coins. What is it called?Me: Numismatism.Member1: What is the oldest coin you possess?Me: It is of the year 1892, 2 Anna, Victoria series.Member1: What is the present installed capacity of our country?Me: around 1,72,000 MW.Member1: What is the share of each sector?Me: Thermal=65%, Hydro=20%, Nuclear=3%, RES=12%Member1: Recently Govt. has launched a new mission for renewable energy. What is the name of thatprogrammer?Me: National Solar Mission to generate 20,000 MW of solar energy by 2022.Member2: What is the installed capacity of NTPC? (As I am working in NTPC)Me: 33,194 MW.Member2: Is it all coal based?Me: No Sir, A major share (say 75%) comes form coal and remaining are gas based projects. Hydroprojects are still to be commissioned. NTPC is planning to venture into Nuclear, Solar and Windenergy.
  16. 16. 16Member2: What is UMPP?Me: Ultra Mega Power Projects, which are basically taken to bridge the large demand gap in powersector in our country.Member2: What should be the minimum generating capacity of a power plant to be called a UMPP?Me: 3000 MWMember2: How many UMPPs are there in our country?Me: Govt has already placed orders for 4-5 UMPPs such as Susan, Mudra etc. and Govt. is planningmore.Member2: How many of them are in operation?Me: None of them have been commissioned.Mmber2: Then, what is the present status of their construction?Me: Sorry sir, I don’t have a detailed idea but some of them may be commissioned early in the nextyear.Member2: Some of them are facing financial crunch? Do you know them?Me: No idea sir.Member3 (Lady Member): Why Orissa is so backward?Me: There is lack of proper utilization of resources because of the poor level of human developmentand adoption of the top-down model of planning for development.Member3: So you mean to say Orissa can never be developed?Me: No Mam, these days lot of investments are coming and Orissa is poise to be the biggestinvestment hub in our country. Furthermore the planning is being with the involvement of the people.(She was not convinced and then the Chairman interrupted)Chairman: What can be done to improve the industrial Sector of your state?Me: The Govt. should take the initiative to investment in a planed manner; Private players must beencouraged to play a greater role, central assistance is needed and wherever possible foreign playersmust also be given a chance.(Chairman too was not convinced with the answer and asked the member to continue)Member3: What can be done to improve the financial scenario of Orissa?(I don’t remember what I answered)Member4: These days there is a news regarding ‘Cricket Diplomacy’. What is the other sport in whichthe term Diplomacy is attached?Me: No idea sir.
  17. 17. 17(The member asked me to try and I said ‘Hockey’. I think I made a big mistake here by guessing.)Member4: It is ‘Ping-pong’ diplomacy. Have u heard of it?Me: No Sir.Member 4: How many languages are recognized in our constitution?Me: 22Member 4: Among them, which is the language that is not the state language of any state?(I really had no idea and he asked me to guess. Again I guessed wrongly such as Bodo or Dongri. Hedenied and said that it is ‘Sanskrit’. However, later I found that Sanskrit is the 2nd state language (afterHindi) of Uttarakhand’Member 4: Do you know Nitish Kumaar?Me: He is the Chief Minister of Bihar.Member4: Since how long he is acting as CM of Bihar?Me: Since last 4-5 years.(Jokingly he said that “ohh, since last 45 years he is serving as CM. I clarified again and said that it isaround 4-5 years)Member4: So you mean to say it is his first term as CM?Me: No sir. May be its his 2nd term but I am not sure. (Later I found that it is his 3rd term)Member4: What has he done for development of Bihar?Me: He has improved the law & order situation and have made significant improvements in theinfrastructure and social sector of the state.Member4: What are specific projects and programmes launched by him?Me: No idea sir.Member4: You hell from Puri district of Orissa. Tell me what are the major natural disasters that affectyou district?Me: Flood, cyclone etc.Member4: What the Govt. has done after 1999 super-cyclone to minimize the damage?Me: Govt. has built Cyclone shelter centers along the coast and has launched many awarenesscampaigns to educate the people regarding the use of this. It has strengthened the SDMA (StateDisaster Management Authority).Member4: But why the people are not using these cyclone centers?Me: (I could not answer this)Member4: You district is a poor district. What could be done to develop your district?Me: Puri district possess a vast tourism potential with Sun Temple, Konark and Jagannath Temple,
  18. 18. 18Puri. Fishing and Agriculture can be encouraged given the irrigation potential of the district. Windenergy can be tapped from the vast coastline. Further, the tourism development of the nearby areassuch as Chilka Lake, Similipal Tiger Resrve etc. should be encouraged to attract more foreign tourists.(I think by mentioning Chilka Lake I made the biggest mistake and this attracted the intervention formthe Chairman)Chairman: What is the property of the water of what you called Chilka Lake?Me: It is a salt water lake.Chairman: Is it a lake or something else?Me: Sorry sir, It is called Chilka Lagoon.Chairman: What is the difference between a Lake and Lagoon?Me: Lagoon is a water body having a connection to sea. But Lake is a fully enclosed water body.(That was the last question to me. Then the Chairman me thanked me and stated that my interview isover. I thanked them all and left the room while thinking of the mistake made by me by mentioningChilka Lake)Exam Interview Details:Subjects Taken : Public Administration, GeographyDate of Interview: 31.03.2011Interview Board : K K PAULResult of Interview : QualifiedCity : Noida
  19. 19. 19Union Public Service Commission Interview By Ghanshyam Thori (Dr.K. K. Paul Board)Hi Everyone. I am Ghanshyam Thori & Ive secured AIR-25 in Civil Services Examination, 2009. Ill getIndian Administrative Service & hopefully a cadre of my choice. I did my graduation from Kirori MalCollege, Delhi & MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. I worked withKotak Life Insurance for 3 years before getting selected into Indian Administrative Service.MEMBER: 1KK: Your date of birth is 02-December-1984. What disaster occurred on the same date?ME: Sir, it was the Bhopal gas tragedy that occurred in the Union Carbide factory. The reason was theleakage of water into the container holding Methly Isocyanate. This increased the temperature of thetank enormously & there was an explosion leaking the dangerous gas in which thousands of peopledied.KK: What is the status on the Bhopal gas tragedy now?ME: Sir, now & then the tragedy in news because the victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy have notreceived their due compensation.KK: What should have been done or what was done?ME: Sir, the recommendations of the commission which goes into enquiry should be implementedwith full spirit. The commission should identify the entire list of people & those people should get theirrightful share of compensation.KK:You are a student of Psychology. From a psychological point of view it is said that the North IndianMales are more aggressive than their south Indian counterparts. He substantiated this by citing morenumber of eve teasing cases in north Indian cities like Delhi. What reasons do you see behind this.ME: Sir I see low level of literacy levels in North India compared to south India behind this. Both themale & female literacy rates are higher in South India than North India. Higher literacy helps toempower females in South India. Therefore in my opinion the male aggression has got to do withlower literacy rates in North India.KK: What about Urban Areas in north India where there is high literacy rate? Still Urban areas like delhisee a higher number of eve teasing cases?ME: Sir, Delhi has a lot of migrants coming from surrounding states like Haryana, Rajasthan & U.Pwhich have low literacy rates (lower than the national average). This is the reason. Apart from thesestates are traditionally male dominated. The condition of female is bad as seen from low femaleliteracy rates, high IMR, high MMR. Even you see isolated cases of “Sati” in these states. Therefore inmy opinion these are the reasons.KK: You work with Kotak Life Insurance? What is your job profile?Me: Blah blah blah…..KK: What is the turnover of your company?ME: 1000 Crore.KK: Is your company listed on the stock market?ME: Sir, kotak life insurance is not listed but Kotak Mahindra Bank which has 74 % controlling stake inKotak Life Insurance is listed.
  20. 20. 20MEMBER 2You are an MBA? What is supply chain management?Sir SCM is basically the management of vendors on the raw material side & managing the buyers onthe finished products side. An organization typically sources a lot of material from different vendors &supplies the finished goods to various buyers. Therefore it is linked to managing the vendors & thebuyers smoothly.How does the organization maintain optimum levels of inventory through supply chain management?Sir, an organization uses various SCM softwares to keep a real time track of inventory. Lets take up theexample of Shoppers Stop – Shopper Stop keeps a track of daily sales of various apparels includingjeans. At the end of the day it will order Jeans which are low in stock though Levi’s (taking it as anexample). Now Levi’s would then order fabric from fabric mill like Arvind Mills. Therefore tracking thestock in real time helps in better inventory management.Why did the Indian Stock markets fell?The Indian stock market fell because of demand crunch following the global financial crisis as well asthe huge withdrawal of funds by FIIs. The crisis started with the Subprime housing market going bust.The FII’s had purchased securitized instruments from the banks for higher interest rates but when thedefault started happening the FIIs were forced to withdraw money from emerging stock markets tomake up for their losses in US.Which is better FDI or FII?Sir, FDI is better as it is not volatile like FII. FII is hot money which can move in or out of any countryanytime. FDI is more stable.The member intervened as asked but Don’t you think we are commiting a lot by allowing FDI in India?If FII is hot money it is good as there is no commitment by the Govt side?Sir FDI has a lot of benefits as it generates a lot of employment & brings in new technology to thecountry. Also if see the historical trend since the liberalization of economy since 1990 (the memberintervened & said 1991 to which I said Yes sir in 1991) we have seen a surplus on the forex reserve & abooming GDP growth along with increased employment.But China has been growing faster than India?Sir China started the economic reforms way back in 1979 when Den Xiaoping led the country tomarket reforms. Therefore they have an edge as they started early. India might see double digitgrowth rate in the coming decade.The member said the starting early was not the early reason as it has also got to do with Chinesepolicies also?Yes Sir, the Chinese government has laid a lot of emphasis on building up core infrastructure to boosteconomic production.What is Greenfield Investment & Brownfield Investment?Sir “Greenfield Investment” is investing in a project from starting. It is like building from scratch.Brown Field Investment is adding to an existing project.What is the difference between Merger & Acquisition?Sir, in case of merger two entities join to form a third entity but in case of acquisition the new entity is
  21. 21. 21the same as the acquiring company. Compensation might happen either wholly in cash or in cash plusstock deal.MEMBER 3:You have defined Supply Chain Management for business? What is SCM in education?Sir SCM in education would mean that an institute should try to source better students, train themwith the best possible inputs so that the product (which is the student) contributes to the society inthe best possible manner.SCM in education by which the Schools act as raw material sources for college & the college studentsact as raw material or inputs for Higher Institutes? What is the problem with higher education inIndia?Sir the problem with higher education in India is that we don’t have sufficient number of qualityinstitutes offering higher education. Therefore to tackle this the government has taken the decision toexpand the number of IITs, IIMs, NITs etc.But for quality higher education we should also have quality students?Sir, we do have quality students for higher education. The problem basically stems from the largepopulation of India. Because of the large base we have very high number of students who deservequality higher education.What is the enrollment rate at primary level in India?Sir I don’t know the exact figure.What is the enrollment rate at the higher education level?Sir I don’t know but I have read that for every 100 females enrolled at the primary level only onereaches the post graduation level.What is the National Literacy rate?Sir it is 65 % overall 53.7 % for females & 75 % for males.What is birth rate of India?Sir it is 26 births per 1000Give %?Sir it is 2.6 %.You have studied at a lot of places. Which place do you consider best for education?Sir I did my schooling till 10th from my Tehsil (Raisinghnagar), XI & XII from my district & graduationfrom Delhi. I would consider Delhi as best because when I came to Delhi I could not speak EnglishProperly & whatever communications skill I have today I picked up during my graduation at Kirori MalCollege. Moreover I stayed in hostel & got to learn a lot of things from my peers while staying at theresidential facility.Any problems apart from Communication that you faced in Delhi?Sir I had my own apprehensions at the initial stage but I was accepted well & did not face any problem.What suggestions do you have to improve schooling in your tehsil?
  22. 22. 22Sir though my school was affliated to CBSE & the medium of instruction was English but most of theteachers used to teach in Hindi. Therefore I would like the Education Standard to be improved.Moreover they emphasize only on getting into engineering or medical field as there is lack ofawareness about other domains like MBA, Actuaries, Aviation etc. Therefore the awareness part needsto be addressed.I’ll give you the number. The number of people enrolling in higher education is 13 million. Nowcalculate the percentage.I said it would be approximately 1.3 % (as population is 1027 million).Then he said that it was low as the eligible population for higher education is 11 %.MEMBER 4What is Micro Finance?Madam Micro Finance is basically lending money to the low income section of the society at liberalinterest rates to meet their needs. It is basically a step towards financial inclusion.Have you heard of Mohd Yunus?Yes Madam, he is from Bangladesh & he started the Micro Finance movement there trough grameenbanks. For this he also won the Nobel Peace Prize.What Micro – Insurance policy would you recommend for the poorest of the poor?Basically madam, I would recommend a term plan as it is designed for covering the risk only & thepremium rate is the lowest. For eg. if today you buy a term plan for Rs. 25 Lakh cover the premiumwould come close to Rs. 5000. Now if you want to ensure the poorest of the poor with a 2.5 Lakhcover the premium would come down to Rs. 500. If you take out the profit it would further comedown to Rs. 400. Now this premium can be borne by the Central Govt & State Govt combined & thepolicy could be offered to the poor family.Is there any existing scheme which is doing this.Yes madam, the Aaam Aadmi Bima Yojana is covering the poor family under this.What is your view on initiative on Health InsuranceMadam the govt has launced “Rasthriya Swasthya Bima Yojana” under which it provides healthinsurance cover to the poor families. The problem which I see in it is the high claims ratio because ofwhich the premium is high & the government cannot provide high cover. To facilitate further thegovernment has also planned to issue identity cards to the poor families for cashless transaction at thehospitals.MEMBER 5You are from Sriganganagar which is a border district? What challenges to National Security do yousee from border (not just Rajasthan but the entire Indian border)?Sir there are various challenges to National Security because of the long international border of India.The border with Bangladesh is highly porous which leads to a lot of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.Many illegal Bangladeshis have also been apprehended by the police in bomb blast cases.There isincrease of terrorism originating from Pakistan & Bangladesh in India in the form of increasing bombblasts as well as recent attacks like the one witnessed in Bombay.
  23. 23. 23The problem of counterfeit currency.The problem of illicit drug trafficking.What problem does counterfeit currency create?Sir, the presence of counterfeit currency creates a parallel black economy. The black economy doesnot contribute to the taxes of the government. Moreover counterfeit currency is also being used tofinance terrorist activities in India.What step has the government taken to curb this?I started with Money Laundering Act but the member intervened and said “To tackle the overallsecurity situation & not just the problem of counterfeit currency”. Then I said that the government ofIndia is taking various steps like fencing the international border (esp Bangladesh border), it haslegislated National Investigation Agency Act, Unlawful Activities Prevention Act.Your hobby is “Internet Surfing” I presume as you have mentioned “Computers & Internet” in yourform? Can you explain.Sir, I’m a bit deeper into my hobby. I wanted to learn how to build a website & therefore started myown portal Basically it is a knowledge sharing platform where I have posted my ownnotes for free sharing. I got inspired by wikipedia for taking up this initiative. A couple of my friendshave also joined me in this initiative & are helping me in digitizing & posting the notes. Apart from thisI suggested the use of file sharing platforms like rapidshare in my company for sending large files(greater than 10 MB as you cannot attach such big files on email) instead of burning CDs & sending itacross to the branches. It leads to saving of cost as well as time.I don’t see you having any professional degree in computers. How do you do all this?Sir I don’t have any professional degree. I have learned this totally out of my interest.Do you use You Tube?Yes sir I do use it.It was in news recently….Any idea on that.Yes sir. You tube was in news a couple of days back (the member intervened & said…not a couple ofdays back… is as recent as yesterday…& might be in papers today)I said I don’t know sir.The member explained that China has banned youtube because a video showing police atrocities onTibetans was posted on it. What is the Tibetan problem?Sir, Tibetans are demanding greater Autonomy which is the Chinese government is unwilling to yield.Moreover the Chinese government has settled ethnic Chinese population in Urban areas of Tibetwhich the Tibetans are resenting. The Chinese government is unwilling to relocate the ethnic Chinesepopulation from TibetHow do you see the Tibet issue vis-à-vis India?Sir the Tibet issue cropped up between India & China when in 1958 India gave political asylum to DalaiLama & his followers in Dharmshala. Being a country which cherishes democratic values, India had togive political asylum. But China saw this move as meddling with the internal affairs of the country. TheChinese side went to the extent of thinking that It was a plan by the then Prime Minister Jawahar LalNehru to attack & sieze Tibet with the local support. Inspite of the Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai slogan & the“Panchseel Principle” a war could not be avoided between India & China.
  24. 24. 24Now we have moved four decades since then? Has India recognized Tibet?Yes Sir India has recognized Tibet.What was the “Quid Pro Quo” if you want to term it as one.Sir in return China recognized Sikkim as Indian territory on its official map.Exam Interview Details :Subjects Taken : PsychologyDate : 26-March-2011Interview Board : Dr. K. K. Paul Board
  25. 25. 25Union Public Service Commission Interview By Shailesh Bansal : AIR597 (Rajni Rajdan Board), Indian Administrative Service 2010Name : Shailesh BansalAs I entered she asked me to sit. She started with asking my roll no. DOB and verified my photo. Thenshe asked about Libya issues.Que. Do you know about Libya Issue. Is it fair that NATO forces entered into Libyan territory.Ans. Yes mam i know about that and definitely it’s an intervention but it should be looked in theshadow of resolution passed by UN. When we looks it from that point of view it looks justified. As UNis a democratic organization. It has said in its resolution to do whatever possible to restore Humanrights there, and it is said in diplomatic language having crude meaning of doing attacks.Que. So it means that use of US not violating Human Rights there.Ans. Yes mam both US and Gaddafi are violating Human rights.Passed to the next member:Que: You have opted for Pali Literature; Do you have any idea of Sangam Literature?Ans: Sorry SirQue: In a manufacturing concern how I can make balance of payment?Ans: Sir payments are shown in Dr. sideQue: I am asking balance of payment, not payment!Ans: Sorry sir, I got it as payments. In that case expenses are shown in Dr. side and incomes are shownin Cr. Side.Que: What are your Hobbies?Ans: Net Surfing, TV WatchingQue: What do you do in TV Watching? Which serial do you follow?Ans: Balika Vadhu, LaptagangQue: Is Jagdish (A Character) doing correct in that?Ans: No sir, But it should be looked from other angle also where when someone gets married inhis/her childhood then it may be possible to have attraction towards person other than his/herspouse.Que: What do u do in Net Surfing?Ans: Sir I m active on most of social networking sites. Whenever I need some information I search it onweb. Beside that I do blogging.Que: What do you do in blogging?Ans: I shares audit and accounts related knowledge
  26. 26. 26Que: I want to upload 50 pic. on Facebook How can I do this?Ans: Sir you can put them on picasa and then set a link on facebook, other way is by doing uploadingupfront on facebook.Que: Tell me name of few social network websitesAns: I told 5-6 namePassed to Next Member:Que: So you are a CA, you must be knowing about company lawAns: Yes SirQue: When I see audit report of CAG given for government concerns I found it very descriptive anddetailed in comparison of a CA’s report (Usually given for limited companies). So don’t you think thatauditors of a company other than government concern should be appointed by CAG ?Ans: Sir I am not agree with this point. Because auditors are appointed by shareholders (in democraticway) whether it is government concern or other concern. CAG only advices government forappointment of auditors and government appoints auditor in the capacity of shareholder. If we givespower to appoint auditors of private companies to CAG than it will be a sort of discrimination. FurtherCAG makes its audit with a propriety and efficiency point of view so it’s obvious that his report is longand descriptive.Que: I feels that CAs are influenced by their client while making their audit report!Ans: Sorry sir but I am a CA and signed reports too. There are lot of personal responsibility on a CAwhile signing a Report so point of influencing doesn’t arise.Then he told me that he is not satisfied. In reply I said sorry sir….Que: If auditors have personal responsibility than why Satyam like cases happened?Ans: Sir, I agree that in few cases auditors were not at par. But in consequences of that they are facingtrial.Que: What happened in Satyam case? Which Auditing company involved in that?Ans: Sir it was Price water house coppers as auditor and ICAI have constituted a committee toinvestigate that matter report of which is yet to come.Passed to next Member:Que : What are your service preference ?Ans: Indian Administrative Service , Indian Police Service , Indian Foreign Service and then Accountsrelated services ….Que: You are a chartered accountant so you should have opted for Indian Economic Services!Ans: Sir, I have completed my CA in the age of 22,After that I have worked for 2 and half year inBulgaria (Europe). During my that tenure I felt that I should do something for society and on the same
  27. 27. 27time I can use my skills that I have learnt during my CA. While looking for an option that suits bothcondition I found Indian Administrative Service as best choice. So I choosed Indian AdministrativeService as first preference.Que: Government is changing its accounting system, do u know about that?Ans: Yes Sir, First it was cash basis of accounting and now it’s going for accrual basis of accounting.Que: What is accrual basis of accounting?Ans: In which income and expenses related with certain year are accounted for ONLY in the year inwhich they have incurred.Que: There are big infrastructure projects are going on. They finishes in 4-5 years so how I can doaccounting for them?Ans: Sir, These type of projects falls in contract accounting and as per institute of charteredaccountants of India Accounting standard no. 7 should be used for that accounting. In that AS twomethods are prescribed one is proportionate of completion method another one is estimation basis.Que: We have Doctors , engineers with us why should we select you ?Ans : Sir, During my tenure as CA I learnt about policy making, policy implementation,Compliance, Finding variations, reporting etc. and I feels that these tasks resembles with work of aIndian Administrative Service so I feels are I can do that better than other by adding my pastexperience in that.Que: No I was expecting that you will say I will find out scams for you?Ans: Sir I have told that I can find out variations and variations are nothing but sort of scams.Passed to next member:Que: What are your personal goal on life?Ans: Sir, my personal goal on life is that when after some time I look back people should say about methat yes he is the man with moral and he has done something for society.This is the feeling that boosts my morale.Que: You have power with money, power without money and only money. what would you like tochoose?Ans: I asked him to repeat the question and replied power with money.Que: Suppose you won a jackpot of Rs. one crore. What will you do?Ans: Sir at first I will celebrate.Que: No I am asking how you will expense out them?Ans: As amount Is big I won’t be able to plan now.He asked me to take some time and I replied sorry sir I won’t be able to plan now.He asked me that OK, can u tell me your preferences that whether you will give it to family or societyor will do something for yourself?I replied that yes sir, First I will give it to family, then society and then something for myself.
  28. 28. 28Mrs. Rajdan took the question again and asked me that how much will be the tax on it? I replied aftersome oral calculations as approximately 33%She asked again that you are a CA, can’t you plan BALANCE Rs. 67 Lacs ?I said sorry mam I can’t for now. But I can tell you my preference as family, society and then formyself.She said OK you can go…..I thanked all members and chairman and left the room.Exam Interview Details:Subjects Taken : Commerce & Pali LiteratureInterview Board : Rajni RajdanResult of Interview : QualifiedCity : New Delhi
  29. 29. 29Union Public Service Commission Interview By Mamta Gupta : AIR 413(K. S. Chalam Board) Indian Administrative Service 2010Name : MAMTA GUPTAI entered after taken permission.M- Good afternoon mam, Good afternoon SirC- Very good afternoon. Please come and have a seat. (I entered)C- So how did you enter into the room.M- Sir, I came here by walking.C- Ok. So is there any other way to enter into the room? (I started thinking)C- So we can say there is no other way to enter.M- Yes sir.C- You are a Electronics engineer. so you will use your knowledge in administration.( He said whilelooking at my summary sheet)M- Yes sir. I will use. There is E-governance.( I started elaborating further. He interrupted).C- I did not ask the details. Just yes or no.M- Sorry sir.(he passed on to the other member)O- From your region there are many millionaires / Billionare.What is the reason? (he also gave somedata that out of 10000/100000 persons, one is millionaire)(I belong to Shekhawati region.)M- Yes sir. Because people from my reason are intelligent and hard working. (i said with smile. Nothingelse came to my mind)O- So people only from your area are intelligent and hard working (everyone was laughing)M- Others are also but people from my area are more intelligent and more hard working.O- do you know if soil of western districts of Rajasthan like Jaisalmer, Badmer etc. is suitable for Olivefarming. (i started thinking)O- You know countries in Northern Africa near Mediterranean sea do Olive cultivation.M- yes sir. There it is but I dont know about Rajasthan.O- Any idea how many types of Olives and their qualities.M- Sorry sirO- You should as cooking is your hobbies.M- I have used olive only in Pizza and also olive oil is good for hair.
  30. 30. 30(He passed on to the lady member)O- so your college in MNIT. What is it?M- It is Malviya national institute of technology. It is one of the NITs.O- You have such good grades. You must have worked very hard.(She was saying very good after my every answer)O- Have you heard CSR?M- Yes mam. It is Corporate Social Responsibility.O- Very good. What activities companies do as part of this.M- Thinking...O- If you dont know something, say that you dont know (she was a bit strict this time)M- Sorry mam. I am not able to recall.O- What your company does for this,M- My company has collaboration with NGOs like NAYI DISHA in Noida. We give money to them andalso sometimes we organize exhibitions for article made by them. So this way they earn some money.O- So you give monetary help.M- Yes mam.O- Why you want to become civil servant.M- I have seen many problems in my village. That made me feel that i should do and will do somethingfor them.O- Ok. So what type of problems are there.M- There is water shortage.( I started explaining..)O- Please give as 1.. 2 .. 3.M- Education, health facilities etc.(she was not convinced).O- Is there Casteism problem also there?M- No. There are mainly Agarwal community there. (I think i should not had said this)C- (laughing). They have driven everyone else out from there.(everyone laughing now)(She passed on to other member)O- Have you heard about Short Service Commissioning in army.M- No Sir.O- OK. in this after 14 years of service women are given compulsory retirement. Now they are
  31. 31. 31demanding full term. Do you know what could be reason for this.M- (thinking..).. Sir, Women have family responsibilities.O- Once they are in service, wo to manage ho hi jata hai.M- Sorry sir, I dont know.O- So Rajasthan is a very famous tourist destination. Tourism has led to many problems there likeSocial disturbance, drug trafficking. What can be done to solve this.M- for Drug trafficking, police should be more active. ( I could not answer further)O- In western Rajasthan, there are border problems. What Govt. is doing to resolve this.M- Air force, Army, Police all are working together. There is border fencing, Camel patrol. Also thereare QRT (quick response team)O- Border security is done by BSF, CRPF or by police and army as you are saying.M- Sir, its done bt all together.O- May be you are right. I will check again.(other member)O- What is the difference between 2G, 3G, 4G and S band. What is their frequency.M- I told the different frequency ranges.O- What is the devas multimedia controversy.M- There was an agreement between ISRO and Devas and ISRO sold them S bank spectrum at muchless price than the market price.O- Is thats all or anything else also.M- ISRO also agreed to launch 2 satellite for Devas.O- How much percentage utilization was to be done by Devas.M - 90%. 9 out of 10 transponders.(They discussing whether those satellites wee launched or not and the satellite which failed was sameor other)O- What could be done to improve agriculture in Rajasthan.M- Farmers should be told which crop and fertilizer is suitable for soil. This will increase theproductivity.(He was not convinced)O- Today every farmer knows all this. what else.M- Bio fuel. This will also increase his income and also suitable for Rajasthan as requires less water.O- No. Bio fuel is only for that soil which is completely barren. It further makes soil unproductive.Which bio fuel crop can be grown.M- Jatropha.
  32. 32. 32C- (laughing) Bookish knowledge.O- Jatropha is not at all suitable.O- There should be cattle rearing, agro forestry. social forestry along with agriculture.M- Yes sir( i started recalling as I had read all this).Your interview is over. You can leave now.M- Thank you mam. thank you sir.I came out of the room.Exam Interview Details :Subjects Taken : Public Administration, GeographyInterview Board : Prof. K. S. ChalamResult of Interview : QualifiedInterview marks- 168/300City : Noida
  33. 33. 33Union Public Service Commission Interview By Rajesh Kankipati : AIR103 (Purushotam Aggarwal Board), Indian Administrative Service2010Name : Rajesh KankipatiInterview Before I may write anything, I take this opportunity to thank1) Mr. K. Srinivasu Indian Revenue Service (IT) : My Interview Mentor.2) Mr. R.C. Sinha- New Delhi Indian Administrative Service - He acclimatised me about many issues andmade my approach towards interview more pragmatic and realistic.3) My friends Aravind, Pradeep, Sandeep, Satish, Bindu and my intellectual friend Sai.4) Mocks of Chanaknya Indian Administrative Service academy and the panel who made me realise mydeficiencies and defects.Background: B.Tech (Electrical and Electronics Engineering), Pondicherry central University.Hobbies: Reading Books (Non-Fiction) and Story Telling.Place of Birth: RajahmundryPlace of Residence: Ramagundam (Telangana)Optionals: Public Administration and SociologyCHAIRMAN (CM): Purushottam AggarwalTime: 4.25 p.m-5.00 p.mMe: Rajesh KankipatiI was the last candidate for the day Bell ring and attendant opened the doorMe: May I come in sir?CM: Yes Rajesh come in Went near the table and said "namaste Sir" (Confusion whether to say GoodAfternoon or Good evening)CM: Rajesh Take your seatMe: Thank You sirCM: Your hobbies is story telling (in an angry tone with large voice)Me: Yes sirCM: Do you write or imagine stories?Me: I dont write or imagine stories. I have a hobbies of reading books. So, whenever I read somethingthat is worth sharing, I narrate it.CM: Why do you do it?Me: It would help in inculcating and imbibing good valuesCM: Whom do you narrate to?Me: No reservation against any age group. School going children, room mates, parents, professors,rickshaw puller, any one sir for that matter
  34. 34. 34CM: Can you say a story?Me: A man came from America to deliver a lecture at Hyderabad. After the lecture was over he wentto a nearby lake to enjoy the scenic beauty. On the other bank of the lake he saw a woman washingclothes. While she was washing, some of her body parts were exposed. Seeing this, he was temptedtowards her. But being ethical and honest he tried to control his temptation. After washing clothes thewoman went into the lake to have bath.When she removed her clothes he was not able to control his temptations. So he jumped into the lake.Went near her, hugged and embraced her. Started mindlessly kissing her. She began to shout for helpbut no one came to her rescue. This man still goes on kissing her mindlessly. After some time of 2 min,he begins to feel some roughness over the surface of her body. To see what this roughness is he openshis eyes. He saw to his amazement that this lady was a blind and leper. And sir at that moment he saida word that really touched my heart, and he said "I never knew how leper my heart was till I touchedthis leper". Sir the moral of the story is that everybody in life suffers from a leprosy of heart, ifaddressed I believe, the world would be a better place to liveCM: (with a very satisfied look asked me) whose story is this?Me: Malcomm Mug ridgeCM: Who is he?Me: I dont know about him sir. I read about him in a book Chairman passes it to the first memberM1: Rajesh do you know what is a apocryphal story?Me: Sir, I never heard about this term.CM: What story you said now is a apocryphal story. Then all the panel members laughed loud. I justgave a smileM1: Rajesh when a story is of a doubtful authenticity but also carrying a prophetic message that isnarrated with good dramatics is a apocryphal story.Me: Thank you sir.M1: Do you know India has a rich repository of ancient traditions of story telling. Can you name someof them?Me: Sir AmarchitrakathaCM: Dont talk about all this. what you are saying is a recent phenomenon. We are asking you aboutancient traditions (in a very angry tone).Me: Sir, I am extremely sorry. I am not aware about the literary aspects of story telling. But I know thatin Andhra we have a tradition of "Harikatha, Burrakatha and Tholubomma" and in north we havestories of Panchatantra.(CM was looking for the same answer.He concurred with me when I said thisand to my amazement he knew abot Andhra stories.So I gave command to my brain that I should notbluff to him.come what ever may).
  35. 35. 35M1: Ok, You are from Rajahmundry, why did you go to Pond cherry to study?Me:Sir I appeared for the AIEEE and I got seat at Pondicherry engineering college. And it is a centraluniversity. So I believed that my career prospects would be brighter.So I was attarcted.M1: What is your opinion about grading system in schools?Me: Sir It is a good move. That would help in de-stressing of the student because we see many childsuicides for marks in schools.M1: I dont think it would make any difference. I was about to defend but he didnt allow me toreply.He wanted to de-motivate me.M1: So you are an engineer, why I A S?Me: Sir, I was inspired by many surrendered naxalaites to become an Indian Administrative Serviceofficer. At a very early age of 12-3 years I came to know what an Indian Administrative Service officercan do. And sir apart from that I also understand that the career progression, prestige and esteemoffered by these services are unparalleled.CM: Rajesh What is this naxalism?Me: Sir, naxalism is an extremist thought who believe in the doctrine of maoismCM: what is this Maoism?Me: Sir, they want to overpower and overthrow the state through an armed rebellion to establish asocialist state. They believe that power flows from the barrel of a gun and not the ballotCM: So, do you think what they are doing is right?Me: Sir, I have gone through the Planning commission document on Development challenges inextremist affected areas. And the report rightly acknowledges the good work done by the maosits.CM: Do you feel they are also perpetuating injustice??Me: Sir when their core interests get affected, they also join the corrupt political-bureaucratic-contractor nexus.CM: U know one collector was abducted?Me: Yes sir, Mr. Vineel KrishnaCM: Do you think the government was right in releasing the naxalaites for the release of collectorMe: Sir, Definitely the government was right. If he was not released it would be de-motivating forhonest and sincere officers that government would not come to my rescue when I am in needCM: But Rajesh, dreaded criminals were releasedMe: Sir we need to have a anti-hostage policy and train the national disaster response force to dealwith theses issuesCM: Do you know we have a anti-hijacking policy that says no negotiations. Do you support?Me: Sir policies serve as a deterrent. But any decision should be taken based on the gravity of thesituation.
  36. 36. 36M2: So, You are from Rajahmundry?Me: Sir, I was born at rajahmundry, but I am from Ramagundam.M2: So what is this Telangana movement?Me: Sir it is a sub-regional movement, that should be seen in the context of demand for equity,development, empowerment and representation?M2: Do you think Telngana is needed?Me: Sir I strongly and sincerely feel that telangana state is needed?M2: Why?Me: Sir right from 1956 every provision and gaurantee was violated.4 cr people of telangana wantit.And more importantly there is lack of representation of telangana leaders.M2: Do you know 117 legislators go to state assembly from telangana?Me: But thier representation in cabinet is very less.M2: why?Me: Sir while legislators are elected by people,cabinet is the prerogative of the CM.And CM is neverfrom Telangana Region. Coastal Andhara and Rayalseema MLAs combined will have more numberthan Telangana. So representation is limited.M2: Why no CM from Telangana?Me: Sir a CM has to command the respect of the majority of people in the state and the support of thelegislators, Which a telangana leader may fail to get because of his regional aspiration. And as Webersays there is a need of charismatic authority which a Telangana leader might fail to get because of theregional aspirationsM2: wanted to ask further, But CM intervened and stopped him and passed it on to the third memberwho was a lady. I felt M2 was from coastal andhra region. He was not agreeing with me. But it is theopinion and demeneaour when we say our opinion matters more than our answer.M3: Rajesh we had the fortune of listening a story from you. Now i will say a story and you should saythe moral of the story. A young blind boy is begging on the road with a slate in his neck.The slatereads."I am Blind, Please help me". A man passes by the lane everyday and finds that noone drops anymoney in his plate ever. SO he rubs the text on the slate and writes, "The day is beautiful, But Sorry, Iam not able to see. Please help me". Then everyone starts to give him money. What is the moral ofthe story?Me: Madam may i use an analogy to explain the moral of the story?M3: Oh Yes!Me: Looked at CM and said, sir may i be allowed to use the pencil and paper.
  37. 37. 37CM: Go AheadMe: I wrote on the paper "GOD IS NO WHERE", and i said sir any number of times we see, we read itGOD IS NO WHERE. But the same sentence can also be read as "GOD IS NOW HERE" if we attach the"W" in Where beside the word "NO" and it becomes "NOW". So in life we need to acknowledgepostiveness to grow high .So, the moral of the story is there is a power of positiveness if harnassedman can be successful like the blind boy.CM: I am not convinced with you.It is the power of expression that said "The day is beautiful " but notthe power of positiveness.Me: Sir I agree with you. But i feel it is the power of the positiveness of the expression.Expressions arethere everywhere.But when positive energy gets augmented, the face of the expression changes.M3: What is social marketing?Me: Sorry madam, i never heard about this.M3: Do you know Amitabh bachchan comes on the TV to advertise for polio.Me: Madam, No TV, Old Rajindernagar is very costly.CM :No rajesh, even in print media we see Sehwag and Bollywood stars promoting social causes?Me: Sir i understand it is Corporate social responsibility. But i am not aware if CSR and social marketingare similar in concept.M4: Rajesh you are from rajahmundry?Me: Sir i was born there, but i am from ramagundam.M4: Do you know in rajahmundry tobacco grows?Me: Yes sir.M4: What is the kind of tobacco grown?Me: Sir it is called Virginia tobacco.M4: So in India the area under tobacco is decreasing. What is the reason?Me: Sir in 2008 India signed the Convention on banning of tobacco substances. There is a mandateunder the convention to decrease area cultivated under tobacco.M4: Do you think it is justified?Me: Sir while tobacco is causing many health hazards, it is also supporting livelihoods. So governmenthas to provide altenative skills for livelihood. And the area should be decreased in a phased manner.M4 o you know what ITC is doing?Me: I dont know sirM4: It is doing what you have just said.Me: Thank you sir. I am humbled.
  38. 38. 38M4: Ramagundam has a power plant, do you think thermal energy should be encouraged?Me: Sir thermal energy should be encouraged keeping in view our growth rates, infrastructure needsand keeping in mind the technology and efficiency aspects.M4: Do you know the unit cost of a thermal and hydro power plant?Me: Sir thermal is Rs2-Rs3/KWHr while hydro energy is Rs 1/KWHrM4: So why cant we encourage hydropower?Me: Sir,while there is every need to diversify our energy basket, thermal energy is an imperative to uskeeping in view the needs.Apart from that hydropower plants involve lot of tribal displacement,submergence and huge gestation period.CM: Ok, Rajesh, Your interview is over.Me: Sir can i remove the paper i used and throw in the dustbinCM: NO. NO. It is not your job.Me: Thank you sir I walked without showing my back till the door. I bowed again in humility to theboard at the door and came out. The lady member smiled. And I came out.My Observations: Interview is not a question and answer session. It is about discussion. Always thequestion is from biodata and news papers. Interview is not about what you say but about how you say.It is about demeanor. Mark is not for knowledge. Mark is for confidence, honesty, intellectualintegrity, knowing ground realities and variety and depth of your understanding. Trust the board.Dont have prejudices.Finally assessment is from what you have answered not from the question that you have notanswered. Board cant test your personality from a question you have not answered. So forget thequestion that you have not answered and answer the question to the best of your ability in a questionyou know.The easiest question in an interview is the question that you dont know. so feel happy about it. Finallyits all about the attitude one displays that pulls or pushes you on the ladder of marks.Exam Interview Details:Interview Marks: 190 marks, 103 rankSubjects Taken: Public Administration and SociologyDate:18-Apr-2011Interview Board: Purushotam AggarwalResult of Interview: QualifiedCity: Hyderabad
  39. 39. 39Union Public Service Commission Interview By Rajeshwari BName: Rajeshwari BType: InterviewInterview: I do not remember the exact answers I gave in my interview so I will only give you the gistof my board was Rajni Razdan madams.First thing she said was you dont look like youdo in your photograph.. I smiled and said, but maam it was only taken a month back. She showed thepic to me and said do you feel you look like this now. Immediately after your interview go and get newphotos and give to my assistant. I said ok maam I will do the needful. All this time I kept my smile.Finally she asked me my name , roll number which I answered.RR - What do you cook (my hobby)?Me - Maam depends on what I feel at that moment.RR - Dont tell me that , tell me what you prepare.Me - Yes maam , rice is our staple food so I prepare rice items more, like veg pulav , fried rice , biriyaniand some regionally specific dishes like bisi bele baat , vaangi baat.RR - Tell me the recipe of that.Me - Maam it is a brinjal based dish with spices. ( I was trying to give an introduction of the recipebefore giving the details, like as if this was a written exam.P ).RR - when you see a recipe book is that how you find the recipe, wont there be ingredients andmeasurements? Now tell us how you will prepare for the five of us (members).Me - I started maam I will require 3 cups of rice. somewhere at the end she cut in and said ok, ( maybe she dint find it that tasty..!! :P )RR - You have done MA in Pol Sci & IR, tell me about the situation in Libiya right now.Me - Presently the NATO forces are implementing the UNSC Resolution 1973. But the leaderMuammar Gaddafi is not ready to let go of his power and is retaliating to these NATO forces. There isa lot of chaos going on. ( This was the weakest point of my interview. I could have given a much betteranswer.)Then she gestured the next sir to ask. I was passed on.Sir1 - Have you heard of Self Help Groups ?Me - yes sir I have.S1 - What do they do?Me - Sir , they are a way of generating a regular income among women , especially in the rural areas.Women come together and form various enterprises through which they can gain some profit. Manysmall and cottage industries are based on this. Crafts and edible items.. etc are marketed by them.S1 - Do they have savings?
  40. 40. 40Me - Yes sir, they are encouraged to go for savings and they also give out loans to the newcomers toestablish their own groups and enterprise. Now a days some banks like SBI (not sure if this is right) alsogive out loans to these groups.S1 - You are from Karnataka , Recently the arecanut farmers from there visited the PM for somereason. What are their problems?Me - (I forgot the more important reason and gave the general one first). Off late the arecanut yield issuffering due to insufficient irrigation and power cuts..etc. And recently the Kar. gov. has bannedgutka and supari due to which the arecanut prices have taken a steep dip. Their demand is to bringsome stability to the prices of arecanut.S1 - Dont you think it is good that such a thing which causes oral cancer and all has been banned?Me - Definitely it is a good thing sir. But arecanut itself is not the biggest cause of oral cancer. Tobaccois more hazardous ot heath but it has not been banned. and many people are dependent uponarecanut for their livelihood, so the issue has to be thought about.S1 - Cant we encourage the arecanut farmers to go for alternative crops?Me - We can do that sir, But we must keep in mind that arecanut is an intensive investment sector. Alot of investment goes into buying the plants and fertilizers. It also requires heavy irrigation facilitieslike drip irrigation which is quite expensive. So it will be difficult to convince them to go for a changenow. And even if they do , they must be given adequate returns for their investment. also the soilsuitablility has to be researched for alternative craops. So this will need more time and research.S1 - Have you seen any arecanut farms?Me - Yes sir my father comes from an agricultural family . So I have seen arecanut farms.He nodded and said okay. then Sir 2. A really very old and sweet uncle.S2 - You mentioned supari in you answer. Do you know the other meaning of supari? they say suparide dunga no....Me - Yes sir (big smile). It means something like hired assasins.S2 - said yes you are right, with a smile. And asked you have done your schooling in coorg and thenyou did it in Mysore. Why?Me - Yes sir , my father was in govt service and we had changed a few schools during my early years inschool. To bring some stability my parents thought it would be better to put us in a hostel.S2 - why Coorg?Me - When I was studying in Udipi , we (automatically I included my bro also but luckily he dintrealize) were under the guidance of a particular principle who was very good.When he went to coorgto head another school we also shifted there as we wanted to continue to be under his guidance.S2 - Then why Mysore?Me - Sir after staying for so long in hostel , I wanted to be at home so decided to continue my studiesin Mysore itself.
  41. 41. 41S2 - Smiled and said that explains everything. Looked at my application and asked , Why did you go fordistance education for you degree?Me - Sir I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis during the final months of my plus two.And I had some difficulty with walking in the early mornings, but I wanted to continue my studies sodecided to go for distance education.S2 - Oh, thats very sad, are you still under medication?Me - No sir, I was for one year but I am better now.He said thats good. And Sir 3, sitting on my left started.S3 - What you know about regional planning?Me - Sir we are already having problems of regionalism in India. This is because of developmentdisparities among regions. So to help in development of a particular region a particular plan is laid outkeeping in mind the advantages and disadvantages of the region. India is a vast country with eachregion having different resources and different needs, so we cannot have a single plan for the wholecountry. That is why we have regional planning.S3 - What are the benefits?Me - By having regional planning we can give focus to every region and help in faster development ofIndia itself. More importantly the local people will be involved in it. I think that just like grassrootdemocracy even administration must go to the grass root and regional planning helps in doing this.S3 - People will take part more..?Me - Yes sir. ( he was kind of acknowledging my answer so I did not elaborate).S3 - What is diff between rural planning and urban planning?Me - Sir , through rural planning we are still trying to give our rural areas some of the basic amenitiessuch as electricity , water and schools. Some of our villages do not even have schools yet , so we arefocusing on providing them these kind of development through the plans where as in urban area weare focusing on improving the infrastructure , increasing economic output and attracting more FDI..etc. this is the basic difference.He said okay and passed me on to the nest Sir.S4 - We have launched the PSLV recently (it was done just the previous day). Why do we need it , whatis the use?Me - Sir we have launched 3 sats through this launch. One is the resources at , the other two withforeign collaboration, one with Indonesia ( It was actually Russia.. :P ) and the other with Singapore.Firstly this will help us gain access to foreign technology which is superior to ours and also we can gofor agreements and joint researches in the field of space and science..etc. There will be technologytransfer which will have positive effects from indias point of view. And then satellites like resources athelp us know about our resources which is helpful in many ways.
  42. 42. 42S4 - How knowing resources will be helpful?Me - Sir India has great resource potential , but we are not bale to capitalize on these resources. Byknowing which region has what resources, our planning will be better and when our planning is better,our rate of development will pick up. For example we have floods in one region but droughts inanother. Knowing this we can build dams in the most suitable region so that the floods can be divertedand the water used to irrigate lands which face drought. Also knowing about rivers and their flow wecan plan our hydel projects..etc. Knowing about our forests we can go for development in asustainable manner such that forests are used for economic purposes but also conserved at the sametime etcS4 - Are you aware of the National Knowledge Network ?Me - Yes sir , it is an initiatative to connect the various universities all over the country. to make anetwork of it......S4 - What is the use of this Network?Me - Sir this will help in over all development of higher education in the country. the top universitiesthat have good infrastructure can help other universities to improve their infrastructure. Libraries andinformation can be shared, so there will be a flow of ideas between the universities. And ideas willlead to innovation anddevelopment. Most importantly it will bring together the youth of the nation. Being a big country , it isphysically impossible to meet, but through such a cyber network we can get in touch with our peers invarious parts of our country.S4 - How many times have you been to Delhi?Me - Sir this is my second visit. I was here in 2007 for my coaching.S4 - Do you see any change?Me - (Was little confused with this q as I dint know what he expected) Not particularly sir.S4 - They say they are using CNG and so pollution has come down etc . Dont you feel that?Me - Sir I come from Mysore which has recently beed judged as the 2nd cleanest city in India. when Icome from there to here I see a huge difference. I have not felt any significant change.S4 - What is CNG?Me - It is Compressed Natural Gas. It is a renewable source of energy ( made this mistake in my josh). Iam sorry sir not renewable but a clean source of energy that is being used now a days.S4 - why is it compressed?Me - I was so comfortable that I blurted compressed because its compressed sir with a big smile on myface. Then I actually laughed and said I am sorry sir I dont really know why.S4 - What is your dream?Me - I smiled and said my dream sir? (he nodded) I know that India will be one of the most developedsociety in a matter of few years. My dream is to be a part of Indias development process. To make acontribution in such a success.
  43. 43. 43S4 - Why civil services?Me - I would like to quote Socrates here sir. ( he nodded ) . An unexamined life is not worth living.And when I examine my life in the end , it will not be in terms of how much property , wealth andstatus I have made but it will be in terms of how worth while I have been to the society. This I can doas an NGO or social worker (S3 was kind of repeating my answer when I was at it.), but the confidenceI require will be given to me only by civil services.At this point RR said a stern THANK YOU (guess she was still angry that I dont wish her first). I kind ofjerked out of my comfort zone after hearing her Thank you, I said thank you maam , thank you sirsand walked out confidently.Exam Interview Details :Subjects Taken : Sociology and Political scienceDate : 21-Apr-2011Interview Board : Rajni Razdan
  44. 44. 44Union Public Service Commission Interview By Nidhi Choudhari(Purushotam Agrawal Board)Name: Nidhi ChoudhariInterview Writeup:1. What is Gargi Prize? (Reason: mentioned in Awards/Achievement in Bio-data)2. Why Gargi?3. Wherein this debate mentioned? (only these three questions were asked by the Chairman)4. Why do you want to join Indian Administrative Service after working for RBI? (Reason: Working asManager, RBI since 2006)The member didn’t listen to me and stopped me from answering the question and himself suggestedsome reason5. What is the talk about public debt management and RBI?6. What is the conflict of interest in public debt mgt?(Member 1)7. Where are India’s forex reserves?8. What is RBI doing with forex reserves?9. United Nations and some government’s failure? (asked whether middle east but he said no someother government then I said I am not aware about this.)10. Difference between Public Administration and Management? (Reason: MA in PublicAdministration from University of Rajasthan, Jaipur 2007)11. Goal of Public Administration?12. Are you following what is happening in Delhi at Jantar Mantar, what will happen of Lokpal Bill?(Reason: Working in RBI, New Delhi)13. What is sex ratio in Rajasthan? (Reason: Born and Brought up in Nagaur District of Rajasthan)14. What will you do if you are posted in a district where female foeticide is prevalent?(Member 2)15. Are you aware of Forbes list?16. Forbes most inspiring women of India? (Reason: Being a woman)I didn’t know it.17. Two women from contemporary India who have inspired you? (Aruna Roy and Shyamala Gopinath)18. Why?19. What is the role of student union? (Reason: Vice President, Student’s Union in Government BangarCollege, Didwana)20. What is your take on their present way of functioning?21. Political parties’ involvement in Students Union?(Lady Member)22. What is the difference between gift and dowry?23. Recently, in a marriage in Delhi expensive gifts were given to guests whether that is dowry?24. Which Act?
  45. 45. 4525. How the act defines dowry? (Not able to recall)26. Upto what level reservation should be given?27. When in corporate sector CMDs are not appointed on the basis of reservation why governmentappoints through reservation?28. I am in medical field and have seen that no MLA / MP wants to undergo medical treatment bysomebody who has been selected through reservation. Then why reservation? (Member 4)The interview ended.Exam Interview Details :Date: April 8, 2011Subjects Taken : PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION & SOCIOLOGYInterview Board : PURUSHOTAM AGRAWALResult of Interview: QualifiedCity : New Delhi
  46. 46. 46Union Public Service Commission Interview By Ajay Pal AIR-160 (Dr.K.K. Paul Board) Indian Administrative Service 2010K K Paul sir boardMy interview was on march 26,2011This year my optionals are public admin and punjabi literatureIt was my second interview.last year it was with nirbhay sharma board.This year there were some numeric coincidences.26-last two digits of my roll no. , 26 is my date of birth ,26 is diwali this year and 26 was date of myinterview..i was conscious of this numeric thing and did prepare. (but of no use in interview as nothingsuch was asked).I got up around 5:40 (though didn’t had that sound sleep)i turned on my internet and rapidly went through various major newspapers.(it did help i must say).I went to the venue by 8:30 amthere were m1: dressed sincere aspirants,most of them with their i had experience of lastyear so was not getting anymore conscious of the toughness of competition.As this time my brother was with me so was relatively cool and calm and into row andentered the building.reached hall..sat on e 4 table..One of my known female aspirant was in same batch..On our table there were 6 candidates including me.Then came person for formalities.i looked and relaxed on finding that this time am not last one in mybatch to be interviewed (last year i was last in morning batch and my interview went for 12:20 to1:05)..this time i was third to be interviewed….Then started thinking the million..rather bilion dollar question….which board? (though had convincedmyself not to think bad of any board but human nature)after sometime around 10:04 i must say first candidate was called..and we got to know the soothingnews that our board of k k pauli was not worried at that time much because had heard that he is reasonable person.Also female who was known to me earlier shared with us the information that paul sir doesn’t spoilcareer usualy and he give you more than 140 normally though his range is 140-180….and she said hedon’t ask much factual questions(it made me relax but what happened in real is a story now lol )my optionals(mains written) has went quite m1: so i am expecting that with around 150 marks will getme in atleast..
  47. 47. 47Then the interview of first candidate was over around 10:20 i think..i thought i wil be called around10:40 as interviews are running for 20 mins.and then i was called around 10:40 and had to sit outsidefor 6-7 mins.person interviewed before me was a nice person with good personality…i was quiet thistime and somewhat sincere or you can say serious while last year i was talking a lot and doing fun.And my turn came………the moments which are going to impact my future in really great manner.. Jaimata di bol ke i entered the interview hall..Chairman:paul sirthree male membersone female member:tooooooo nice and smiling and was sitting on right side to candidate chairme: may i come in ,sir)ch:come in and sit down (ab kya darwaaze mein he baith jauni managed myself and didn’t thought much and eentered with confidence..when i reached nearchair.smiling lady member very softly said ”take your seat beta”me: good morning sir,good morning sirs and little more smiling good morning madami occupied my seat and “thank you sir,thank you madam”ch:your nameme: ajay palch:roll numberme: toldch ate of birthme: toldch: so you are from ludhiana?Me:yes sirch:what is meaning of ludhiana?Me:sir ludhiana is made of two words lodhi+ana. It was named after ibrahim lodhi who was a mughalruler, i am sorry sir from delhi sultanat. Its named after him.Ch:when was ludhiana founded?Me: sir i don’t know exact year but earlier it was a village named mir hota.Ch: no no when was it founded?
  48. 48. 48Me: sorry sir i don’t know the year.Ch:you have done bdsme:yes sirch:what is it?Me:sir its bachelor in dental surgerych:oh so you are a dentist.Me:yes sirch:now you are working in licme:yes sirch:as a dentist in lic?Me:no sir,i am working as assistant administrative officer.Ch:so you have left dentistry completelyme: (jyada kahaniyan na banaate hue) yes sirch: (smilingly ) ok, every person gets aged and old with time and dental problems start erupting soeveryone needs a dentist at a stage of there are many patients and so a good job.anywaysch: ok then u have taken punjabime:yes sirch:there is somethng gurmukhi also…soooo whats the difference between punjabi and gurmukhime:sir gurmukhi is a script in which punjabi is writtench:yes right!Me:thank you sirch:tell me about treaty of amritsarme:sir treaty of amritsar was signed between maharaja ranjit singh and britishers (interrupted by ch)ch: maharaja ranjit singh?he was died by that time.Me: (damn i was totally taken aback.i had read it in ncert but he said otherway.i could not afford tomess with him) m sorry sirch:there were two treaties which were signed quite close to each other,treaty of amritsar and treaty
  49. 49. 49of lahore.tell me some treaty which is still relevant.forget about radclife line..Me:thinking for a while(3-4 seconds) m sorry sir i don’t know.Ch: ok you play cricket?Me :yes sirch:you play these days too?Me : (may be he wanted me to talk of world cup matches but i had not watched all but he had m sureso played safe) yes sir we friends play whenever we get time.Ch: ok these days world cup is going onme: yes sirch: tell me whats going on in world cup?Me: india has won in quarterfinals defeating australia and told about pakistan as m1: as some otherch: which team has reached world cup semifinals 5 times?Me: (thinking for two seconds) sir newzealandch: ( thinking for a while while bending ahead a bit) yes you are right its newzealand.Ch:how many times india has reached semifinal?Me : sir this year we have reached world cup semifinals,2003 as m1: as 1983 world cup..Ch:no no i am asking how many times?Me :m sorry sir am not able to recall.Chairman now passes to first member….He was a south indian m surem1: ajay tell me about world cup match of india nowme: sir india will be facing pakistan in semifinalm1: when is the semifinalme: sir 30 aprilm1: whereme: sir mohali