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SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Content Management with Inplace Autotagging
This session discussess strategies and techniques for deploying taxonomies in
SharePoint 2010 and also includes a discussion of how to jump-start a taxonomy
project by using pre-built foundation taxonomies and automatic tagging capabilities
or in place tagging so you don't have to wait for your next migration or force
management to use s spreadsheet to identify every document by using Boolean
search not just synonyms as part of your Term Set.

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  • San Fernando Valley SharePoint UserGroup Jully 11, 2012

    1. 1. Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint 2010 inplace autotagging with term setsIvan Sanders Demo + Code MVP Developer, EvangelistDimension
    2. 2. video
    3. 3. • Metadata search navigation data consistency folksonomy taxonomy Syndication content types term sets policy
    4. 4. Folksonomy Taxonomy
    5. 5. • Tag hierarchal taxonomies, folksonomy• Discover metadata based navigation Ratings Unique Document IDs• Manage multi-document work products millions of documents
    6. 6. One term store per shared service app Many groups per term store. Used as security boundary Many term sets per group (max 1000 total per term store)30K terms per term set(max. 1m total) Synonyms Description Translations (Custom properties)
    7. 7. UpdateAllDocLibsKeywords.ps1
    8. 8. UpdateAllDoctLibsCtype.ps1
    9. 9. ManagedPropertyFilterGeneratorTaxonomyFilterGenerator
    10. 10. Thank our Sponsors
    11. 11. Ivan Sandersivan@dimension-si.com
    12. 12. Directions (.9 miles):1. Head northeast on 1st Ave2. Turn left onto W B St3. Turn left onto Columbia StKarl Strauss will be on the left
    13. 13. Who Do you trust??
    14. 14. Codeplex – with Source Code
    15. 15. SharePoint 2010 Guidance Book The Book Developing Applications for SharePoint 2010 (includes the Help file [CHM], samples, and Downloads library source code) •Introduction to Developing Applications with SharePoint 2010 •SharePoint Server-side Data Access – Part 1 of 3: Introduction Media •SharePoint Server-side Data Access – Part 2 of 3: Related Lists •SharePoint Server-side Data Access – Part 3 of 3: Analyzing Generated CAML Support Discussions for patterns & practices SharePoint Guidance Training Hands-on labs Community patterns & practices SharePoint Guidance Community Site License Microsoft patterns & practices license September 2009
    16. 16. Preview of whats next Windows 8
    17. 17. Metro Style Apps
    18. 18. Windows Charms +C
    19. 19. Windows Program Menu +X
    20. 20. Summary Search Result
    21. 21. File Search Result