How CitizenGO helps organizations


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How CitizenGO helps organizations explains how the conservative petition platform can help you change things and increase your constituents.

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How CitizenGO helps organizations

  1. 1. How CitizenGO Helps Organizations
  2. 2. Mission Provide worldwide conservative citizens and organizations an online platform to manage and foster their participation in the political life of their countries and internationally to effectively defend and promote life, family and freedom
  3. 3. CitizenGO Mission Mission • Empower Citizens • By changing things via online petitions (and other actions) • Empower Like-Minded Organizations • By changing things via online petitions (and other actions • By growing their list of members (sharing the personal data of the people who sign the petitions)
  4. 4. Our Hedgehog Concept (Core) Petitions Human Dignity Change
  5. 5. Tasks Involved in a Petition Research Write Promote
  6. 6. What Do We Offer You? We have implemented the state-ofthe-art online petitions tools to: •Change things (influence) •Produce viral dissemination of the petition
  7. 7. How We Create Viralization
  8. 8. The Cycle of a Petition Petition Action alert (email) Forward Friends and family sign Sign! The list grows New alert (more influential)
  9. 9. How We Create Viralization • • • • • Compelling Text Hot Issues Action Alert The bar Thank You Message • • • • • Thank You Page Share Buttons Form Process Timing
  10. 10. How We Create Viralization
  11. 11. How Do We Help You? You will produce an impact in a decisión maker: • Mobilize society • Impact public opinión • Influence You will grow your social base: you will have access to the personal data of the signers
  12. 12. How Much Is It Each New Name? 1 new name = 1 € • Source: 100 new names = 100 € 1,000 new names = 1,000 € 5,000 new names = 5,000 € 30.000 new names = 30,000 €
  13. 13. What Do We Offer to You? We will help you write a compelling and well crafted petition… We will forward your petition to our database… Our tool will multiply the signers via viralization… And influence, change things You will download (CSV/Excel format) the personal data of your signers… You will increase your grassroots base
  14. 14. Why Should You Promote Your Petition? Because you will produce more change if more people sign the petition Because if your people sign the petition, a portion of them will promote it (via email, Facebook or Twitter) and more names will be added to the list of signers
  15. 15. Why Should You Promote Your Petition? NGO Member • Email • Sign and share • Sign and share Friend Friend of a Friend • Sign New names added to the your list
  16. 16. What Can You Do with the List of Signers? Ask to sign new petitions Inform about their activities Request to share documents or videos Invite to events Fundraise …
  17. 17. Other Tools To Multiply the Effect of Your Petition Strong and Reasonable Ideas (think tank) Internet and Social Media Building Coalitions Reaching via the Media Direct Lobby: Contacting with Politicians
  18. 18. How To Get Started Go to and create your petition now
  19. 19. Any Doubts? Twitter: @citizengo Email: