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Free google maps area calculator tool Described

Add one more useful tool to your arsenal!, Check it now.

Its easy to calculate area of any plot, land, garden, structure (base area only) with maps area calculator tool, This video describes the usage of this free tool. More details visit or or search in google "milloz free area calculator" or visit web presentation at

Also this satellite maps Area measurement tool (planimeter) will be helpful for rough and quick area estimate of countries, towns, cities, rivers, lakes, islands, deserts, continents, water channels, deserted/ abandoned lands (like dam sites, volcano eruption destroyed, nuclear accident disaster affected, chernobyl for example, war/riot ridden, flood, avalanche affected), industrial usage, industrial wastage, polluted land, mining, mining wastage, agricultural land usage, agricultural wastage, pest affected land area, climate/natural hazard affected land area, construction,construction wastage, parking, parking wastage, total area of comfort zones in a city (for example community parks, sports grounds, racing fields, open squares, worship, pilgrim spots, exercise/ warm up, festival, exhibition grounds),water logged, water polluted,subscription/circulation (in terms of area of coverage) etc.
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