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Investing in the Caribbean - IAR Multicultural Summit

REALTOR® Maria Davies, VP, World Council of Brokers, FIABCI, discusses real estate investment in Grenada. (April 26, 2013)

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Investing in the Caribbean - IAR Multicultural Summit

  1. 1. Maria Davies, CIPS, TRCFor All Your Real Estate NeedsMobile: (312) 560-9426Experienced in Local and Global Real Estate•Born and Raised in Europe•Educated in the US•Lived in Grenada for Four Years•Son was Born There•Plan to spend six months annually, starting Oct 2013•Active in Various Leadership Positions in FIABCI(International Real Estate Federation)•Multicultural and Multilingual•Credentials Include:BA Political Science from the University of IllinoisMSW from Loyola UniversityCertified International Property Specialist (CIPS)Transnational Referral Certificate (TRC)
  2. 2. The Island of GrenadaA Brief History1498Columbus discovers the Island and namesIt Conception1500-1650Carib Indians inhabit the Island1650sFrench try to invade several times – Succeeding in 16581664-1764French and British fought and alternately occupied the Island.• Image Credit –www.wikipedia.orgGrenada in itsRegionSouth AmericaCentral AmericaCuba
  3. 3. History of GrenadaContinued from Previous Slide1783Grenada finally becomes British1833Grenada becomes part of the General Government of WinwardIslands1877Officially Proclaimed a Crown Colony1920Island becomes a Semi-Representative form of governmentInternal affairs of Island governed by the people of the Island.Image Credit – www.wikipedia.orgMap of Grenada
  4. 4. History of GrenadaContinued from Previous Slide1950sLabor Union Movement beginsEric Gairy - first appearance later became Grenada’sPrime Minister1974Island became independent nation2004Hurricane Ivan destroys 85% of structures on Island.Image Credits - www.wikipedia.orgGrenada’s Capitol City,St. George circa 1895Sir Eric Mathew Gairy
  5. 5. Slavery in GrenadaWhile Grenada was a plantation slave society fromthe late 17th Century to the middle of the 19thCentury, the slave laws were based on the muchmore liberal and humane Spanish Slave Laws.The lasting legacy is that generally there is little to noracial tension on the Island.People are not judged by color, but instead by familyhistory.Different cultural/societal structure in place. Lesshierarchy and cultural rigidity.Image credit =
  6. 6. Culture in GrenadaGrenadian culture and food are anamalgam of African, French,English, East Indian andPortugueseThe result is a colorful melting potthat is easy to enjoy.Images credit –
  7. 7. Real Estate in Grenada• High Percentage of Ownership• Majority of Foreign Owners investin the Southern Tip of the Island.• University of West Indies and it’sMedical School are located there.• East Coast of Island is more Rugged.
  8. 8. Incentives to Invest inGrenada• Climate• Stable Population• Low Crime• Sophisticated infrastructure• Educated, culturally diversepeople.• Low TaxesPhoto Credit – www.grenadabeaches.comSpice Villa
  9. 9. Lots for SaleOcean View Mountain ViewPhoto credit -
  10. 10. Residential Properties For SalePhoto credit -
  11. 11. For more information please contact:Maria Davies, CIPS, TRCFor All Your Real Estate NeedsMobile: (312)