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Maintaining Hinowa Spider Lifts

Find out all you need to know about maintaining your Hinowa Spider Lift Access Platform with our handy slideshare.

IAPSGroup stock, sell, hire and maintain a huge range of aerial work platforms (AWPs) and mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) to the UK in it's entirety, providing the most efficient and safest way of working at any height for you and your staff.

Looking to add to your fleet, or start one? Whether you want to buy new or used, we'll have it, head over to our website for more information:

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Maintaining Hinowa Spider Lifts

  1. 1. Maintaining HINOWA Spider Lifts
  2. 2. Home Grease Pads Console BatteriesEngine • Changing the engine oil • Draining the water separator • Changing the air filter • Clean or replace the engine oil filter • The diesel filter should also be replaced. • Make sure you top up the anti- freeze. Hinowa recommends to carry out a service at regular intervals*, this includes: *Refer to maintenance manual for service interval time
  3. 3. Home Grease Pads Console BatteriesEngine MARK Motor Oil -15° +40° Traction Reducer Oil Grease ESSO TD 15 W 40 EP 150 BEACON2 CALTEX WRP150 EP2 AGIP SIGMA TURBO 15 W 40 BLASIA 150 GR MUEP 2 I P TARUS TURBO 15 W 40 MELLANA 150 GREP2 Greasing Points & Recommended Lubrication
  4. 4. Home Grease Pads Console BatteriesEngine Remember to inspect the wear pads on the telescopic boom sections and adjust accordingly. Adjust Wear Pads
  5. 5. Home Grease Pads Console BatteriesEngine Cleaning consoles after operating the machine will help to prevent the display from becoming obscured with dirt or debris. It’s a simple thing but you’d be amazed how many operators do not bother. Keep consoles clean and free of debris
  6. 6. Home Grease Pads Console BatteriesEngine How often you charge, clean and top- up your batteries can make a huge difference to their useful life span. For our battery maintenance fact sheet, click here. Batteries & Chargers