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This presentation is about all the social media that is used at Truckee High School.

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Social media prez

  1. 1. Social Media at THS By Ian Wilson
  2. 2. Facebook Facebook is used by everyone, but used by no one. Everyone has an account, but hardly anyone uses it.
  3. 3. Twitter Twitter doesn’t have as many accounts from Truckee, but it is used a little more and offers more entertainment than Facebook.
  4. 4. Instagram Instagram isn’t used by a lot of people, but is used mostly for girls to try to make themselves look good with pictures and “filters”. It’s more entertaining than Facebook, but not as interesting as Twitter.
  5. 5. Vine Vine is used mostly by iPhone holders due to the fact that it is not very good on android phones. Vine shows 6 sec. videos to the viewers and is very entertaining. However, the videos make noise so it’s difficult to use in class.
  6. 6. Tumblr Tumblr isn’t used a lot, but its users seem to be loyal. Tumblr is a lot like if Twitter and Instagram had a baby. People post pictures and other people can comment on them.
  7. 7. Reddit Reddit is also not used by many but the few that use it at Truckee seem to be loyal. Reddit is Twitter’s main competitor. They are very similar and very different.
  8. 8. Snapchat Snapchat is used by many people at Truckee and is very fun to use. It lets you send a picture to anyone that is your friend for 1-10 sec. and allows you to draw on your picture before sending it.
  9. 9. Are These Apps good? Yes and no. These apps can be very useful in marketing yourself and letting your talents make a name for you. However, some people will make fun because they can. Also, employers often check these social media sites before hiring so one must be careful and keep this in mind.
  10. 10. The End