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JRIOrion Stem-D 21stLit Group 1


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Portents By Jessica Zafra - NCR

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JRIOrion Stem-D 21stLit Group 1

  1. 1. PORTENTS By Jessica Zafra – NCR
  2. 2. BACKGROUND OF THE AUTHOR  Jessica Zafra is a fiction writer, columnist, editor, publisher, and former television and radio show host.She is known for her sharp and witty writing style. Her most popular books are the Twisted series, a collection of her essays as a columnist for the newspaper Today (now Manila Standard Today), as well as from her time as editor and publisher of the magazine Flip. She currently writes a weekly column for, the online news portal of TV5. She resides in Metro Manila, Philippines, where she is working on her first novel. She also managed the Eraserheads during the 1990s.
  3. 3. CHARACTERS  Jessica – the pregnant lady that doesn’t know yet what to do in her situation.  Wilma – jessica’s friend that had an experience of abortion.  Lawrence – fifty fifty candidate for the father.  Ramon – an old friend of jessica that knows her very well, eventhough in one look he can read jessica;s thoughts.  Pocholo – friend of jessica whose been telling about the wars and earthquake.  Filthy man – the dirty man whose been revealing important secrets to jessica.  Doctor Manalo – jessica’s doctor. the story tells us about decision making in any kind of situation and facing reality. The message of the story is that know when or what to do or think first before you do something so that when you are already in the situation you will know what to do.
  4. 4. SETTING  Office  Home / House  Restaurant  Church
  5. 5. PLOT SUMMARY  All morning I wondered whether I should ask Wilma for her abortionist’s address. She would give me the address, I knew, even a accompany me to the place. Probably some decrepit wooden house in the fetid alley of Tondo, where the gangs hunted each other down with homemade revolvers. Wilma hid nothing, she wore her brazen honesty like a soiled and rusty halo. She had four abortions, she told me casually while I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom; the washer wowan down her street performed the operations, she owed Wilma money, I imagined Wilma’s insides, as torn and bloody as a battlefield. She said she’d always wanted a baby girl
  6. 6. PLOT STRUCTURE / PLOT DEVELOPMENT  Exposition- Jessica Zafra as the author and the main character of the story.  Rising action- Jessica Zafra became pregnant and she don’t know what to do because she don’t know who is the father of the child, one of the things coming from her mind is the die or suicide.  Climax- A menu from a pizza parlor that delivered had been shoved under my door; reading it, I had a sudden wild craving for anchovy pizza. Pregnant women are supposed to have these wild cravings.  Falling action- Jessica Zafra go to Wilma to abort the child inside of her tummy.  Resolution- Jessica Zafra is undecided if she will abort the child or raise it.
  7. 7. CONFLICT  The Conflict of the story is Man Versus Himself Positive, she said cheerily, as if I shouldn’t go out and hang myself this instant. I held on to the phone for a long time; I was sure that if I let go I would fall down. The coffee turned to mud in my mouth—I ran to the sink and heaved. Congratulations, it’s a fetus. You f*cking idiot.
  8. 8. THEME The story teach us on how to manage right decision in our life, especially for those decision that may become a horrible result that you will regret for your whole life. The infidelity of a woman who got pregnant by circumstance who thinks of an abortion.
  9. 9. SYMBOLISM IS USE “A man on a horse. Riding across the sky. A hundred schoolchildren saw it. According to my aunt it looked like the statue of St. Martin that stands in their church.”
  10. 10. PLOT DEVICES  Foreshadow – “a earthquake will hit at the time of 2:00 oclock.  Flashback – “She had four abortions”
  11. 11. POINT OF VIEW First person – As the author, she is also the main character of the story.
  12. 12. REFERENCES  Jennifer Silao.(December 13, 2016). Copy of Copy of PORTENTS. Retrieved from portents/  Philippine Literature.(December 13, 2016). PORTENTS by Jessica Zafra. Retrieved from jessica-zafra.html
  13. 13. GROUP MEMBERS  Ian Christian Villanueva  Anna Mae Barcarse  Darwin Cruz  Emerjoyce Basilio  Ronn Andrew Sanchez  Robyn Tiong  Jhoncel Hernandez  Lawrenz Enriquez  Charlene Magaling  Myrro Vitangcol  Kyla Samson  Russel Aquino