Research in the making


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Presentation for the graduation show of the Interior Master at the Sandberg Institute.

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Research in the making

  1. Research in the makingIanus Keller ( • For Inspiration Only ( Urgent Matters – Through Space • July 14 2012 • ARCAM/Sandberg Institute
  2. Research in the makingIanus Keller ( • For Inspiration Only ( Urgent Matters – Through Space • July 14 2012 • ARCAM/Sandberg Institute
  4. observations
  5. One year later…
  6. One year later…
  7. Embodied interaction
  8. Embodied interaction
  9. Schaal van interactie
  10. Schaal van interactie
  11. Cabinet
  12. “We become what we behold.We shape our toolsand thereafterour tools shape us.” Marshall McLuhan - Understanding Media: Extensions of Man (1964)
  13. TOOLS
  14. EFFECT
  15. 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  16. Tools in the making
  17. Tools in the making
  18. Tools in the making Makerbot Industries
  19. Tools in the making
  20. Tools in the making
  21. Tools in the making
  22. do it yourself
  23. do it yourself
  24. do it yourself
  25. do it yourself
  26. Explore Join Sign In do it yourself Portfolio 7 Projects 65 StickersBurischkalamaan
  27. 7 Projects 65 Stickers PortfolioBurischkalamaan Arrow 0 Longbow (in Progress) 3 Simple Longbow 2 Banjo 55 Simple Guitar 1 Cigar Box Guitar 0 3D Printed Beyblade 4
  28. Hasbro
  29. Research in the making This is For Inspira The place where tion Onl y Ianus Keller desig builds his tools for ns, researches an inspiration. d Cabinet In which I talk abo ut the final prototyp and sparked the company For Insp e from the PhD project that fina Public internet po iration Only. lized my research In which I talk abo les ut the developmen at Landmark Des ign & Technology t of the public information and com in 1996. munication poles Pregnancy test In which I talk abo ut designing a prod importance, with uct where interact a kind of product that really gets the ion and empathy are of extreme Apple Interface De users full attentio n. In which I look bac sig n Project k on the first inte Internet-enabled rface design con device for hospita cep lized patients calle t I developed in 1994: a portable d Nightingale. In the rear-view mirror Felting the web Though the latest and beyond news item here dat November, 2008, es back to Reboot10: Hardw this does not me On Monday, Novem are as service an that nothing ber 3, 2008, the happened with For version of This hap first Dutch Inspiration Only pened will take pla On Thursday and Instead of an apo in the meantime. ce in Utrecht. I Friday, June 25 logy, a recap of am proud to be co- Ianus Keller retu and 26, 2008, what happened in organizing this eve rned to Copenhag 2009 (and the las Alfrink and Alexan nt with Kars en to attend and t months of 2008). der Zeh. Yesterd talk at the reboot ay Kars 10 conference with announced the firs theme free. this year’s Read on... t speaker and tod privilege to announ ay I have the ce the second spe aker. Read on... Read on... Home • Inspiration • News • Serendipity • About For Inspiration Onl y – Ianus Keller Voorstraat 108, 3311ER Dordrecht, Call +31 78 639 The Netherlands 07 25 or +31 6 22 mail@forinspirat 51 22 24 iononly.comIanus Keller ( • For Inspiration Only ( Urgent Matters – Through Space • July 14 2012 • ARCAM/Sandberg Institute