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What's new? September 2012


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What's new? September 2012

  1. 1. What’s New?September 2012 Abi James
  2. 2. Tablets as an assistive technology - New story or old?
  3. 3. Tablet PC’s & OneNote for Engineering Students (2007)“Notes are less confusing as errors are erasedeasily”“So much easier - everything is in the sameplace, all organised, not a piece of paper floatingin the bottom of the bag.”
  4. 4. But Tablet PC had shortcomings…• Weight: ~2kg• Battery power: ~ 3 hours• Performance affected when running many apps• Interface – pen driven devices running Windows• Screen size too small required external monitor• Expense – more than standard laptop
  5. 5. Is a Tablet the same as a Personal Computer? No• The devices have different feature and e-book function reader• They are designed for different purposes PC Tablet• How are they best used for those studying at HE level?
  6. 6. Where do we use these devices in studying?On the next slide…• 2 stars = a task this device is designed to do and it does it well• 1 star = a task you can achieve with the device but it can be a complicated (and possibly unreliable) process• No star = a task the device can not achieve without additional devices or too many compromises
  7. 7. Usage E-book Tablet e.g. Touch, Desktop / laptop with device ipad, Android AT softwarePurchase ebooksSearch & downloadacademic papersRead aloud text booksRead aloud papers &learning resourcesRecord audio andgraphical notesTake text notes in lecturesResearch on the internetCreate a mind mapMake notes from a textbookDraft an assignmentProof read an assignment
  8. 8. But its more about the practicalities of the device….Practicalities E-book device Tablet e.g. Touch, Desktop / laptop ipad with AT softwareBattery life 30 – 100 hours (only 5- 10 hours 1.5 – 4 hours (some uses power when lightweight models change page) may go to 8 hours)Performance N/A basic TTS, internet , Possible to run all word processing, applications online toolsWeight 0.2-0.3kg 0.35 – 0.8Kg 1.5 – 3.0 kgScreen E-ink, 6-7 inches High resolution, full 13 – 17 inches colour 7 – 10 inches (laptop) 19+ inches desktopInterface Buttons and arrow Touch interface; Keyboard and mouse keys external keyboard, mouse
  9. 9. Windows 8 on Tablets
  10. 10. Assistive Technology & MobileTablets: Don’t forget they are notcomputers One One app at a task at time a time Simple Simple to use to move
  11. 11. Why do tablet devices work as assistive technology or learning device?• Instant on, discrete yet• Powerful and long battery life• Wide range of apps and resources available• Mainstream device with mainstream support• But not all tablets are the same….
  12. 12. Android vs. iOS tablets Android iOSFile Management More like a PC Difficult, requires cloud toolsRange of tools Limited but growing 500 000+ but AT mainly aimed at ASD and communication supportMulti-tasking Can offer a range of tools Apps are Sandboxed, often in one app or that link focussed on a single task togetherAccessibility Improving but still Built-in, good support particular requires additional apps for VIAssistive Can provide an AT Range of education focussed tools.Technology supported working Reading/Writing support tools environment with a range hampered by Sandboxing but of At tools improving e.g. ClaroSpeakAccessing web High-spec tablets can Limited by lack of Flash supportcontent access Flash contentRange of devices 7 – 13 inch screens. Wide iPad only range of quality and power
  13. 13. CapturaTalk for Android: Reading & Writing Support on a tabletCapturaTalk for Android provides a range of reading& writing support tools for Android devices :• Reading aloud with highlighting web pages, text documents, PDF files and eBooks• OCR photos and images & hear text read aloud.• Talking word processor to assist editing, proofing and writing of text.• File management tools and integrated dictionary
  14. 14. Exploring CapturaTalk for
  15. 15. Assistive Technology & the Cloud
  16. 16. Office 15 / 2013• All about document sharing on the Cloud via SkyDrive & other Microsoft services• Using the ribbon interface but also hints that it is designed more for reading content with PowerPoint “Read” view & reflowing PDFs in Word• AT packages that integrate with Office will need to be extensively tested
  17. 17. Cloud, eBooks & accessible content• Mobile devices & touch interfaces are all about accessing content• For disabled students content must be accessible and personalised to suite their individual needs.• eBook & content providers e.g. journals do not always match these needs• Accessible services like azzapt being launched to fill this gap.
  18. 18. azzapt service• Web portal and iPhone app acts as front-end for cloud storage ... provider• Files automatically convert to users preferred format on upload• Format preferences by devices type – desktop, tablet or mobile devicesIn beta, will be launched early 2013
  19. 19. What Conversion are available with azzapt?azzapt Output Can be applied toactionEdit *.docx with different font style MS Word, Open Office and sizes, font and background documents, PDF & RTF files. colour e.g. large print versionRead *.pdf with different font style MS Word, Open Office and sizes, font and background documents, PDF & RTF files colour e.g. large print versionAudio *.mp3 audio file created using MS Word, Open Office text-to-speech engine documents, PDF, RTF, Plain text files, ePub booksBook *.ePub eBook format, opens in MS Word, Open Office eBook software or apps documents, PDF & RTF files.
  20. 20. Example of an azzapt service user• Emma, studying part time & travelling to college and to different locations for work. – Prefers to work on mobile or tablet whilst travelling – Slow reader, prefers to absorb information via audio.• Gets emailed PDF from tutor/colleague. – Uploads PDF using azzapt web site on her desktop computer. – On the way home she access her azzapt enabled app on her tablet and accesses ePub version which is read aloud and can be annotated – While at the gym she listens to MP3 audio version on her mobile
  21. 21. Cloud makes M-learning real: AT support on the goThrough cloudtools additionalsupport can beprovided tostudents whenthey need it
  22. 22. Further informationIansyst LtdFen HouseFen RoadCambridge CB4 1UNTel: 01223 420101Abi James