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Assess 2012 dragon 11 preview dsa11

  1. 1. “Dragon for DSA” In partnership with1
  2. 2. Jonathan Whitmore UK & Ireland Channel Manager2
  3. 3. Dragon DSA – Current situation!! • Unclear and confusing market messages • Multiple offerings through PC World, Currys Dixons, Amazon… etc • No current dedicated version for DSA • Market pricing is too confusing • Often cheapest version selected • DNS Home & DNS Premium do NOT provide adequate functionality • Risk of untrained partners delivering and training the user. • No standardised education/knowledge within assessment communities
  4. 4. Why does there need to be dedicated solution? • Incorrect product version often does not satisfy the basic legal and DSA / SFE requirements. • Correct version, without this, the and level of training the end result and experience could be detrimental to both the student and their career. • Assurance, that everyone who needs speech recognition will receive a standard build of software and importantly the best qualified training.
  5. 5. Dragon DSA – Why is it different?• Save audio with text dictation • Dragon saves the original voice files for synchronised playback (automatically located in the same folder as the transcribed text file)• Customised commands • Personalised commands provides the user with their own unique commands to control other apps e.g. Screen reading, magnification, mapping tools etc• Custom vocabularies • Create or import specialist vocabularies to enhance the Dragon dictionary eg Legal, Medical, etc…• Network “roaming profile” • Leverage hot-desking in the studying environment where the user profile can be held centrally.• 3rd Party Windows Compatible Applications • Full command & control over the majority of 3rd party apps e.g. (Subject to testing)
  6. 6. Dragon DSA – Why is it different?• Standard applications • Full support and control for MS Office Outlook 2003, 2007 as well as entire MS Office 2010 suite! • Technology and versions (e.g. V11.0) sully supported by DSA / SFE and the manufacturer.• Education / Training / Support • SFE / HE / FE & Universities will be assured that their student is receiving the correct solution from the beginning. • An officially Dragon Accredited trained and accredited partner to deliver training and support. • Full Software Maintenance Assurance availability to future proof against new releases.
  7. 7. Dragon Accredited QAG Partners (UK & Ireland)• Government approved (DSA QAG) and Nuance accredited Dragon NaturallySpeaking partners. • Microlink PC (UK) Ltd • Concept Northern • Remtek Systems Ltd • Midland Hire Ltd • Sight and Sound Technology • Invate Ltd • Iansyst Ltd • Barry Bennett Ltd • Avantek Computer Limited • Wyvern Business Systems
  8. 8. One person who has benefitted from using Dragon isRobert Cantwell. He explains: “I am disabled and I onlyhave the use of my right hand. Typing is slow andlaborious. A friend introduced me to DragonNaturallySpeaking and overnight the ability to write in anefficient manner was presented to me. It has afforded menow an opportunity to pursue a course in a Universitywhere I will use Dragon NaturallySpeaking as a tool tohone my writing abilities and become a legal eagle.Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a very significant resourcefor me, and I commend it wholeheartedly to anyone in mycircumstances.”
  9. 9. “I can’t say enough about what NaturallySpeaking hasdone for my teaching, and I can saywith certainty that this program will be an important part ofmy teaching for years to come.”Mike Fejes, School Teacher
  10. 10. RADAR One Voice Coalition ‘Technology Provider of the YearAward’ 2010 Winner: Nuance Communications Nuances Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11, the newest release of the worlds best- selling desktop speech recognition software, has been developed to improve the way people interact with their computers. Nuances Dragon Mobile Apps for Apple platforms enable millions of people to communicate quickly and easily on mobile devices, simply by speaking. Together these open new opportunities for disabled people in their professional and personal lives.
  11. 11. Amy Blafer:"Shortly after starting my dissertation, I found out that my son had dyslexia.He has spent the last two years learning to read, but he is still unable to gethis ideas on to paper. Dragon has allowed his ideas to fly onto the page asfast as he can think them up. Dragon has turned his disability to an ability."
  12. 12. William O.In the late 1990s I developed severe macular degeneration and in the space of a couple ofyears became unable to read even a magnifying video monitor. JAWS, a screen readingprogram, compensated for this deficit. Shortly after that, however, some nerve damage causedto lose effective function of my right hand, so that I was no longer able to write or use thekeyboard. I am a psychiatrist/psychoanalyst and it is necessary that I keep some notes aboutmy patients. Because of the confidential nature of the information it is out of the question todictate these to a secretary. As a result for several years I had to rely on my memory (whichfortunately is quite good!). Dragon Naturally Speaking has proved invaluable in enabling me todeal with this problem. I now use it with JAWS, with JSay as a bridge to Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Instead of using the microphone I dictate into a model #9350 Philips Digital PocketMemo (compatible with DNS) and download this into the computer. This allows me to do mydictating any place I happen to be and gives me more freedom. In addition, I have learned thekeystrokes that allow me to print a hard copy. If I wish to review some of the material later Ican scan it into OpenBook, another screen reader, which then reads it aloud to me. Mydisabilities remain unchanged but, thanks to Dragon Naturally Speaking, I have been able toadapt comfortably to the disabilities and continue to use your wonderful program. [Biographicalnote by Mrs. O…: This amazing man is 90 years old and still in full time practice of medicine,thanks in part to DNS.]