Truths and Lies of Internet Marketing


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Truths and Lies of Internet Marketing

  1. 1. Truths and Lies of Internet Marketing
  2. 2. A long time ago you decided that working all the hours God sends every week and being away from your familyjust has to be wrong. You know what? It is. There is a wayto right this wrong and it has to do with the Internet. But you knew that already. So what is the next step?
  3. 3. You have been looking online in the search engines and maybe in the newsgroups and you have seen plenty of opportunities. Most of the hype you read sounds muchtoo good to be true and most of it is. However, there aresome real opportunities out there. You just have to knowwhere to look. Dont follow the other sheep, work it out for yourself.
  4. 4. Where do you look? Who holds the keys to this bountifulvirtual treasure chest? Do you have a chance at success?
  5. 5. From here on in well confirm some truths and dispel some lies which youll find all over the place online.
  6. 6. Lie: I can earn amazing sums of money online really quick. I can quit the 9-5 within weeks!
  7. 7. Truth: Pure hype reigns supreme on the Internet. Theclaims of huge downlines, 6 figure incomes overnight and massive mailing lists with no effort are complete drivel. Nothing is easy to make a go of and online its no different. Its possibly even harder to make your fortuneonline since the rules are always changing. Staying on top of and driving these changes is where your success will come from.
  8. 8. Lie: Working your online business is easier than working the 9-5.
  9. 9. Truth: Making a true success of your online business is, more often than not, a whole lot harder. You are directlyresponsible for the amount of money you put in the bank at the end of the month. You will need excellent time management skills and organizational skills. Possibly the hardest thing is the motivation. To get up every day andmotivate yourself to switch the computer on, knowing you have to get down to some hard work can be very tough some days.
  10. 10. Lie: My time is my own. I can work whenever.
  11. 11. Truth: Your time is your most precious commodity. Thereare daily demands on your time from your family and thebusiness of everyday living. Real life carries on regardless of whether you have a spreadsheet to prepare or not.Managing your time actually becomes a delicate balancing act. You cannot ignore your family if youre working at home - and anyway, one of the reasons you wanted to work at home was to spend more time with the family, right?
  12. 12. Lie: My children will enjoy the extra time I can spend with them.
  13. 13. Truth: Still with this time thing. Yes your kids will be happier to see you more around the place but they willalso become confused as to why you cant play with them more and may even come to resent this. The delicate balancing act is indeed a thin tight-rope walk and youvegot to be a masterful acrobat to pull it off. It can be done however and this shouldnt put you off.
  14. 14. Lie: Build it and they will come.
  15. 15. Truth: Whilst this may have been true in the very earlydays of the Internet with the most basic of search engines driving traffic, these days nothing could be further from the truth. Building your website and getting it online puts you on the first rung of the ladder. Getting enough traffic to make your website profitable is your next goal. There are many places online which claim to be able to do thisfor you, only 2-3% of these places will be worth your time.
  16. 16. Lie: The Internet is just one big playground for scammers.
  17. 17. Truth: The Internet, with its anonymity, is indeed a fertile breeding ground for the more unscrupulous among us. While scammers get all the press there are plenty of real people like you making some nice piles of coin from the Internet perfectly legally. The information revolution is upon us and you better get onboard.
  18. 18. Lie: All my friends and family will want to join me.
  19. 19. Truth: Your friends and family will think youre completelymad. While you may find one or two people whore open to your dreams and visions, most will simply ridicule you so be ready for that. They may not talk about you openlybut they will think youre wasting your time. Ignore them and prove them wrong. You can do it. Success is sweet.
  20. 20. At the final analysis, if you want to work at home on theInternet, become truly financially and spiritually free then the odds are not stacked in your favour. This being said,with the fire of determination burning inside you, with thestrong desire to enjoy a life of no money worries and more quality time with your family then you will succeed. It takes time, effort and hard choices but you can do it.
  21. 21. Just do one thing every day to improve your position and thats all it takes.
  22. 22. Heres to your ultimate success!
  23. 23. Riley.
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