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Ian slides technical only


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Published in: Technology
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Ian slides technical only

  1. 1. ReliableDR – Service AssurancePresented By-Ian JonesSenior Pre-Sales Consultant
  2. 2. ReliableDR ArchitectureOverviewvVCHardwareorSoftwareReplicationHypervisorAPIHypervisorAPICRPReliableDRRecoverySandboxPrimary Site Secondary SiteITService1ITService2ITService. . .NetApp, EMC, IBM,HP, Dell, DataCore..NetApp, EMC, IBM,HP, Dell, DataCore..ITService1Business rules
  3. 3. ReliableDR Architecture OverviewvVCHardwareorSoftwareReplicationHypervisorAPIHypervisorAPISnapshotReliableDRRecoverySandboxPrimary Site Secondary SiteITService1ITService2ITService. . .NetApp, EMC, IBM,HP, Dell, DataCore..NetApp, EMC, IBM,HP, Dell, DataCore..
  4. 4. Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS)ApplicationsCustomer ARaaS ServiceProviderCustomer CPhysicalWorkloadCustomerPortalInternet(VPN)Customer BApplicationsDASDASApplications
  5. 5. Demo
  6. 6. ReliableDR Editions
  7. 7. Why Customers AreChoosing ReliableDRProductFeature/CapabilityVMwareSRMReliableDRFailover to Disaster Recovery Site  Failback to Production Site  VM Level Heartbeat DR Testing  Host Based Replication  Application-Aware DR Testing Fully Automated DR Testing (Hourly, Daily, Weekly) IT Service RPO & RTO Compliance Measurement andEnforcementIT Service Rollback to Multiple, Certified Recovery Points IT Service Recovery Time Assurance IT Service Recovery (Web) Dashboard with Email & SNMPAlertingSupport for Physical & Virtual Servers  8
  8. 8. Virtual / Physical non x86 Service…VMware vSphere ClusterService PortalApp•Apache Web Server (2)•Tomcat Server•Oracle DB ServerdbfSun SPARCVMFSVirtual / Physical non-x86 Service (1)…VMware vSphere ClusterService PortalApp•Apache Web Server (2)•Tomcat Server•Oracle DB ServerVMFSdbfPrimary Site Secondary SiteReplica onIncremental CopySnapshot22/3/2011 20:00Restore fromBackup
  9. 9. ReliableDR 3rd party replicationvVCHypervisorAPIHypervisorAPISnapshot/CRPReliableDRin SingleSite ModeRecoverySandboxSecondary SiteITService1ITService2ITService. . .Primary Site3rd partyreplica onExample -SRM orVeeamReliableDR 3rd party replica on1
  10. 10. 19Hypervisor StorageApplica onsOpera ngSystems • Ac ve Directory , DHCP• Exchange, Sharepoint, IIS• Oracle• SQL Server• MySQL• All web applica ons• Heartbeat & ping host• Microso VSS• All Windows Services• All Linux Daemons• EMC NaviCLI, SYMCLI• EMC Celerra/RecoverPoint CLI• NetApp OnTap• Dell Compellent, Equalogic HIT• HP EVA SSSU, Le Hand P4000 CLI• HP XP/HDS CommandView• IBM SMCLI, DSCLI, SVC/XIV CLI• Oracle Pillar AxiomCLI• DataCore, Nimble, FalconStor CLI• vSphere SDK• VMware VDDK• VMware VIX APIMul -datacenterRecovery Orchestrator
  11. 11. Pool37DRSiteOffsiteReplica on, Extend , Migrate , Expand,Auto-TierInfrastructure-wideMigrateAdd PerformanceMigrateAdd PerformanceContinuousAvailabilityScaleOutNodesScaleOutSitesDRSiteScale-out
  12. 12. SRM ArchitectureSRA SRAvSphere ClientSRM Plug-InvSphere ClientSRM Plug-InVMFS SAN ArrayVMFSBlock Replication SoftwareVMFS SAN ArrayVMFSBlock Replication SoftwareDB DBSRM ServerSRM ServerDB DBvCenter Server vCenter ServerESXESX ESXESX ESXSRM Architecture
  13. 13. ReliableDR Architecture
  14. 14. Example Customers