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  1. 1. What’s Your Ritual?
  2. 2. TARGET AUDIENCE • Ages 14-25 years old • Middle class • Athletic • Males
  3. 3. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS 1. Close the increasing gap between Adidas and Nike on the stock market. 2. Keep the overall amount spent on this marketing campaign at a lower level than previous years. Get marketing expenses in relations to sales to 35%. 3. Get Adidas as a uniform sponsor for an NFL team. 4. Keep growing dominance in the soccer uniform/equipment world.
  4. 4. THE BIG IDEA • The big idea is to reestablish Adidas as a clothing and uniform powerhouse. • Simple truth: Adidas is struggling in almost all sporting markets except soccer and golf (Taylormade). • If Adidas wants to see profit in the coming months it is time to grow those markets that are strong and get into markets that Adidas is not a big part of; like football and basketball. • Nike’s contract with the NFL ends in 2017, so by that time Adidas can have a foot in the door to begin to take over. • The “What’s Your Ritual”? Campaign will aim to humanize the stars and grab the attention from the young, athletic crowd. This will give the opportunity to introduce new athletes to the brand and to get an inside to their lives.
  5. 5. MARKETING PLAN Jersey Sponsorship • First the idea would be to sign a deal with the NFL to make uniforms for a team alongside Reebok and Nike. • The uniforms will be designed with an intense, eye catching look that grabs the attention of the media. • In addition, similar to what Nike does, Adidas will release uniforms for college basketball and college football, which will allow for creativity in the designing process. • The marketing of these and other aspects of the overall plan will be outlined in the following slides.
  6. 6. MARKETING PLAN Television Advertisements • Television advertisements will be important for the success of the campaign, but will be used more for awareness than be the centerpiece. • Using Adidas stars like Derek Rose and Lionel Messi. • And using new stars from the football world. • The Ads will give an inside look into game day for some top athletes around the world and the rituals that lead up to game time. • Include the twitter campaign hashtag at the end.
  7. 7. MARKETING PLAN Social Media/Blogs Twitter: Using the hashtag that will be mentioned in the tv ads: #MyAdidasRitual, fans will be prompted to share their rituals with pictures. Snapchat: Adidas will sponsor snapchat at various sporting events asking fans and athletes alike to send in videos of their pregame rituals. Blogs: Working with blogs like bleacher report and SB Nation, the goal is to have them talk about new uniforms that will be worn and keep fans updated on the campaign at the same time.
  8. 8. MARKETING PLAN Google Ad-words/SEO Optimization • Get keywords “what’s your ritual” and “ritual” top ranked on Google for Adidas. • Have landing pages on Adidas website under a new “Rituals” tab that will be added. • Increase Google ranking for keywords such as “football uniforms”, “uniforms”, “soccer”, “basketball” and “basketballjerseys”. • Create Google Ad-words that offer a 20% off deal when the customer shares their ritual on the website.
  9. 9. BUDGET • For a budget we will use a monthly plan of about $5000 a month for 12 months. • There will be more costs to expect for running ads and getting the big sponsorships with athletes. • A cap of $100 million for a year of advertisements that will reestablish the brand is very doable. • Once it is done however, Adidas will have a whole new market to reach out too. Monthly digital marketing budget: $5000 * 12 months Television Advertisements (prime time): $90,000 * 500 Football team uniform sponsorship (1 team, 1 year deal) $60,000 $45,000,000 $250,000,000 Total: $295,060,000
  10. 10. WRAP UP Its simple, Adidas can lead the industry. • In the world cup this past year Adidas came out on top and has now taken 3 of Nike’s biggest futbol club sponsorships. • This is the time to get inside the lives of athletes. • Everyone has their pregame ritual, kids do it before their little league games, fans do it before games and stars do it before they put on the performance of a lifetime. These rituals humanize the stars, humble them, and show that with Adidas anything can be possible.