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HTML5 Form Validation


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Slides from a talk I gave at Super Mondays in Newcastle on Tuesday 26 April 2011

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HTML5 Form Validation

  1. 1. Form ValidationwithHTML5Ian OxleySuper Mondays, 26 April 2011
  2. 2. $ whois• Hi, I’m Ian• Web / Application Developer at Sage•• @ianoxley
  3. 3.• HTML5 client-side <form> validation• New <input> types and attributes make this really easy• (Still need to perform validation on the server)
  4. 4. HTML4• Client-side validation requires JavaScript• Custom code, jQuery validate, etc.• Extra work to give user optimal UX
  5. 5. • New <input> types and attributes• Browsers have built-in client-side validation
  6. 6. For Example...
  7. 7. Required fields<input type="text" required>
  8. 8. Regex with pattern attribute<input type="text" required pattern="[A-Za-z-0-9]+s[A-Za-z-0-9]+" placeholder="Firstname Lastname">
  9. 9. Email Validation<input type="email" requiredplaceholder="Enter your email address">
  10. 10. URL Validation<input type="url" required placeholder="Website or blog">
  11. 11. Numeric Data<input type="number" value="1" min="1" max="4" required>
  12. 12. HTML5 Forms + CSS3• New psuedo classes for better UX• Visual cues and feedback to guide the user
  13. 13. :required and :optional
  14. 14. :valid and :invalid,:in-range and :out-of-range
  15. 15. No Validation?<form novalidate> ...</form>
  16. 16. Cross browser?IE Firefox Safari Chrome Opera iPhone Android- 4.0+ 5.0+ 6.0+ 9.0+ - - Source:
  17. 17. JavaScript fallback...• Modernizr library for HTML5 detectionif (!Modernizr.input.required) { // Validate the old-fashioned way setValidationFallback();}
  18. 18. Can also be used...• In browser extensions• Greasemonkey scripts• Prototyping / designing in the browser
  19. 19. Further info• A Form of Madness• Forward Thinking Form Validation validation/• New Form Features in HTML5• Modernizr JavaScript Library
  20. 20. /(any questions)?/
  21. 21. Contact me• Email:• Twitter: @ianoxley• Demos: html5forms/demos/