Bloomberg vs. Thompson - A Search and Social Media Analysis of the 2009 New York City Mayoral Race


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The 2009 New York City Mayoral race between Mike Bloomberg and Bill Thompson is taking place on search and social media sites more so than on the campaigns's own websites.

Is the "destination" dead?

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Ian Orekondy

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  • Bloomberg announced his victory to his Twitter and Facebook supporters before talking with TV news channels:
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  • CorbinNYC - Your hack was humorous, I'll give you that for sure. I wonder if Blue State Digital caught on to it, as it's certainly a learning opportunity.

    The idea behind the Thompson Facebook pic tool was good: allow supporters to demonstrate their support to their friends. During the race I actually did see a few of Thompson's Facebook friends' implementing the tool; though adoption did seem quite low.

    Bloomberg utilized his own Facebook- and Twitter-integrated tool, taking a different approach: encourage tweets by offering a templated 'get out the vote' tweet / FB status update. Certainly less risky; but I didn't track its usage.

    Looking forward, Meg Whitman's campaign for California Governor should provide new opportunities to see how political campaign digital strategies evolve. From a mobile / text perspective, she's already got an interesting text alert tool that notifies supporters of events in their area based on zipcode. And she's got tens of thousands of Twitter followers, so I expect more innovation from the former eBay CEO.

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  • That Thompson Facebook photo deal was a JOKE! First, hardly anyone did it - check out Thompson’s fans and you’ll see no evidence anyone donated their photo. And second, it was easily hacked. Check out these user submissions:
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  • Update 10/25: Thompson is stepping up his integrated social media strategy with a new tool that let's his Facebook friends show their support with an overlay on their profile pic. You can see a screenshot of the tool here:
    Thompson is promoting this tool on Twitter.

    Note: I am not affiliated with either campaign in any way.
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Bloomberg vs. Thompson - A Search and Social Media Analysis of the 2009 New York City Mayoral Race

  1. 2009 New York City Mayoral Race<br />Digital Social Media Strategies and Impact Analysis<br />Bill Thompson vs. Mike Bloomberg<br />Vs.<br />Monday, October 19th, 2009<br />1<br />Ian Orekondy @iano1000<br />
  2. The 2009 New York City Mayoral Race Is Taking Place on Social Media Sites Much More Than on The Campaigns’ Own Sites<br />2<br />Ian Orekondy @iano1000<br />
  3. Bloomberg’s YouTube Videos Have 4x More Views as Thompson’s Videos <br />3<br />Ian Orekondy @iano1000<br />Only Bloomberg Appears to Be Promoting His YouTube Channel With Promoted Videos when users search on relevant terms within YouTube<br />
  4. Bloomberg Is Winning the Battle for Attention on Twitter, and He Is Aggressively Promoting His Twitter Profile via text ads on Google’s Content Network <br />Bloomberg has built a comparatively large Twitter following, despite a less personal tone<br />Thompson has a more personal tone on Twitter, but has not been effective at building a large following<br /># of Followers on Twitter<br />Example of Bloomberg’s Google Content Network Text Ad Driving People to His Twitter Profile<br />Bloomberg’s Twitter Account Is Using A Range of Borough-Specific Hashtags to Increase the Reach of His Tweets<br />4<br />Graph of Twitter Followers Over Time Provided by TwitterCounter<br />Ian Orekondy @iano1000<br />
  5. Bloomberg’s Facebook Page Has 4x More Fans/Supporters Than Thompson’s Page<br />5<br />Ian Orekondy @iano1000<br />Only Bloomberg Appears to Be Actively Promoting His FacebookPage with Cost Facebook’sSocial Ads -Cost Per Click Text/Image Ads Presumably Targeted to People Who List New York City As Their Hometown<br />*Facebook also prices these on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions basis)<br />
  6. Search Interest in Thompson Peaked Higher Than Bloomberg’s in September and October, Probably Because Fewer NYC Residents Knew Much About Thompson Before The Race<br />However, Bloomberg’s Campaign Site Traffic Has Grown Significantly Faster.<br />6<br />Ian Orekondy @iano1000<br />
  7. Bloomberg’s Campaign Website Is Dominating The First Page of Google Search Results for Keyword “NYC Mayoral Election”<br />7<br />Paid Search (PPC): Top Listing Premium Placement <br />Organic Search (SEO): <br />4th Listing on Page 1<br />Ian Orekondy @iano1000<br />
  8. Bloomberg Is Even Reaching Voters With Ads On Bill Thompson’s Own Website<br />When visitors to Bill Thompson’s website search for information on Mike Bloomberg, they are served an ad for Mike Bloomberg via the Google Content Network<br />8<br />Ian Orekondy @iano1000<br />
  9. Both Thompson and Bloomberg are Bidding on Their Own “Brand Terms”, And Both Candidates Are Battling for the Term “Mike Bloomberg” within Paid Search (PPC)<br />9<br />One area within the search and social media space that Bill Thompson is winning is on his own “brand term” – Bloomberg doesn’t appear to be bidding on this term<br />Ian Orekondy @iano1000<br />
  10. Recommendations for Both Candidates<br />BillThompson2009:<br />Extend the reach of your tweets<br /><ul><li>Engage passionate groups in relevant ways with better hashtags (e.g. #brooklyn or #yankees, #jets), just make sure you’re staying relevant to these groups</li></ul>Focus funds on reaching engaged voters researching the election online<br /><ul><li>With only two weeks until the election, it’s probably too late in the race to try to compete within the organic search results on Google
  11. But with few competitors bidding on relevant search terms in the paid search space, give yourself a voice on more general keywords (e.g. NYC Mayoral Election), and…
  12. Consider driving these engaged searchers directly from Google to your YouTube videos ,Twitter profile and Facebook page where people are more likely to return on an ongoing basis, so you can keep them engaged throughout the rest of the race </li></ul>Finally, your campaign may need all the funds it can get, but give up the $1.25 your making from Google AdSense and stop (inadvertently) promoting Bloomberg on your site. <br />Mike Bloomberg for Mayor:<br />Make sure you’re paying your search and social media teams handsomely – they’re doing a pretty good job for you.<br />10<br />Ian Orekondy @iano1000<br />
  13. Agree/Disagree?<br />Share Your Thoughts, Ideas, Suggestions for the Candidates at<br />And you can find me on Twitter @iano1000<br />Vs.<br />Monday, October 19th, 2009<br />11<br />Ian Orekondy @iano1000<br />