Ian McDonaldMBCS CITP CSci MInstP CPhys EurPhys MIET IEng ISEB Test Practitioner
EU (British Citizen) Se...
International Copyright Enterprises (ICE) - London UK and Stockholm Sweden
Programme Test Manager Decembe...
Testing Consultancy (Independent consultant) 1997 – 2007
• HelpHire Group (FTSE 100) – Test Lead. QTP & Pega script mainte...
• Prince 2 Foundation and Prince 2 Practitioner (2003);
• BSc Science, Open University (Science and Mathematics);
• PGCE S...
Sector Details Company
Mapping Test Consultant - Produced test strategy and methodology
for new geographic mapping system....
• Had to mitigate against major shortfalls in overall project plan (e.g. missing and incorrectly aligned
project phases, i...
• Responsibility for testing over the full project life cycle from requirements through to acceptance;
• Reviewed requirem...
Annex C - Technical Expertise
Management and Leadership:
Define activities, aims, deliverables & vision. Budgeting. Bids. ...
Hardware Experience:
Electronics (Analogue, Digital and Microcomputer) Design Build, Manufacture and Test,
Annex E – References
• LinkedIn Profile (including recommendations): http://uk.linkedin.com/in/islandsystems
• Service Del...
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Ian McDonald CV April 2014 - full internet version


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CV Ian McDonald April 2014 - Full Version

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Ian McDonald CV April 2014 - full internet version

  1. 1. Ian McDonaldMBCS CITP CSci MInstP CPhys EurPhys MIET IEng ISEB Test Practitioner ian@islandsys.com EU (British Citizen) Security Cleared to SC level Test and System Integration Architect, Global Project Management, Full Project Life Cycle, QA and Testing Specialist with hands-on professional experience across the full digital landscape. Areas of expertise include Complete Test Architecture Design & Development, Full Programme Management, Strategy Development, Process Improvement and Business Analysis. Experienced with Test Driven Development and early mitigation of faults through analysis. KEY SKILLS: Testing • Selection/design of tooling and design of test frameworks; • Developed testing strategies and QA frameworks across diverse applications to minimise risk; • Risk based testing and responding to delivery problems; • Test Driven Development (TDD). Bid Support • Significantly contributed to winning contracts with NATO, MoD, BT and NHS. Business Analysis • Ensuring good business analysis (functional and non-functional); • Adequate business requirement coverage including full end to end business process coverage; • Metric collection reporting to improve lessons learned and judge when a product is ready for release. Management: • Held key strategic roles in major blue chip organisations such as BAE Systems and Symbian/Nokia; • Managing large scale projects across the UK, USA, EMEA and Far East Regions; • Managing web and mobile technology projects; • Early mitigation of defects across the full product life cycle to reduce costs and speed delivery. MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS: • Revised QA process at Ecclesiastical Insurance, achieving buy-in to the new process; • Devised QA agile process at BAE Systems Detica and became agile process champion; • Rescuing projects that are behind schedule to become world leaders; • Working across teams in the UK, India, China and North America cut the defect leakage by 42% across a blue chip company within 16 months - rising to 63% in 24 months. This accelerated licences sold by 19.6 million in just one quarter, allowing the company to exceed its target; • Improvement in defect fix time by 20% - more defects fixed sooner, cutting the defect verification time, while improving quality; • Improvement in efficiency by 99% for automated script maintenance for a FTSE 100 company; • Improvement in efficiency by 99% for test data creation at a global communications company; • Defect leak cut by 30% at a FTSE 100 blue chip company for black box functional testing and introduced a system of functional test analysis that cut test effort by several man years; • Unit testing improved for dynamic & static analysis - allowing defects to be found sooner and so reducing production costs; • Delivered to time and budget a law enforcement agency system with 60 virtual servers and over 2Tb of audit data with millions of transactions per year in under half of the normal development time, overcoming significant delivery problems. Page 1 of 10
  2. 2. CAREER OVERVIEW: International Copyright Enterprises (ICE) - London UK and Stockholm Sweden Programme Test Manager December 2013 to Current • 20 million record database system for European Music copyright and performance rights fee handling. ICE is a joint venture between PRS (UK), STIM (Sweden) and GEMA (Germany). Created test strategy and test plan, putting in place quality processes and trained staff in testing. Worked with a multi-organisation team across Sweden, Germany and the UK. Insurance Company - Gloucester Test Consultant August 2013 • Largest specialist insurer for places of worship - Gloucester. Laid the foundation for a move to CMMI level 4/5. Carried out a QA audit, created a new test policy, recommended tooling, provided guidance on implementation and engaged with stakeholders to assist implementation. StarBase - London Senior Consultant March - August 2013 • Top 10 UK Supermarket chain - London. Captured the tasks and activities of the outgoing load and performance test lead, with view to running future load and performance test teams. However position relocated to Coventry; • Information Governance - Geneva Switzerland. Consultancy for load testing an information governance system; • Consumer Utility Energy Company - Coventry - Guidance and oversight of web site testing; • Law Enforcement - Guidance and oversight for the performance testing of a system defect fix. Produced final report. Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland NHS Primary Care Trust Test Manager Consultant / Technical Architect - Commissioning of NHS 111 System Feb 2013 • Short contract - Design of commissioning testing triage system (using Adastra and System 1) through to local services, within the NHS in Leicester. This is primarily for callers who require less urgent support than that provided for 999 (112) calls. Involved 3 Clinical Commissioning Groups, a population of 1,034,000 across an area of 2,000 square miles and 710 organisations, including Ambulance 999 service, GP's, Dentists, Pharmacies, Opticians, Accident and Emergency and Midwifery. Created test strategy / plan for project, including both system testing & interface to telecoms testing (mobile & landline) provider services, user stories and test cases for contract sign- off. BAE Systems Detica SENIOR MANAGER / DEPUTY HEAD OF TESTING 2010 – 2012 • Built an integrated test practice across the company. Provided guidance and support for difficult deliveries. Produced agile testing delivery model for company. Became a company Agile champion. Selected tool stack; • Took over as Test Manager for Multimedia Website for BAE Systems globally, used TDD; • Stepped in as Test Manager for a Secure Intelligence Capability for Law Enforcement Agencies with immature requirements and interfaces, to be delivered under challenging circumstances; • Created model for apprentice programme in response to maintaining staff skills; • Bid, testing and requirement support for Transport for London (TfL), Get ahead of the 2012 London Olympic Games, Rail Ticketing e-commerce, Metropolitan Police, AXA, RBS, NHS and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This also included single sign on law enforcement projects. Symbian Software Ltd CHIEF TEST ARCHITECT 2007 – 2009 • In response to the threat of further product recalls, built under my leadership a global test team across India, China, North America and the UK, reducing company defect leakage by a confirmed 42% in 16 months, rising to 63% within 2 years. Test Driven Approach used; • No product recalls took place during my time at the company and product sales rose by 19.6 million in one quarter alone due to phone manufacturers’ response to improved quality. Page 2 of 10
  3. 3. Testing Consultancy (Independent consultant) 1997 – 2007 • HelpHire Group (FTSE 100) – Test Lead. QTP & Pega script maintenance improved by 99%; • TesCom UK Ltd – Test Consultant/Manager. Digital TV, e-commerce, web, email, media; • Symbian - Test consultant - designed automated test management system; • IBM / Defra Guildford and London – Test Manager - cut defect fix time by 20% and delivered one of the first government e-projects to be delivered to time and budget, supporting farmers and politically sensitive due to the BSE and avian flu crises; • National Police Improvement Agency (NPIA) –previously called the Police IT Organisation (PITO). Called in as Test Manager to rescue testing on National Firearms licensing project - a response to Dunblane; • Computer Science Corporation - Test consultant at BAE Systems (British Aerospace), creating a test strategy for a complex delivery of a stock control and ordering system; • Cogent Defence and Security Networks Ltd – Test and Engineering Consultant - won significant bids for NATO and MoD; • Electronic Arts Europe Ltd (EA-Games) – Consultant - Improved predictability for test delivery; • Nortel Communications – Senior Test Analyst. Tested UNIX and NT based network-monitoring - improved test data preparation activity by 99%. Flomerics Ltd Test & QA Manager 1996 – 1997 • Challenged by a product that was significantly behind schedule and failing at integration, created a successful test strategy, trained testers, conducted code reviews and quickly delivered a beta release. Flomerics became the world's leading Computational Fluids Dynamics (CFD) tool provider. Siemens-Plessey Systems Engineer Air Traffic Management 1994 – 1996 • Challenged by the need of European countries to provide national air traffic management capabilities, created subsystem designs for major Air Traffic Management integration programmes in Finland, Sweden and Hungary, Search and Rescue (Finland) and Military Communications (Finland). Used a behaviour driven and domain driven design approach. Southborough School & Chessington Community College Head of Physics & Electronics 1989 – 1994 • Taught courses in A level Physics, Science, Electronics and set up and taught a BTEC Engineering course. This successful BTEC course responded to the need to provide a route into manufacturing for pupils who were capable of providing quality work, but were not suited for the A level entry. Racal Avionics Senior Engineer 1986 – 1988 • In response to the need to design multiple circuits for the sky phone airborne satellite communications system quickly at low cost, created a modular microcomputer approach designing all microcomputer controlled interfaces and test equipment. Created the embedded software, saving significantly both development time and costs, while the test equipment became a successful product in its own right. Plessey - Radar Principal Engineer 1980 – 1986 • Challenged by the need of both the Mexican government and the UK aviation authority to upgrade its air traffic control systems, designed and delivered significant upgrades at 3 airports. Also solved a range of technical problems in designs of other systems and designed components of the UK Watchman radar display. QUALIFICATIONS & AFFILIATIONS: • Professional memberships: MBCS, CITP, CSci, MInstP, CPhys, EurPhys, MIET, IEng; • Grad UK Leadership Academy, Improvement & Development Agency (I&DeA); • ISEB Test Foundation and ISEB Test Practitioner; Page 3 of 10
  4. 4. • Prince 2 Foundation and Prince 2 Practitioner (2003); • BSc Science, Open University (Science and Mathematics); • PGCE Science Education, London University; • Diploma in Electronics and Computer Technology, University of Westminster; • HND Applied Physics, Portsmouth University. Annex A - Additional Experience Sector Details Company NHS Test Team Leader for Portal on NHS Email and Calendar system for England and Wales. Based upon MiraPoint, using a rapid development process. Cable and Wireless Telecoms Provided technical support to this IT solutions provider for a successful bid (worth £6 million). Creating an automated Agile Test Factory in India for 400 testers to carry out work for BT. Joined team at point where they were losing the bid. Turned project around to eventually win bid. BearingPoint London – Engineering Consultant on British Telecom Bid Web / Email High usage web & email sites. Devised test strategy, tested and managed test team for a virtual Internet Service Provision (vISP) system hosting Tesco, Virgin, ic24 (Daily Mirror) and many others. Use of RadView Web Load and HP/Mercury tool stack. Project used a Rapid Development Process. TesCom at C&WW - Test Manager / Senior Test Analyst Defence / Finance Test Manager for the Business Modelled process control product used for all of British Aerospace. Devised test strategy, based upon using the WebSphere Business Modeller tool, for.NET financial reporting package. Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) –at British Aerospace – Test Manager Bid support work, creating service response, test strategy and plans • NHS 111 service in Hampshire, working with South Central Ambulance Service; • NHS 111 service in Surrey, Sussex, Kent & Maidenhead, working with SE Coast Ambulance; • Rail Service Provisioning (timetables and ticketing) for all major UK ticket suppliers; • Security data validation (complex data migration) for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; • Metropolitan Police secure data system - OGC bid standards; • Physical Security Information Management (PSIM); • Axa Wealth finance; • Test facility in response to security threat of server equipment manufactured in the Far East. BAE Systems - Detica - Senior Manager CD Catalogue and Online Ordering Tested online Sales procurement system. TesCom for Radio Spares Retail Stock Control Test Consultant. Testing of company server systems (finance and stock control systems). Bunzl Fine Paper Multimedia Multimedia CD ROM Author/Product Manager - Wrote educational multimedia CD-ROM's. Microbooks and I- Seek. Digital TV Test Consultant - Produced the HTML test scripts (including Java script) for Digital TV. TesCom at C&WW Web authoring Web site authoring (XML, HTML and Java Script). Various small projects Data Management Multilingual Information and Document Access System (MIDAS) - devised test strategy. Canon Research Europe Ltd Page 4 of 10
  5. 5. Sector Details Company Mapping Test Consultant - Produced test strategy and methodology for new geographic mapping system. National Topographic database (NTD2) System Integration. TesCom at Ordnance Survey – Test Consultant Graphics Small Object Modeller - 3D rendering testing - devised test strategy for new technology. Canon Research Europe Ltd Speech recognition Embedded voice / speech recognition systems for PDA’s. Devised test strategy. Canon Research Europe Ltd Annex B - Case Studies BAE Systems Detica – Senior Manager - Deputy Head of Testing Overview: Provided leadership and guidance across projects • Set up company apprenticeship programme and built isolated test teams into a single common test practice; • Created career structure within test practice; • Set up the company agile approach based upon Scrum and a version of Open RUP. This was specifically to tackle the problem of different teams working with diverse methods and so improve overall delivery quality and predictability. Work included identification of key metrics to feed back for improved bids and setting up library material to support bid work; • Significantly improved requirements gathering and structure to support agile and Test Driven Development, working closely with business analysts and accommodating Behavioural Driven Design; • Improved risk analysis and so influenced priority of delivery; • Improved reporting, allowing early mitigation of defects; • Agile test process champion; • Supported QA bids for multiple projects; • Improved code reviews through use of check lists (including security and performance) and tooling, which helped to speed code integration and reduced the cost of production through fewer defect leaks; • Ran reviews, appraisals and designed and delivered training or set tasks for design and delivery. BAE Systems Detica Senior Manager - Test Manager for a cutting edge Multimedia Website (www.baesystems.com) Overview: Provided a corporate cutting edge web facility for the group worldwide, supporting mobile access. • Project delivered through an agile Test Driven Development approach; • Tested site on Android, Blackberry and Apple iOS smart phones; • Reviewed and amended requirements for gap analysis and testability; • Tooling included Atlassian (Jira) which was used to provide defect reporting and test case management in conjunction with MS Excel. Automation achieved with Selenium, while a trial was carried out using Grinder; • Responsibilities included training test team, Integration testing, FAT, SIT, SAT, UAT and OAT (operational readiness). This included all end to end testing and planning for both functional and non functional testing. BAE Systems Detica Senior Manager - Test Manager for a data system for UK Law Enforcement Agencies (Home Office) Overview: Challenged by the customer's need to produce a data requesting and handling system for law enforcement agencies within 6 months, with immature & incomplete requirements. System interfaced with 10’s of external systems, over 60 virtual servers, handled over 2Tb of data and millions of transactions/year. Stepped into a chaotic project with major phases missing from the project plan, under resourced due to under estimation of development and testing, interface specifications that were supposed to be well proven, but in reality were draft or did not exist, no user stories and significant design changes. • Project using Scrum within a Test Driven Development approach; Page 5 of 10
  6. 6. • Had to mitigate against major shortfalls in overall project plan (e.g. missing and incorrectly aligned project phases, inadequate equipment and shortages of: equipment, staff, desks & licences); • Review of standards and requirements, revealed multiple complex design errors, mitigating project risk early; • Use of code checking tools such as FxCop and ReSharper allowed for cuts in defect injection, while specific code reviews which I structured for security and performance mitigated against risk in performance and penetration testing; • Tooling included MS TFS / Visual Studio and custom created tools. Project used C# and .Net; • Responsibilities included training test team, Integration testing, FAT, SIT, SAT, UAT and OAT. This included all end to end testing and planning for both functional and non functional testing. Chief Test Architect (CTA) for Symbian Software/ Nokia Overview: Improved test process, guarding against product recall, leading to business loss. Responsible for over 700 Engineering Developers and testers, developing mobile phone applications and operating systems (OS) for phone manufacturers. • In addition to company wide responsibility, covered as Test Team Manager on applications such as provisioning software (functional and non functional) testing; • Cut the defect leak by a confirmed 42% in under 16 months (rising quickly to 63%) across OS embedded software variants for world leading mobile phone operating system provider allowing them to ship 19.6 million licences in Q2 of 2008 and so exceeded sales targets; • By end of the first year achieved the company’s lowest ever OS defect count delivery to customers (the company's best ever performance), with a user base of over 200 million. No product recalls occurred while I was at Symbian; • Used a Test Driven Development approach; • Introduced DNA profiling of code – to identify and target risk; • Improved analysis, reporting (project dashboards), review techniques, created and delivered training; • Carried out quality and test audits ensuring SLA's maintained. In particular OS code coverage, test coverage, requirement coverage and test analysis. Devised approach for cutting defect fix time between 10% and 20%; • Improved OS code coverage by improving requirement structure, test analysis, review of test planning to ensure adequate business process testing and end to end testing, code review quality and monitoring metrics from code inspection and test escape analysis (TEA); • Introduced localisation testing; • Introduced Requirement GAP analysis to drive up dependability of delivering requirements as stated, improving test coverage; • Member of advisory group for planning to move towards Agile development setting out improvements to requirement structure, metrics and test implementation, ensuring best practice; • Developed new training courses including: Setting up a test department wiki, TEA, RCA and exploratory testing; • Responsible for testing within UK (London and Cambridge) and offshore sites including: China, India and Canada. Symbian Software - Independent Test Consultant Overview: Testing Smart Phone operating systems and applications. Developed manual test scripts, Conceptualised and designed automated test farm, allowing large numbers of tests to be run on multiple platforms overnight to create a uniform test report. Tested EPOC mobile applications. IBM - at Defra – Test Manager for Whole Farm Approach Overview: High profile multi-tier agriculture government web gateway project enables farmers to work with rural agencies across the EU for processing electronic information forms for stock movement, land use, disease, subsidies, rural payments and tax. Politically sensitive as a strategic tool to track the spread of Avian influenza, BSE and other impending epidemics. Farmers, providing data, were non IT specialists residing in areas with no broadband so product had to be responsive and simple. • Project using agile - Scrum and RUP; Page 6 of 10
  7. 7. • Responsibility for testing over the full project life cycle from requirements through to acceptance; • Reviewed requirements and tested wire frame models. Audited & improved 3rd party subsystem provider; • Improved product usability and trained customer in UAT; • Developed and delivered technical test strategy (functional an non-functional) and project test plan; • Introduced approach through defect handing, to cut defect fix time by around 20%; • Recruited & trained test team, implemented manual & automated testing for full project to budget and schedule. The project was praised as one of the few eGov projects delivered to time and budget, which was largely down to the early preventative work undertaken by the test team and confidence in the test coverage and reporting. HelpHire Group Test Lead for Claims Management System Overview: Main challenge faced was that the combined use of QTP with Pega Systems, meant that test script maintenance was unacceptably high taking around 8 man weeks per week. I identified the problem and through leadership and guidance quickly implemented an approach that automated the maintenance, reducing to around 2 hours per week. • Experience with Scrum and Lean; • QTP and Pega Systems tooling; • Test Driven Development approach; • Improved efficiency of automation script maintenance by over 99%; • Test Team size 20. Flomerics (Leading Blue Chip Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Company) Test & QA Manager Overview: Directed Test operations within the UK and USA. • Successfully Developed QA & test strategies, across multiple UNIX platforms and Windows Platforms; • Strategy success contributed to turning the CFD FloTherm & FloVent (mathematical modelling products) that were a year behind schedule with significant defects being detected late, to delivering world leading products; • Moved the company towards ISO9001 and level 4 of the Software QA Capability Maturity Model (CMM). Established process measures (metrics capture and use) to initiate corrective actions. Taught staff how to carry out testing. Significantly improved code review process; • Wrote test strategies, advised on system design changes, wrote test scripts, implemented tests & led product test teams for other product platform migration; • Project budgeting, estimating, planning, staff interviewing, etc. The QA Managers service was provided to all sites from the UK head office to offices in Europe and the USA (East and West Coast); • Taught requirements gathering and authoring. Cogent Defence and Security Networks Ltd (Part of EADS and Nortel) Test and Engineering Consultant Overview: Successfully won bids for two major multimillion pound projects. • Project I: Wrote detailed project test plan, test strategy and high level test cases to support a bid for a military electronic messaging system (EMS) to be deployed across NATO, from command centres to battlefield (won contract and only had very minor clarification questions from NATO on submission). Brought onto the project 2 months behind schedule and a tight deadline. Undertook project budgeting, estimating, planning, etc; • Project II: Technical support to engineering and project managers and acted as QA manager on United Kingdom Military Satellite Communications System (UKMSCS) Skynet 5 – Ministry of Defence (MoD) Army interface (Reacher Project). Project used V-model. Dealt with Test and QA issues concerning project sub-contractors. Project budgeting, estimating, planning, requirements, etc. Page 7 of 10
  8. 8. Annex C - Technical Expertise Management and Leadership: Define activities, aims, deliverables & vision. Budgeting. Bids. Prince 2. Strategies & plans. Risk & Opportunity, Identification of resources, processes & tooling. Third party assessment. Project rescue. Objective setting, accountabilities & measures. Standards and quality metrics. Maintaining & reporting path of progress. Marketing. Review progress & adjust plans. Identify & define training & development needs. Conflict resolution. Relationship building. Testing: ISEB, BS7925 & other standards, Classification Tree Analysis, Requirements Analysis, Bid, Estimation, Strategy, Planning (Functional and Non-Functional), Load/Stress, Security, Module Test, Integration Test, Full System Test, End to End Test, FAT, SIT, SAT, UAT, OAT (Operational / Readiness), Defect Management, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Test Driven Development (TDD), Risk Prioritised Testing, Test Escape Analysis (TEA), Metric Analysis, Process Improvement, Management (Project and Programme), Team Recruitment and Training, Test Factories, Flight Trials. Risk based approaches. Development Methods: RUP, Agile, Lean, Scrum, Lean, Test Driven Development (TDD), Spiral, V-model and Waterfall. Analytical Techniques: Risk Analysis, Gap Analysis, Test Escape Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Path Analysis, Business Analysis, Performance Analysis, Metric Analysis, Object Orientated Analysis (OOA) and Modelling. Tooling & Automation: Examples include: Selenium, IBM/Rational Set (RequisitePro, ClearQuest, RationalRose, Functional Tester, TestManager), HP/Mercury (QTP, Test Director, Load Runner), RadView, Quotium QTest, Toad, MS Project, MS Visual SourceSafe, MS Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access), MS Visual Studio / TFS, Lotus Notes, Serif Products, Atlassian (Jira, GreenHopper, Crucible, Confluence), Remedy, Preside (Nortel Network and IP Management), CTE, Oracle database, Site Minder, Blue 8 Gazetteer, Ultra Comp Red, TeamTrack, Perforce, Bugzilla and TestQuest. Programming Languages: XML, HTML, XHTML, WML, C/C++, VC++, VB Script, VB, Java Script, Java, .Net, Assembler (Intel & Motorola), Pascal, Ada, Fortran, SQL, UNIX Scripting and RTL/2. Platforms: UNIX (Linux, Sun, Solaris, HP), Windows (3, 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, CE, Vista & 7), DOS (IBM & MS), Pick, Advanced Pick, VMS, RSX11, IBM, EPOC, Symbian, Android and Apple iOS. Software Experience: Multimedia (Gaming, TV & Web), Email Systems, LDAP, SQL, Macromedia-Flash, Web Browsers, WebSphere, Oracle, XML schemas, Web Logic, Business Objects (BO), Warehouse, Stock Control & Ordering Systems, Speech Recognition, 3D Modelling, Mobile, Phone (Application, Operating System and Network), Data Management & Intelligence, Air Traffic Control, Battlefield Systems, Satellite & Airborne Communications, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Mathematical Modelling, Medical (Adastra and System 1), Tooling Applications, and NetReveal. Business Analysis: Context Diagrams, Use Cases, Requirements, Class Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams, Non Functional, Functional, Risk Assessment, BA Tooling: IBM/Rational, HP/Mercury, Doors, Atlassian. Page 8 of 10
  9. 9. Hardware Experience: Electronics (Analogue, Digital and Microcomputer) Design Build, Manufacture and Test, Communications, Cabling, Web Systems, Dec (Vax & PDP11), X-Box, Play Station, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Compaq Servers, Proxy Servers, Apache Servers, Component Standards and Version Control of hardware, Test Equipment design, Displays, TestQuest, Mobile Phones (Ericsson, Motorola, and Nokia), Police National Computer, Government Gateway, Emulators: BRUTUS SA- 100 (Intel Strong Arm Microprocessor) and CMA-120 "Willow Mother board" Cogent Computer Systems, circuit board automated layout tools, logic analysers, data generators and oscilloscopes. Systems Experience: Databases (Data Management), VM Ware, SQL Server, Data Diodes, WAP, Mobile / Radio (Network & Communications), Cabling, Bluetooth, Novell NetWare, TCP/IP (Networking Protocols), Routers & Switches, VPN. ADDENDUM: Annex D - Other Training • Full clean driving licence - PLG; • The Banking Industry Overview; • Scrum and Managing Agile Projects; • Lean Projects (A personal two day presentation by Mary and Tom Poppendieck – authors of Lean Software Development); • Field Sales Foundation; Communication; Crafting Deals; Business Integrity; • Enterprise Architecture; • Load and performance test planning; • Requirements Development and Management: IBM; BAE Systems Detica; • Detica NetReveal; • Goal Directed Project Management (GDPM) planning; • IT Security Awareness – Introduction and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Overview; • Estimation Workshop for Lean or Agile projects; • Various IBM Rational courses (TestManager, ClearCase, ClearQuest, RequisitePro, RationalRose, FunctionalTester) at Rational and at IBM; • Management Courses –Management Development Courses at Bristol University , Brunel University & High Performing Teams course; • University of Westminster C++ programming short course (examined course - score 83%); • CTEC - Software Support Skills and Year 2000 (included A+ software and hardware support); • Rational Rose - including OOA Unified Modelling and Rational Unified Process (RUP); • Programming: UNIX, Symbian OS, Java, HTML, XHTML, XML, WML, WML Script, Java & XML Application development, .NET & Visual Basic, Visual Basic Script, Java Script, SQL, C++, Assembler (Motorola and Intel); • Pega Systems – Pega Commander Foundations course; • Kennedy Carter OOA readers course (Shlaer-Mellor Process); • British Computer Society talks including ethical (white hat) hacking for security proving; • Symbian – Management course, Speed Reading & Mind Mapping, Symbian OS, Team Track and Perforce. • Music copyright handling. Page 9 of 10
  10. 10. Annex E – References • LinkedIn Profile (including recommendations): http://uk.linkedin.com/in/islandsystems • Service Delivery Manager - A UK Insurance Company - "We found Ian to be a professional competent consultant who impressed a wide audience with his deep knowledge of Testing methodology. We would not hesitate to recommend Ian and hope to work with him again in the future." • Engineering Manager - Symbian Software - "Ian introduced a new Test Analysis process which enabled a balanced approach to target setting leading to a confirmed, measured, 42% defect reduction of which 30% were directly attributable to improved functional testing. Ian's work directly enabled the company to have its best year for delivered quality of our product to our customers leading to faster time to market and potential profitability. This is particularly impressive as it required leadership across 4 continents in 5 locations with a total of 750 engineers. Ian achieved this change through team work and positive reinforcement even convincing the most sceptical managers and engineers." • Chief Technology Officer - Computer Science Corporation - "Ian is a strong technologist and educated thinker he is a real asset for the company and clients". "Ian had led the team by example and actively driven the account strategy. He has built the test team and mentored and coached staff, Project managers and C Level Executives in his vision and approach." • MD for IT - HelpHire Ltd - “Ian successfully took on the difficult role of coordinating both in-house testing staff and testing contractors to try to achieve a consistently high quality of testing on a major project using both automated and manual approaches. He improved our approach, and developed metrics to demonstrate this. He has a good eye for detail, and clear ideas about what he wants to achieve.” • Project Manager – Police IT Organisation (National Police Improvement Agency) – “Ian has shown himself to be a very capable leader and has demonstrated sound judgement in the manner in which he has managed his role. I would have no hesitation in working with him again on any of my projects.” • Head of Test Practice - BAE Systems Detica "Ian has a great depth of testing experience, particularly in the field of defect analysis and this greatly aided the creation and development of the practice. He is also a highly enthusiastic mentor for more junior members of staff and has a great passion for testing which he conveys to those around him. Ian is diligent in his work and I would not hesitate to work with him again." • HR Manager - Symbian Software - "While at Symbian, Ian has introduced a number of successful initiatives that have dramatically reduced our defect leakage to customers... During 2008, Symbian saw its lowest ever defect count delivery to customers and moved to becoming world class with one of the lowest defect counts delivered." • Senior Test Leader – Nortel Networks - “Ian’s work was always extremely thorough and he was happy to interact not only with other members of the system test team but development as well. His test cases were of a high quality as were his problem reports. Ian picked up the products very quickly and was happy to find out information on his own. I would definitely employ Ian again.” • Software Development Manager – HelpHire Ltd – “I am happy to provide a personal reference for Ian McDonald. Ian has proved to be a highly experienced and professional individual.” • QA Manager – Eircell – Dublin - “Quick and tactful to persuade others in the merit of his ideas. Once people were on board, he was able to organise the work to be executed and assign people to those tasks. However Ian did not leave the execution of the tests to others. He took an active role and led from the front. This was a key ingredient in his success in this project. Ian was a pleasure to work with. He kept me informed of all-important issues and was always positive in outlook. Always on time, honest and calm he was a model team player.” Page 10 of 10